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Love and Friendship

It has been five year since I have seen my best friend Emmett McCarthy. He had to move when I was thirteen and he was fourteen. We had been friend since we were in diapers and I hope we still are I have not heard from him in awhile. After he moved we wrote and called each other all the time, but after he started high school the calling and writing slowed. It was hard at first but I know he had his football and school work to do he had to study so he could get in to a good college. I missed him so much and over the five years my feeling grow and I realized I loved him but not just love I was in love with him. I never told him because I was scared to death that he would reject me and I didn't want to mess with are friendship. But now I set here on a bus scared shitless because I'm headed to college, but that not why I'm scared. I'm scared because I get to see Emmett. He has been attending the University of Washington since last year. I have not had any contact with him for a year and half, but ii know he is still there. I know this because my cousins Edward and Alice Cullen go to school there as well, and Edward is on the football team with him. Edward does not know I know Emmett and I want it to stay that way for now, because I don't want Emmett to know I'm here yet. I'm just to scared to see him because I don't know if he is mad at me or just want to talk to me or see me . I still write him but I never get any thing back. Oh well here goes nothing I step off the bus and see my cousins waiting for me.

"BELLA" they yelled and ran to me.

"Edward, Alice what are you doing here "

"Well that's no way to greet your favorite cousins" Alice said hugging me tight.

"Sorry I just didn't expect to have a welcome comity that's all "

"Did you really think I was going to let my favorite cuz take a cab did Ya" Edward asked.

"I'm your only cousin and I guess not" I said giving him a hug

"Well Bella lets get your stuff so we can go Eddie here has football practice and we are watching and then we will take you to your new house "Alice said.

"Alice please don't call me Eddie you know I don't like it "Edward said.

"Alice what do you mean house I thought I had to stay in the dorms?" I Asked

"Silly Bella do you think your uncle was going to let you stay in those awful dorms" Alice said

"He pros waded the dean a little so you gat to stay with Alice and I "Edward said as we walked to his car.

"Cool I didn't want to stay in the dorms anyway" I said with a smile

The three of us piled into Edwards Volvo and headed to his football practice.

I can't believe I get to see Emmett, I'm excited and scared shitless at the same time if that is possible. I mean I really want o see him but I don't know if I can handle him rejecting me as a friend. I was brought out of my thoughts by Alice waving her hand in of my face.

"Bella Bella hey earth to Bella you ok "she asked

"Yeah just in lala land for a minute "

"Well we're here are you getting out or not "she asked.

"Yeah I'm coming "

Alice and I got out and headed over to the bleachers and Edward headed to the locker you to change and then out to the field for practice. As we set there waiting for practice to start Alice chatted on and on about all kinds of stuff and as the guys started to come out of the locker room she started naming them off.

That one is Mike Newton And then there is Eric Yorkie and then there is Joe Leech and that one is Jacob Black and there is Jasper Whitlock now that one is mine well not mine I wish but still and then that big one is Emmett McCarthy. The last name I shat my head up and looked at the field and there is all his glory stood my Emmett (wow my Emmett , he's not mine I wish but he's not take a deep breath Bella ). I didn't even hear the rest of the names I didn't care. All I cared about was Emmett, he I big and muscular and gorges. He has light brown curly hair green eyes, man he is hot. Alice and I set there though the hole practice just catching up I don't know how long we set there, but Edward came and set down next to us.

"Hey girls you ready we need to get Bella home and unpack "he asked

"Yeah lets go "Alice said grabbing my hand

"Oh yeah the guys want to get together and hang out at Moonlight tonight too" He said.

"Well is it guys only or can us girls join too" Alice asked as we got in to the car.

"You girls can come I will call Mike and Jake and tell them to bring there girls too, oh Alice can you call Rose for me and see if she want to come too" Edward said.

"Yes Edward I will call rose for you, but I don't know why you don't just ask her out already "Alice said with a giggle

As we heasded to what i guess was our house Alice called a girl named Rose . I guessed i would meet her later , but Edward seamed to like her we pulled in to the driveway i gasped this house was huge. It was a three story victorian . I loved it .As we got of the car Alice was getting off the phone.

"Geez Ali how many people are living here?" I asked

" Well just us three for now I guess , but there is seven bed rooms and five bathrooms." she said as she unlocked the door.

"Holy cow Alice why do you, Edward and i need suck a big house?"

"Well dad told us to find a house we liked so we did" Edward said as he walked in the house with my bags.

"ok then which one is mine ?"i asked

"Well there is three bedrooms on the first floor and three on the second floor , but two are mine and Alices and thenthere is one on the therd floor , well the hole room is the 3rd floor so just chose one." Edward said.

"Yeah and they all have there own bathroom except the ones on the first floor " Alice added.

" I diffently dont want one on the first floorand the second floor just seems a bit crowded so i guess i will take the one on the 3rd floor . so lead the way Alice "

Alice leed the way to the 3rd floor which was my room . Alice opened the door and lett me go in first it was huge which i knew it would beit took up the entire 3rd floor. but what caught my eye was the huge window on the west wall it had a perfect view of the city .

"Ilove it Alice "

"Yeah we knew you would thats why we choose the second floor " Edward said setting my bags down.

"Well ladts i need to go get ready ...oh Alice did you get a hold of Rose?"

"Yeah but she can't make it she was called in to work but she said next time thow "Alice said

"What about Mike and Jacob are there girl comeing ?" Alice asked

"They can't come either Mike said jessica was sick and Jake said Leah had to work. So i looks llike it is just you to lady and all us guys."

Edward walked out of my room and left me and Alice there alone.

"Alice i dont knwo if i want to go if we are going to be only girls there." I said

"Tell you what Bellawe can go , but we will set away from the guysbut close enough that Edward canmake sure we dont get huast ok."She said

"Ok Alice as long as we dont set with guys, and we can make it the first of meny girls night out ok."

"Ok now let get you ready." She said bouncing with excitment.

Iknew this was going to happenany time there is a party or clubbing involed and Alice is around she alwas plays Bella Barbie , but i guess if i want to impress Emmett then I I will let her do what she wants .Even though she dont know i know i took a shower Alice got to work plucking pulling ,curling,make allof it .She curled my hair in soft curls down my backand put light make up on mre which i was greatful she was done she hand me a bag and told me to change so i went to the bathroom and changed.

"Alice i cant wear this it's to short."

"yes you can Bella and you will now put it on and get out here "She demanded

I learnt my lesson a long tme ago dont cross Alice Cullen So i did as she said. it was a melallic hulter type dress(just check profile for dress for both Bella and Alice )NA dshe put me in heels . I just glad I'm not a kluz like I used to be well not as bad at least.

"Bell you done yet Edward is whating on us " Alice yelled throw the door.

" Yeah Ali I'm ready" I said as i walked out the bathroom door.

"Holl shit Bella your hot"

"thanks Ali you too now lets go"

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