Touch of a Butterfly

When a newly dead awakens, they can feel little or nothing that comes in contact with their skin. They are unable to identify the amount of pressure being exerted. Someone could be pounding at them with a sledgehammer, and they could not tell the difference from the stroke of a feather. For zombies, it takes many weeks to regain even the beginnings of the ability to feel.
Tak had been around for almost two years, and he still had trouble. Certain touches just did not register. It frustrated him, not being as able as some of the others. It made him feel weak and insufficient, and he hated feeling lesser

Some touches, though, did not escape his notice.

When Karen touched him, he felt everything. He felt the force in her touch, the way she moved her hand against him. He felt how smooth her skin was, how it slid across his skin. He felt things within himself, too. Things he had been sure he would never feel again.

Standing behind the Haunted House sometimes, in the shadow of the decrepit old barn, she would touch him. A hand on his arm, or his face. Karen would run her fingers ever so lightly from his temple to his chin. Her touch was that of a butterfly. The tips of her fingers barely grazed his cheek, but the jolt that rolled though him was strong enough to knock the breath from his throat. Sometimes, if he was lucky, she would rest her hand there for a moment, its comforting weight pressed lightly to the side of his face. Tak would tilt his head ever so slightly into her, just to prolong the moment. One of these days, he would get up the courage to lift his own hand and place it over hers to hold it there forever. For now though, this was enough.

A/N: I changed my pen name!!! Just so we're all clear, I'm now . Ok, this one was inspired by that scene in Kiss of Life when Tak and Karen are talking about what they saw when they died. Now that I think about it, I don't really know how I got this from that scene. But thats not the point. Before I forget,

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