Author's note:

I have some great news for you! I went back over Rosa just to see where I was at, and I couldn't help but wonder; what the hell was I thinking? Not so much thinking, but I left out a lot of plot.

I originally wrote this story about two years ago, maybe the first 10 chapters at once excluding touch-ups. I just really wanted a drama-romance with Byakuya and Renji, and what better way to evolve my writing skills than by writing Bleach romance.

I now have a plot. I have rewritten the entire fourteen chapters. Fear not, I haven't changed much of the story at all. I've just elaborated more on the situations, added a little more dialogue and prelude-to-fluff scenes for Byakuya and Renji.

This is the Rosa Revamp project!

I am currently writing the fifteenth chapter as we speak, and this should be uploaded within the week.

Please, go back to the first chapter and tell me what you think of the new and improved Rosa Rubicondior, Lilio Candidior.

When Chapter 15 is written, this note will be deleted and Rosa 15 will be uploaded within 24 hours of this note's sudden and timely demise.

Hope you enjoy, Kittens!