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September 20, 2007. Age 16.

The young girl sat on the stairs, waiting for her father to be ready to go and get her new truck from their friends down in La Push. It wasn't really new, actually quite old, but it was new to her. She was practically bouncing up and down on the steps in anticipation. Isabella Swan, known as Bella to her friends and family, had just turned sixteen seven days ago and could officially drive as of yesterday.

"Hey Bells, you ready to-" Her father called from the kitchen, but was interrupted by the phone ringing, "Hold up a sec, it might be Billy. Hello?"

Bella hummed on the stairs, really hoping that Billy wasn't calling to say that the truck broke down or that Jake really did want it for when he turned sixteen. She sighed in impatience and took out her brand new driver's license and looked at her picture, grimacing at it.

Bored and impatient, she tried to listen in on the conversation, seeing if Billy really was keeping the truck.

"Renée?" She heard her father whisper and she drew her eyebrows together in confusion. Why would Renée call Charlie? If Renée wanted to talk to her, then she could call her (old and breaking) cell phone or e-mail her. She knew that. Bella stayed on the stairs but strained her ears to hear her father's half of the conversation. There was a pause while he listened to what Renée said. Then, "Renée, stop. I don't want to hear this…no, I really don't. She's still my daughter, no matter what…I understand that, but there's no reason really to tell her because frankly, she's happy here and I don't want to change that by telling…Okay, Renée I- what?"

By this point, Bella was incredibly confused and frustrated that she didn't know what the heck they were talking about and wished she could hear both ends. Obviously they were talking about her, but why? What was it that Charlie didn't want to hear? Despite how they had tried to shelter her from the reasons behind their divorce, Bella knew that they had split because of her. She knew it was because Renée had hurt Charlie, Bella suspected she had cheated on him or something. The details she didn't know, but she did know that it was something Renée had done and resulted in her.

The next words out of Charlie's voice sounded broken and sad, "Renée, why would you tell me this? I would've been fine not knowing…No, you didn't," Bella could hear Charlie's words become enraged and she flinched at the anger in his usually calm voice, "Honest to God, Renée, I don't know why you feel the need to tell me or Bella except to assuage your own guilt! No, I won't let you talk to her because damn it, you're just being selfish! I really can't believe you right now and…Don't you dare go and blame this on me, I won't do that to her, and I won't let you! You're the one that left me. You're the one that made that mistake…no I'm not insinuating she's a mistake…damn it, I'm not having this argument with you again…I'm going now, Renée, if you try to come here I'll-"

But Bella didn't get to hear Charlie finish that threat because she was already out the door and running to the forest just outside the house, anger and guilt ripping through her. She always hated it when her parents argued and now was no exception – especially since this one was because of her, she was sure of it.

She was especially amazed that she was able to run at such a speed without falling all over herself, but then the frustration over whelmed her and she didn't even care anymore. All she ever wanted was for her family to be whole and happy, but because of her, they couldn't. As much as her parents tried, they couldn't protect her forever.

Then she wasn't blaming herself anymore, but her parents. Charlie and Renée. Why couldn't they just forgive and forget? If they wanted to protect her, they shouldn't argue so loudly! Or maybe not even argue at all, or-

Well now she was so worked up and angry that the world started to blur around her, but she didn't stop running. Suddenly Bella needed to stop and she did. The world swirled and she felt like she was going to burst apart. He skin prickled and everything started to get hot. The anger faded and practically bowed down to the heat and the prickling and the pain everywhere.

Then she did burst apart. Bella's world exploded and she was all of a sudden on four legs instead of two and so utterly confused because she wasn't this tall before…

Just as she was becoming really frantic and panicked, she heard them.

The voices.

In her head.

Oh fuck, Sam, I think we have a problem. One echoed through her brain along with quite a few more groans and muttering.

What the-

I thought this wasn't possible!

A chick? What!

Someone get Sam!

There was mild acceptance of this thought and Bella crouched, and tried to shout for help but all that came out was a desperate barking and she snapped her mouth shut in astonishment. Was she going insane?!

The voices swirled and she couldn't make sense anymore.

Hey guys, shut up, you're scaring her.

All of the voices stopped and she was able to clear her head for a moment and think.

It was then that this Sam explained it all to her. None of them understood why Bella had become this, how it came to be. It had only been men before; never had they had a woman. It stunned them and some of the voices faded away and left but a couple stayed to help explain. One even came and found her, pacing around. They helped her adjust and some days later, she was able to return to a human form, shaking and trying to grasp her new reality, but she didn't really have to try. By now she already understood what she was and how her whole world suddenly shifted to accept this new reality, to accept what she was.

A wolf. A werewolf.

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