Ain't telling you guys who's who so you have to guess and watch the anime as well to find out. Have fun! This is my first crossover. Btw the dialogue is almost the exact same as the anime. To keep it purely a crossover.


The sound of chalk being drawn into the floor was all they could hear. It was silent in the room, almost nothing was heard. The room was kinda messy, as it had books and suits of armor all over the place. Stacked on the shelves and everything. It was so dark, the only light being a candle on the table. A picture rested on a nearby shelf, showing the pictures of two humanoid creatures laughing and smiling, one being a hedgehog and the other a kitsune or twin tailed fox. Behind them was a taller hedgehog with a small smile. Their mother, as it seemed to show.

Drawing away from the books and symbols decorating the walls, there was a large symbol being drawn on the ground. The same hedgehog boy, now a little older, was drawing in the last details as his younger brother, the kitsune, watched with anxious eyes. The blue furred hedgehog seemed determined as he drew the last lines, his green eyes reflecting the same light as the candle flame. The light of faith. The kitsune's tails silently twirled as his yellow fur bristled with anticipation as well. Looking back to his brother he saw the chalk finally lift and heard from his brother at last.

''That oughta do it.'' The hedgehog said, putting the chalk away before smiling to his brother's excited and nervous face. ''You ready Tails?'' He asked, his tone dripping with determination and eagerness. Tails didn't know what to say to him, he was so enthusiastic. He nodded and made a small uh huh. The blue hedgehog could tell, since he smiled back. ''Don't be scared Tails. Everything's perfect.'' He said and looked back to the symbol.

Outdoors it began to rain. There were small droplets of water, then the downpoor came hard. The small house the two were in was drenched instantly as the two sat still, listening for a couple seconds. Finally the hedgehog looked back.

''Let's go for it.''

Tails made another uh huh and both placed their palms on the circle. Before they knew what they got themselves into, yellow sparks came from the symbol : a transmutation circle. The light came brighter and brighter and a wind began to flare around them. The hedgehog, Sonic, smiled as the energy crackled. Nothing could go wrong now. They had spent so much time to bring her back. The determination flared more as then bright blue light sparkled and dropped into the circle, crackling and flaring back in as a tornado like energy came from the yellow circle. It was beautiful. The flaring light rushed over them and swirled around again and again. Both boys were smiling as they watched the electricity flying around them. They were going to bring her back. She was so close to them now. Their mother.

Alchemy, the science of understanding the structure of matter. Breaking it down, and reconcstructing it as something else. It could even make gold from lead. But alchemy is a science. So it must follow the natural laws. To create, something of equal value must be lost. This is the principle of equivalent exchange.....

It was at that moment that the yellow energy suddenly turned red. Sonic and Tails both gasped as the electricity began to become violent. Sonic stared as the tornado now blazed purple and red, and he could sense something wrong. That night, he was to learn that somethings could not be measured on a simple scale. There was a flash of lightning, then a scream as the rain raged on....

Two women raced out of the neighboring house. A pink hedgehog raced out, looking around in fright. ''That was Sonic!'' She gasped as she looked around in the rain, terrified. The other woman, a brown squirrel or chipmunk mobian caught on the girl's hand and looked past into the rain. ''Wait Amy....Look.'' She pointed to the light filled house that belonged to the brothers.

Also on a hill nearby a black and red hedgehog stared at the light without much expression. He wore military clothing. His red eyes watched as the light began to dim down, then fade away to nothing....

Smoke filled the room and small cracks of blue energy flew around as a scared voice moaned and sobbed. ''Tails...'' Sonic cried quietly as he tried to see. ''Miles say something!'' He gasped as he could only see a hole where his brother had been. ''Tails no! STAY WITH ME DAMNITT!'' he yelled and gritted his teeth. The pain was unbearable for him. ''This wasn't supposed to-'' His voice ended in an agonized scream. There was no right leg or left arm on him. He'd lost both in the transmutation. But his brother had lost everything, which made him even more pained than before. ''What have I done?'' He said and coughed. That's when he sensed a living being in the room. Sonic looked up, eyes in almost a hopeful look as he gasped. There's was something in the smoke...moving. A pale arm reached up and hanged wierdly. More hope began to show in Sonic's eyes. A weak laugh of joy came from his pained mouth. Could it be...? ''Mom...'' That's when he noticed a wierd shape attached to the arm and his weak smile turned to concern, then fear. ''Is that you?'' He asked to the figure as more smoke cleared. Eyes widened as he saw a large heart and a wierdly contorted body. Glowing purple eyes came from the smoke and the noise of strangled breathing came from the monstrosity in front of him. And as the strangled breathing continued, Sonic screamed.


''I hate deserts....'' Sonic said grogilly as he moved through the huge sand dunes with a tired look on his muzzle. He was older now, late teens maybe. He sported bangs now, and a red jacket with a symbol on the back. There was a black shirt and pants as well, and white gloves finely accessorised his hands. The tired hedgehog finally made a stop and made an attempt to swallow some air. He looked back up and moaned. ''It's nothing but sand.'' Before he knew it he had fallen down with a thump. ''If there was some grass I could turn it into bread. I'm starving!'' He muttered. Suddenly he didn't sense anybody else. Lifting hiself up he looked around. ''Hey Tails where'd ya go?'' Looking side to side he yelled ''Tails! Tails!''

''Down here!'' A voice piped up and a large hand grabbed the hedgehog's ankle.

''AHHHH!'' Sonic screamed.

''I sunk again...'' The voice replied. An anger mark appeared on Sonic's forehead. ''Reason number 2 I hate the desert!''

It took a long time, but Sonic had managed to dig his brother out. There was a tall mechanical kitsune suit standing there now as Sonic panted in tiredness. He jerked his head to the suit of armor with two anger marks now. ''I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU KEEP FALLING IN!'' He snarled.

''I get full!'' The suit or armor (Tails) cried back.

''Full of WHAT?'' Sonic growled and kicked the suit of armor's chest. The chest plate opened, revealing lots of sand before the whole thing dumped on Sonic and buried him in the ground.

''Heh heh heh...'' Tails giggled as he stepped away from the now growling pile of sand. The sand was moving a little, then exploded to see an angry Sonic the hedgehog. Sonic began chasing after Tails madly.

''Get back here!''

''What are you going to do?''


''Then why are you chasing me?''

''Stop and you'll find out!''

''I promise I won't get myself buried again!''

''Unless it's by my hand!''