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It was summer and the nights were anything but boring around here. I watched as the people in the club danced to the beat of the music.

My band just finished up a set and we were calling it a night. The owner of the club was also our boss because we worked for him.

The members in my band were Temari she's our singer, Sasuke who is the drummer, Shikamaru who is our bass player, and me Neji lead guitar. We all worked here at Avalon night club.

Temari and Sasuke were club promoters, Shikamaru and I were bartenders. We worked every night and sometimes our pay came in the form of stage time. It wasn't the best job but at least it paid for food and other things.

I was naturally wealthy because my parents were born into money therefore I was born into money too. Temari roomed with her brothers in Brooklyn while Shikamaru, Sasuke, and I had a condo in Greenwich Village.

While I thought about what to do tomorrow morning a pretty loud bouncy song came on, I think it's called Boyz by M.I.A. Anyways that's not what caught my attention, what came through the entrance caught my attention.

A group of three girls came dancing into the middle of the club to the song. One girl had pink hair, the other had blonde hair, and lastly a girl with chocolate brown hair. She had two buns on her head and a very attractive smile. Something about that group of girls was different.

I looked over to Sasuke and Shikamaru they were getting plastered and didn't notice the three girls who came in. I walked over to Sasuke.

"Yo Uchiha" I said.

"What is it Hyuga?" he asked.

"In the middle of the dance floor, three girls" I took a sip of the drink Shikamaru poured.

Sasuke looked in the middle of the dance floor and smirked.

"Different" he commented.

"Hey Nara, check out the three chicks in the middle"

Shikamaru lazily looked at the middle and sighed.

"Women are too troublesome." He grumbled.

I nodded. He did have a point. I shrugged and started getting drinks for customers. If the girl with the buns on her head came over, then I'd talk to her.

With Tenten

"Hey Ino, want to get a drink?" I asked. To be honest I was hoping she didn't want one. I never drank alcohol before.

"Nah its okay Tenten. We have to get up early; we'll leave in about ten minutes." Ino said.

"Yeah no kidding my job has been killing me lately. I swear I've only been sleeping three hours every night. Except that one night I went out with Kevin. We stayed up all night if you know what I mean." Sakura smirked.

"You are such a slut!" Ino squealed.

I just laughed about Sakura's comment and we all continued dancing while talking. Man I liked dancing so much! In fact I was going to school for dancing and music at Juilliard. My major was in dance and I had a minor in music.

It looked like time was up when Ino started pulling me away.

"Come on, it's time." Ino said

I nodded and grabbed my coat from the coat checker and walked out into the warm summer night of New York City the city that never sleeps.

Back with Neji

I noticed that the three girls weren't in the middle anymore and took a quick glance at the entrance. I saw the girl with buns getting her coat and walking out of the club.

So much for talking to her, she left already. I just shrugged and went back to giving out more drinks.

With Sasuke

"Yo Hyuga" I yelled over the loud music.

"What?" he asked.

"Looks like they left." I yelled again.

He just nodded and poured more drinks. I had to admit the girl with the pink hair was kind of cute. Too bad, she was gone.

With Shikamaru

I just wanted to go to sleep. Hey! Maybe if I sneak off to the back nobody will notice. My eyes surveyed the area… nope not happening. Temari the most troublesome woman I know always bothered me. Sasuke and Neji keep pointing out that she likes me. I don't have a thing for her… She's too scary, like my mother.

I saw the girls Neji and Sasuke pointed out earlier. The blonde girl was looking really good. Too bad I was just too lazy of a guy to make a move on her. The chances of her liking me were slim to none.

I sighed and went back to this crap job I hated.

With Sakura

I happily walked back to our apartment which was located in SoHo! I loved living there, everyone loved each other freely. We lived in a great three bedroom apartment which is very hard to come by in New York.

I went to school for culinary. I wanted to be the best pastry and normal chef! On top of that I had odd jobs and volunteered with most of my free time.

