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Inuyasha and Kouga are not mine.

There are many things in life I thought could happen. But to end up with a mate for life was not one of them…

I was in a rush all morning, it was my first day at the new private school called Hakureizan High School. My father decided to enroll me into it, same as my brother, who is in year 3… I wasn't able to start school at the same time as everyone else because I had gotten into an accident involving my mother and I…Anyway, I had to rush to my new dorm room, not even able to inspect it properly. My new room mate was no where to be seen, probably already at the school building. I threw my bag of clothing onto my bed yelling "I'm late! I'm so late!!" and quickly changing into my new school uniform attire, A white long sleeved button up shirt, blue tie, dark blue jacket with a patch other right chest that had the schools initials HHS in red letters, and dark blue pants to match the jacket, with black shoes. I grabbed my bag filled with my school supplies and sprinted off to the school building.

Nervous beyond belief, I walked into my new classroom slightly out of breath. I was only a few minutes before the bell, so all of the seats where taken counting out one or two. The classrooms itself was plain white with a few decorative posters, the sun shown brightly threw the two large windows that were opposite of the door I just entered threw creating a slight glare on the rooms blue-grey tile. As I looked around I noticed every ones eyes where on me as I walked to one of the empty seats, it was the one closest to the door. Though I quickly regretted sitting there when I glanced at who I would be sitting by for God knows how long. He smelt of the western wolf tribe and the alpha at that. I sensed him staring at me as I unpacked my heavy red bag, taking out my note pad, pencil and text book.

I sat down, folding my slim hands in my lap letting my long hair obscure my eyes, folding my silk-like white ears against my head, as his piercing stares continued. A few minutes followed in which the class room irrupted with talk, and laughter. The guy sitting next to me turned behind him to talk to, what where most likely his friends, though they whispered quietly, unlike majority of the others in the class. Soon the bell rang, announcing class was about to begin.

"Quite down, quiet down! Class has started." Said a tall man that just entered the class room, who I assumed was the teacher. He had black hair that was tied at the back of his head, he had a mellow voice and seemed friendly, though I swore I saw him wink at one or two of the females in the class, who then giggled loudly, he was quite handsome, so I understood why.

"Well good morning class!" he said happily as he dropped his books on the desk in front of him. "As you can see, we have a new student; will you please come up fine sir?" He called, beckoning me up. Quickly I walked up, ears folded flat again. "No need to be shy! I'm your teacher Professor Miroku. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" Professor Miroku said, patting my shoulder kindly. "Hello…I'm Inuyasha... I just enrolled today. Nice to meet you all." I said nervously, I had been hoping the teacher would avoid this.

"Nice to meet you too, Inuyasha. Class please treat him well! You may return to your seat now." He said smiling down at me. I nodded silently and quickly made my way back to my seat.

"So you're an Inu huh?" The guy sitting next to me said, I looked over blushing slightly. He was very handsome, His long black hair tied up in a pony tail at the back of his head, a brown head band around his forehead. His Uniform untidy not dirty though; His white shirt un-tucked with a few buttons undone at the top, his tie was tied loosely around is neck and his dark blue uniform jacket completely undone. He was grinning brightly, he had his hand under his chin in a fist while his elbow rested on the desk, his bright blue eyes darting all over my face, and then body and stopped on my ears for a few extra seconds, the continue there wandering. "Y-yes…" I stuttered averting my eyes as they landed back at mine. His grin widened, why I am unsure of. "You're related to Sesshomaru right?" He asked. "Yes, he is my half brother. We had different mothers." I said looking down at my hands again.

Kouga POV:

His ears flatten against his long white hair as he looks down at his lap again. He says he's and Inu and related to Sesshomaru, But he smells of beta. He must be that last Inu beta I heard about. Sesshomaru told us he had a brother, but never spoke of him much. That's probably why. "You never told me your name…" said a voice shyly; I look back at his face and see him peaking over at me again, with a light blush flowing across his cheeks, His golden eyes curious. He's so cute…

"Oh." I laughed, "My bad, I'm Kouga of the Western Wolf Tribe." I reach out to shake his hand. He glances at it then back at my face, and slowly reaches for mine, then grasps it. I yank him over causing him to fall against my chest. I look down grinning innocently as he slowly looks up questioningly. "Loosen up Yasha!" I say smiling, putting my arm around his shoulders. He blushed enough to resemble a cherry, well, if it weren't for that long main of snow white hair and ears.

"Excuse me Kouga, I asked you to treat Inuyasha nice, not molest him. Please pay attention." I heard the Professor say in an amused voice. I felt a bit of heat in my face as the rest of the class started laughing. I quickly released Inuyasha, who embarrassedly and shaking slightly, sat back into his original, hands-in-lap-head-down position. "Sorry." I whispered to Inuyasha after facing forward to listen to Professor Miroku's lecture.

Inu-yasha POV:

"Sorry." That's what I thought I heard, but when I looked at Kouga he seemed to be listening to the lecture. He must have noticed me looking, and flashed me a quick smile, then faced forward again. I smiled to myself; maybe he wasn't that bad… I looked up and noticed how much Miroku had written on the board and so I quickly started copying notes as Miroku chattered away.