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With the Hyugas

6 years later

"Mommy! Daddy dodo head won't let me eat any ice cream!" A little girl shouted from across the house.

"Neji! Don't make me have to tickle you again!" A woman threatened.

I sat down at the table reading the newspaper as usual. My wife and child had officially left me feeling like I was a prude who needed to pull the stick out of my ass.

"Don't worry Ten. Keiko won't be having any ice cream this morning. She's going to study extra hard for her math exam on Tuesday. Did she mention that she didn't do so well last week?" I smirked.

"Daddy! You said that you wouldn't tell! You're a liar!" Keiko screamed.

I smiled and picked her little body up from the kitchen floor and rubbed her head.

It didn't matter how mad I made her, she was my little girl and she would always love me as I would for her. Having Keiko was the best accomplishment in my life… of course aside from marrying the love of my life.

"Let's go hit mommy with water balloons!" Keiko whispered into my ear.

I smirked and pulled the already prepared water balloons from the refrigerator. We both put on our game faces and opened the door to the sitting room and prepared for full on war.

We were greeted with a sight like no other and definitely not expected.

…Tenten, my wife and Keiko's mother sleeping soundly for the first time with my son and Keiko's little brother, Kenji in her arms.

We shared a look and agreed silently that our war would have to wait until another day. I scooped Keiko into my arms and gave her a piggy back ride all the way to the ice cream shop for her favorite ice cream.

I have never felt happier in my life. I would die one of the happiest men on this Earth.

With The Uchihas

6 years later

"Sakura, the oven is on fire… again" I mumbled.

"Oh! Why didn't you stir the food?" She screamed.

I don't know what possessed me to have another child with this banshee. I started to wonder if I had a sick fetish for being tortured.

"I was reading an email from the office." I answered.

"Well, maybe you should pay more attention to me!" she screamed.

I nodded my head and started eating my cold cereal breakfast and typing a letter to my boss about the current project I was working on.

"Sasuke, honey. I'm so sorry! I don't know why I'm like this all of a sudden. I woke up in a fantastic mood this morning! I don't know what happened to me. " She sobbed.

I wanted anything to just hang myself from the rafters at this moment. All she did was cry and yell… and eat a hell of a lot when she was pregnant.

"It's fine dear. Did the children catch the bus?" I asked.

I wish I would've known better than to ask questions in the morning. Especially after having just about four kids with another one on the way.


I sighed and face palmed. Life would definitely be boring without my lunatic wife. But no matter how much she drove me crazy and made me think about suicidal thoughts. I loved her and all four of my children… who just happened to be just like her. Literally. I have four daughters and thank god I was finally getting a son on the way.

We need more boys around her and soon… I'll be the one wearing the pants. I smiled and kissed Sakura's forehead.

"I love you." I whispered into her ear.

She smiled and hugged me tightly.

"I love you too." She spoke softly onto my neck.

With The Naras

6 years later

I watched as Ino slowly awoke from her sleep. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

I watched her frail body hooked up to machines in the hospital bed. She went into labor just 2 hours ago and gave birth to our first child.

A son, we called Jiro.

Ino lay sleeping from exhaustion. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. I kissed her cheek and held our sleeping son in my arms. He had the same blue eyes and the same hair as me.

Jiro stretched and yawned soundless in the arms. He must've weighed no more than a dried leaf.

Ino stirred a little in bed and slowly opened her big beautiful blue eyes. She saw me and Jiro standing before her and she smiled.

"What are you two doing up so late?" she spoke softly.

"We're waiting for you to wake up." I smiled at her.

"Can I hold him?" She outstretched her arms.

I gently laid him in her arms and lay down beside her. I stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. I would forever be grateful to her, for giving me the opportunity of being her soul mate and husband, and for giving me a chance to be a good father.

"I love you Ino Yamanaka-Nara" I said proudly.

"I love you too pineapple head."

This troublesome woman was everything I could ever ask for and so much more. My life was complete.

The end.

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