"Hey Tenten, do you think you and Kado will ever go out again?" I asked curiously.

"Not after what happened last time." She answered. "I mean you guys almost ripped his head off, it was embarrassing!"

I laughed about what happened last time. She and Kado were just about to 'you know' when Ino and I came crashing into her room when we heard groans and moans coming from her room.

Can you blame us? It sounded like someone was getting killed!

"Are you and Nick still hooking up Ino?" I asked smugly

"Sakura I don't think Nick's girlfriend would appreciate that." She said "Besides he was always checking his phone whenever we were doing it"

Again I laughed. I guess having a sex life was like living with a toothache sometimes. Tenten hadn't lost her virginity yet and after the whole Kado thing she decided to stay a virgin.

Ouch! My feet hurt; I want to be home now!

With Ino

I don't know if I could get up the courage to tell them that I had a pregnant scare with Nick. I just tried my best to avoid any conversation about the sudden break up with him. I didn't need this stress anyways, I had work tomorrow morning.

I had a photo shoot early in the morning and after that I had class. I went to school for advertisement. My father was friends with the owner of ford models and they liked my look so they offered me a job.

My dad paid for our apartment and all the needs to keep an apartment up. I earned my own money with hard work; I wasn't a spoiled brat like all the other girls we came across. I was born into money but I didn't like to make people feel inferior to me.

We finally reached our apartment after a bit of walking. Next time I have to remind myself to get a cab.

"Please tell me the elevator is working:" I cried. "I'm not in the mood for stairs"

"Don't worry they were working on it when we left, it should be done." said Tenten.

Great! We got into the elevator and went to our floor.

Back with Neji

We were locking up for the night. Shikamaru tried to fend off Temari's advances on him. Poor girl, she just wouldn't accept that he didn't like her back, but she was stupid so it was okay… I think.

"Yo Hyuga!" Sasuke yelled

"What?" I grumbled. He always had something negative to say after drinking so much.

"Anne called. She doesn't seem too sad about the break up" he smirked.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anne isn't worth it" I said annoyed.

Anne is my ex. She was one of those girls with money and status she thought she could control everyone just because she was the daughter of the major of New York. I was glad things ended between us last month; she was just too… everything for my tastes.

I shuddered just thinking about her. She wasn't ugly on the outside but on the inside she was the most disgusting creature alive. I profusely disliked her.

The only girl that spiked my interest came and went like oxygen. I wouldn't see her again because how many times can you see a total stranger in New York? I haven't been fortunate enough to see people I just met on the street or in a club more than once in my life.

We got back to our place about thirteen minutes later. I was beat and just wanted to go to bed. I had to get up for my classes, I was going to school for law. I was also taking classes for music. I went to school at NYU, along with Sasuke and Shikamaru.

My dad and Sasuke's dad went half and half on the apartment. We were both from money and because Sasuke's dad was the president of Uchiha corps and my dad was president of Hyuga Corps we sometimes were on the cover of a magazine every now and then.

I had that stupid feeling of being excited for morning to come. I didn't know what came over me just now because I usually don't want tomorrow to come. I liked the night life, possibly because nothing really made me think other wise of the day life. It was too crowded and hot.

I laid on my bed and looked at my ceiling, that girl I saw at the club tonight wasn't leaving my mind. I wasn't going to see her again so why was I looking forward to seeing her again?

She was the last thought I could think of before closing my eyes and falling asleep while listening to the sirens and people laughing on the streets.

Morning around 5am


Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Ugh what the hell is that stupid sound?

Buzz, buzz, buzz

"Shut up" I mumbled with my face in the pillow.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

"Go away" I mumbled again.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

"Leave me alone" I grumbled

Buzz, buzz, buzz

"Shut the hell up already!" I threw my alarm clock across the room and heard a crack.

Shit… now I have to buy another clock. I reluctantly opened my eyes and groaned. I'm never going out late again…

I slipped out of bed and slowly walked to the bathroom down the hall. I didn't want to do anything today.

