You won't see a note up here often, but I've put this here to clarify something: Instead of a real self-insert-esque fic, this is going to be a series of snapshots. It will probably only be updated when Kelly bugs me enough (or if you guys REALLY want it to be. ^^;;) If anyone wants me to turn it into an actual self-insert fic, let me know.

It's not out of the realm of possibility. For now, enjoy Kelly's Christmas present.

"What's going on?"

Kelly glared up at the sky above her, but didn't answer right away. She glanced out from behind the tree that was currently hiding her from view. Finally, she muttered softly, "I'm pretty sure you have a better view than I do."

"Not really. I've got the normal camera view from the game and they're currently covered by a badly placed tree."

Kelly could tell Cami was smirking and muttered, "Pretty well placed for my situation."

"Oh shush or they'll hear you."

"Then stop talking to me." Kelly rolled her eyes.

"They can't hear ME."

Kelly sighed softly and glanced back at the trio of teenagers that were playing in the river behind Iselia.

"I didn't even know there WAS a river behind Iselia. I mean… tons of authors have used it before, but I didn't think one actually existed."

"Never noticed the large body of water beside the town before?" Kelly chuckled very softly.

"That's not a river." Cami said matter-of-factly.

Kelly chuckled again. Suddenly, voices were heard from the river.

"Lloyd, do you hear something?" Colette asked, looking in Kelly's direction. She mentally cursed and grabbed the lowest tree branch on her side of the tree, clumsily pulling herself up and into it so she was looking down at them. Genis looked around to the other side of the tree, but no one saw her.

"I don't see anything, Colette. It must have just been an animal." The young half-elf said, looking back at the blonde.

Colette frowned, "I could have sworn I heard a voice."

"Reveal yourself!" Cami urged Kelly, who glared up at the sky but didn't answer. The teenagers were listening too intently for her to risk it.

"Nah, I definitely don't hear anything, Colette." Lloyd said, frowning.

Colette frowned as well, "Oh, I guess I was wrong, then… I'm sorry."

Lloyd sighed and laid back in the grass underneath the tree. Kelly adjusted so she wasn't visible, seeing as she was sitting almost directly above him.

She leaned her weight on a tree branch behind her, trying to shift without making the leaves move too much.


Kelly fell down, landing on Lloyd's stomach. He coughed and she groaned, "Owww…"

Colette's eyes widened, "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!"

Kelly crawled off of Lloyd, letting the teen breathe again and looked up at Colette, cursing softly.

"Who are you?" Genis asked, crossing his arms and glaring at the girl.

"U-umm…" Kelly hesitated.

Lloyd pushed himself up on his elbows, "And why were you in that tree?" he asked.

"You may as well just introduce yourself. You'll find out more by talking to them anyway." Cami didn't sound concerned at all for her friend's safety.

Kelly hesitated, but spoke, "I'm… Kelly." She said.

"Nice to meet you!" Colette grinned, satisfied that Kelly was okay.

"Colette, she was the voice." Genis said.

"I know." Colette chirped.

"Which means she was spying on us." Genis added, glaring at Kelly, who put her hands up in defense.

"I wasn't spying!" she said.

"Then what else do you call hiding in a tree and watching someone without them knowing you're there?" Genis asked.

"Umm… observing?" Kelly asked.

"Give her a break, Genis." Lloyd said, sitting up finally, "If she was trying to hurt anyone, wouldn't she have done something by now?"

"But Lloyd—"

"I agree with Lloyd!" Colette chirped.

Kelly breathed a soft sigh of relief as Genis gave in.

"I'm Colette." Colette said, "This is Genis and Lloyd."

"N-nice to meet you." Kelly smiled shakily.

No idea what will happen in the next chapter. Kelly joining the journey? Kelly getting her butt kicked by Genis? Kelly dying? Don't ask me. =DDDDD

Probably not the last one, though. I'd cry.

Merry Christmas, Kelly, and to everyone else, Happy Holidays!! (No matter which one that may be. =D)

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