DAY 4---- X Marks the Spot

A X-Files/24/ Alias Crossover

by DavidB226Morris

Summary--- President David Palmer is on his way to address the U.N. when a series of strikes hit D.C. and bring Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn out of their desk job. Operating in conjunction with Jack Bauer and CTU they find evidence implicating an unlikely suspect--- Fox Mulder. But as the investigation progresses, they learn that the conspiracy is far deeper than they imagine, and may be the greatest challenge they have faced yet.

RATING---- Probably going to merge into R territory, but for now, it's fit for consumption for teenagers.

Disclaimer: Jack Bauer, President David Palmer and the rest of the team at CTU belong to Joel Surnow and all the staff at Real Time Productions. Sydney Bristow, Nadia Santos and any other characters from Alias who pop up are the property of J.J. Abrams and all the geniuses who worked on Alias. Mulder, Scully, and all the other assorted characters that make up the wonderful world of the X-Files are the property of Chris Carter and TEN-THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS. (Although given his treatment of them, he probably doesn't deserve them.) I'm just borrowing them

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Argument: This is mainly for you X-Files fan. Now it would have helped significantly if you had read the two predecessor of this story-- Day 2 Reloaded, the Space Between, and Day 3, crossovers between 24 and Alias (all of which are available at for reading and reviewing, hint, hint) but--- and I'm probably violating every unwritten rule of fan fiction, you really don't need to have read them in order to understand the 24/ALias part of the story. I intend to give explanation very quickly, and by the end of the first chapter, all non-readers should be completely caught up.

Now for a couple of warnings for x-philes: In this universe 'I Want To Believe' did not happen. This is nothing personal, but for this universe the discrepancies of the movies do not help story. As far as the world knows, Mulder and Scully are still... well, keep reading, and you'll know what they are. Also, I think everybody in the entire world knows this, but for those of you who don't, this story will be following the 24 format--- each chapter will take place over one hour. Also, for verification this story takes place in the second year of President David Palmer's second term--- around May 2009.

One last warning before we kickoff: Though this is, in the long run, mostly an X-Files story, it will be following rules set by the 24 universe--- which means some beloved characters will die. I know this may send some fans running from the room, but I implore you to stick it out. There is always a great cost for revealing the truth.

And, one more thing--- last couple of stories I wrote haven't been reviewed nearly enough in relationship to how they were read.. So, I've giving you a warning: If I don't receive a certain number of reviews after I post, I'll hold off posting succeeding chapters indefinitely. So, review early and often--- or else.

Do I still have you all? Then the clock is running.