By: Angela Mawson

Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Note: this is based on the song WASN'T THAT A PARTY by the
Irish Rovers.

Andrew sat at a booth in the Crown Arcade Parlor, the little
restaurant above the Arcade, which the local kids liked to
frequent. One of those kids was his little sister Lizzy who he was
talking to. She held in her hands one of the round trays used to
server stuff, she was a waitress for the Parlor like Andrew worked
down in the Arcade.

"Jeez Andy, you look horrible!" Lizzy exclaimed in a chipper voice, which
drilled into Andrew's throbbing head like a hand drill. Lizzy of course was
talking about the dark circles under Andy's eyes.

"Could have been the whisky..." Andrew thought a little about the night before.
"No, might have been the gin...or the 3 or 4 six packs...I don't know but look
at me.... Look at the mess I'm in. If dad finds out that I came to work hung
over he'll kill me." A worried look passed over the young mans face.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have been drinking so hard last night. I mean you
did know that you had to work today. You should have been more responsible."
he little red head scolded, if it didn't hurt to laugh Andrew would have burst
out into hysterics she was so cute when she tried to act like an adult.

"Your right Lizzy, but Man wasn't that a party!" He smiled wide at the memory.

"Ya, well I wouldn't know Mom wouldn't let me go. Tell me about it?"

" Well Serena took a grape fruit and wore it like a hat, she was so cute kept
saying that she was Sailor Grape Fruit and she would protect the world from
Scurvy and Colds via Grape Fruit Seed Extract power."

Lizzy tried to imagine Serena striking the pose. Andrew Continued.

"And then I saw my Buddy Darien under the kitchen table talking to Mina's old
tom cat. Artemis is his name I think. They were talking about hockey, actually
they were discussing Maurice Richard. The point is I thought I heard that cat
talk back. At that point I think I passed out."

"So what? That's it, you passed out after thinking you saw Darien talking hockey
with a cat?"

"Well no, then I woke up and slammed back another beer...or two." Andrew took a
moment to take a sip of his cold water.
"I went to the window and it must have been my memory playing tricks on me...but
I think I saw Sailor Jupiter cutting down my neighbors tree. I decided to go
back and have another drink by that point." What Andrew didn't know was that
tree was actually transformed into a Negaverse monster bent on sucking the
seeming inexhaustible energy drunks seem to have. If he had stayed by the
window long enough he would have seen Sailor Venus up-chucking on the monster
causing enough of a distraction for Sailor Moon to dust the monster.

Andrew groaned as another attack of nausea attacked him.
"Oh...my head is like a foot ball.... I think I'm going to die." he said hitting
his head on the table.

"Oh no you don't mr.party-pants.... You tell me what else happened."

"Well not much happened after that. Lita, Rei and Amy were playing with the
siren of the police car when the cops showed up. The cops didn't look to happy
about that one."

Lizzy's eyes went wide with unbelief. "Amy! Amy was drunk. I can't believe

"You should see her slamming back the Tequila, chances are she's not so chipper
this morning." Andrew said with a grin. "Well then when the cops tried to quiet us down,
well we all took of running down Main Street...you know just to see if
the cops could run."

If you can believe it Lizzy's eyes went even wider. "You ran from the Police!"

"Well not for long, they caught up with us and dragged us down to the station in
an alcoholic haze. Serena and the girls were released into the car of their
parents accept for Lita who had to remain in the drunk tank with Darien and I
because she didn't have an adult to sign for her. We weren't charged or
anything, but we were given a stern warning for feeding alcohol to minors and
told not to do it again."

Lizzy smiled at the thought of her brother spending the night in jail, and even
more so when she realized that she could black mail him with it to his parents
if ever the need came. "You're right, sounds like that was quite a party."

Andrew nodded his head and smiled. "Oh ya, we plan on having another next
weekend. If you don't tell Mom, you can come."

A sly smile passed the young red heads lips. "Count on it."