Skipping work wouldn't hurt right?

I jumped into a cold shower and cursed loudly.


After a cold shower I was really grumpy.

I slipped on a dark blue tank top, black leggings, and threw on a brown V cut knee length dress over my top. It looked like I had layers on and I liked that, I felt covered up. I threw on some maroon flats and put my hair up into two buns. I put on my thin blue sweater and turned to my closet.

I grabbed a pair of jeans, my converse and socks, a towel, my Ramones shirt, and four bottles of water and stuffed it into a backpack. Then I grabbed my purse which was more like a big bag again made out of leather and slung it over my shoulders.

I made a bagel and drank my orange juice, on my way out of the door I grabbed my bagel and dashed into the elevator. I was on time, I smirked evilly at my bagel and bit into it.

Muwahah--- (cough, cough)…

I was almost killed by my breakfast.

I stuffed the ear phones of my IPod into my ears as I sat on the subway on my way to Juilliard. I liked to dance before my day started so that I wouldn't be so cranky.

I was listening to Disturbia by Rihanna. I was currently dancing in a ballet with modern music and this was the choice.

I chewed my bagel happily and was trying to memorize the steps.

There were quite a few stops before I would get to my school so I made the hand movements since nobody was in the same cart as me.


I woke up at the same time everyday, 5am. I took a cold shower; I liked cold showers a lot. It relaxed me immensely.

I threw on some jeans, my The Clash shirt, and a gray and black checkered button down shirt. I threw on my worn out black converse and grabbed my shoulder back pack. I put my earphones in my ears and ran to the subway.

I jumped in before the train took off and sat down facing away from the direction the train was going.

I was listening to Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson just to wake me up before my class started, in about an hour or so.

I looked up from my IPod and saw a girl in the next cart all alone and she was moving her arms…it looked so professional, so graceful.

I couldn't see her clearly so I moved closer to the door connecting to the next cart. I got a good look at her and recognized her immediately. She was the girl from the club, the girl who tormented my sleep all night. I saw her again!

What are the chances? Should I go over there? I have to! I saw her twice in almost seven hours. I bravely slid open the cart door and walked in. It looked like she didn't notice…

No shit, she has her eyes closed. I verbally abused my inner self a lot.

I took a seat next to her still listening to the song. I took out my earphones and waited for her to notice someone in here besides herself.

I was putting my IPod back in my bag when something hit me in the face. I grabbed my nose and felt warm liquid running into my palms.

Whoa, she has some punch.

Her eyes quickly shot open and she yanked her earphones out.

"Oh my god! Are you alright?" She cried. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were right there."

Her voice was soft and light.

"I think my nose is bleeding…" I said while covering my nose.

"Oh shit, your right!" She screamed. She reached into her bag and pulled out a towel and put it over my nose.

"Here, let me help you" she pleaded.

I nodded and let her pinch the bridge of my nose. Ouch pinching a little too hard….

"Uh, listen I'm sorry about this." She said

"It's alright. I still have my eyes…" I said lamely. But it worked she smiled and laughed.

I had to admit she had a really nice laugh.

"I'm sorry…" She sighed and checked my nose.

"Really, don't worry about it. I think I'm going to live." I wiped the blood away from my nose with her towel.

"Shit, this is my stop." She said with an annoyed tone.

"Well uh, thanks for hitting me" I chuckled. She laughed again and walked out of the train looking back at me.

"My name is Neji Hyuga…" I called out before the doors closed.

"I'm…" The doors closed and I jumped at the closed doors. She was so close but on the other side of the glass. She just smiled and waved as the train began moving

I pressed my face against the window like an idiot and she laughed even harder and continued to wave. Then I realized… I didn't even get her name…



I groaned and woke up when I heard screaming. Looks like Ino's up.

"SAKURA! YOU DID THIS ON PURPOSE!" Ino screamed from the kitchen.

I smiled and stretched when I got out of bed. She found the last bagel in the kitchen was already bitten and put back the bag.

