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Author's Note: A strange, strange thing happens when you're put into a moving vehicle for over two hours, as many of you most likely know. This was the result of my own confinement. It's sort of short.

Warning: Involves Stalker!Nnoitra.


He was always watching.

Always, always watching, stalking her with his eyes, feeling her with his mind, wondering how her bruised flesh would feel beneath his nails, the taste of her blood as it trickled from her broken and beaten shape.

Always watching.




Always watching, just beyond the range of her senses, just outside her peripheral vision. Sometimes he wished he would make a mistake in judging her range, and that she would turn around and see him, hunched over from afar, sweaty, angry, intoxicated.

He wished he could watch her mouth curl first into an oval of surprise, then watch it twist into a grim slash of disgust, see the colored wrinkle on the bridge of her nose sharpen. He wished she would turn and see how much he loved her, wanted her, hated her.

Wished she could see him and hate him so he could hate her back with every fiber of his being. He wished he could free himself from the snare of her intoxication, and then he would be free.

He wanted her to turn so, so much.

Neliel never did.