Damn you and your kind, Tina. ;)


Chris Jericho signs into his Twitter, browsing through his timeline and seeing several tweets, more like insults, from Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin. He rolls his eyes before replying with something twice as insulting and scrolling down, seeing the same question asked about two dozen times

The tenth time was the straw that broke his back. For the life of it, he couldn't figure it out.

-at- IAmJericho Chris, are you a Smoochy Dreamer?

-at- IAmJericho do u ship smoochy

-at- IAmJericho Jericho, how do you feel about Smoochy Dreamers?

This puzzles him, and his eyebrows furrow together in both annoyance and curiosity. What the hell is a Smoochy Dreamer?

Chris ponders this for a moment, trying to figure this out before opening a new tab in Internet Explorer, going to Google. In the search bar, he types: what is a Smoochy Dreamer?

He raises an eyebrow at the first result that pops up. "Smoochy Paradise…," he says before clicking on the link and waiting for the page to load. The first photo that loads is one of himself, grinning boastfully as the Undisputed Champion.

Chris gains a cocky smile on his face, "Damn straight."

He scrolls down a bit further to see photos of Stephanie McMahon, and various screen caps of himself and Stephanie from a few years ago. A disturbed look crosses his features as he sees a description under all of this madness.

-Smoochy, smoochy, SMOOCHY!!! Chris Jericho plus Stephanie McMahon equals BABIES!!! I luv them together!!!!!!!!!-

Frankly, that was all he needed to see before clicking out of the tab and going to his Twitter, typing furiously on his keyboard.

IAmJericho -at-EVERYONE You people are all sick. Stephanie McMahon is a classy woman with morals and I respect her greatly.


IAmJericho -at-EVERYONE …although if I had the chance, I'd totally hit that.