I was evil! Muwahahaha!

"I can't even deal with you right now; I have shoot in less than an hour!" She cried.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… look at me, look at me.

I sighed and waved as she ran out the door. I didn't have anything else to do so I jumped on the couch and ate my bagel in peace.

"The highs are going to be around 90 degrees today in the downtown area" Blah, blah, blah…

I turned the channel and started to watch Dawson's Creek.

Man, that Joey girl is such a stupid girl. Dawson should kill her! Hah!

I changed the channel again trying to save myself from having to see another psychiatrist. My father didn't like that I was once a pot smoker.

Hey! I lived a very fast life when I was in high school. I mean I was only 17 now 18, I have to live a little right? What's the harm?

I was surprised that my father let me come to New York. Ino and Tenten were the same age as me, we were fresh out of high school and went straight into college. I didn't want to think about my father now, he disgusted me.

I took a nice warm shower and got ready for the day. I picked out some skinny jeans, and a green shirt with a big eyed frog in the middle. I tied my hair back into a ponytail and slipped on some black combat coots.

I winked at myself and applied some peach lipstick and some burgundy eyeliner to the ends of my eye lids, not going completely over the lid.

I grabbed my purse and maroon sweater. I locked the door as I waited for the elevator.

I was going to the library at NYU today, I needed to ask about a job in the library while I also pick up some books on icing and cakes.

I took a cab unlike Tenten and Ino. Tenten liked to live on the wild side of life and often took risks, whereas Ino had a driver courtesy of her father, and I had a cab.

I paid the driver and shot him a quick wink and got one in return. I ran up the stairs and was about to grab the handle when my hand collided with someone else's hand.

I pulled away and looked to the side.

Some guy… he looked cute.

He just kept staring at me and I was getting weirded out so I spoke first.

"You can go ahead first…" I gestured toward the door.

He opened his mouth but nothing came out… weirdo!

I shrugged and opened the door myself and went in, ignoring the guy staring at me. Freak!

I walked to the circulation desk and returned the books I had out already.

"Hey Brandon, do you know anything about the job position here?" I asked warily.

"To be absolutely honest, even I was wondering about it. I haven't heard a thing yet. By the way a new shipment of cookbooks just came in and I personally put them up" He said nicely.

"You're bad" I winked. I liked flirting with him; he always gave me free books.

I ran up the stairs to the third floor and ran to the new arrivals.

I was in heaven! So many new cooking recipes!

I grabbed the books I wanted and headed to the fourth floor, the horror floor. I often just checked the books to see if the legend was true about ghosts on the fourth floor. So far… none.

A book about demons caught my eye, I was about to pull the book off the shelf but someone tugged it on the other side as well.

Oh god! A ghost!

I screamed loudly and fell to the ground. No stupid ghost was going to get me! I heard foot steps and broke into a sprint for the elevator. I could hear the foot steps running after me, so I ran faster.

No time for the stupid elevator, so I turned and burst through the stair well and started running down the stairs.

I'm not going to die here I thought as I ran.

Whoa I can think while running! Stop it Sakura… focus someone is trying to kill you!

"Wait" A baritone voice called out to me. Yeah like hell I'll wait!

I kept running but came to a stop when a guy jumped down in front of me.

I screamed loudly again.

I looked at the guy before me and instantly felt stupid… It was just the guy from outside. You know the one that kept staring at me.

"Why were you running?" He asked bewildered.

I giggled nervously and scratched the back of my head.

"Ehhh, you're hot…" I hated myself.

He looked at me with an amused look. "Excuse me?" He asked.

Oh now he's proper! Chasing a lady isn't proper buddy! I cleared my throat and grabbed my books from his hands.

Jeez, I needed yoga soon.

"I have to go…" I continued on down the stairs and called over my shoulder. "Sorry for troubling you sir…"

"Not at all…" He called after me.

I was already in trouble and it wasn't even noon yet. I need a coffee ASAP…

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