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Ten years Later

"Emma where's your brother's we have to go." I yelled up the stairs

"last time I seen them they were with dad getting ready." she yelled back down at me

"Emmett you got the Boy." I asked

"Yea Em is grabbing his jacket and Brady is in his car set waiting on you three girls." he said

"well ok. Emma get your sister and come on." I yelled up the stairs again

"Geez mom you don't have to yell I'm right here." She said from behind me making me jump.

"Emma don't do that you scared me, go put your sister in her car seat so we can go e are going to be late."

"Mom it's not like they can start with out us it is our party too." Em said

" yes but it is rude to make Edward and Lizzie wait on the two of you." I said getting in the car

I can't believe my babies are ten today, well nit my babies my babies are three. Yep you heard me three and yes I said they.

After Emma and Emmett Jr. was born Emmett proposed to me. He said he had wanted to for a while but never had the guts to. After Edward and Rose found out they insisted we have a double weeding. So we did.

We had decided to wait tell the twins were older to have more kids. So did Rose and Edward but it didn't work that way right after the twin turned one Rose found out she was pregnant and luckily there was just one, and just before both sets of twin turn 2 Rose delivered a healthy baby boy named David Carlisle weighting 6 lb 3oz. Rose made Edward promise no more for a long tome and now we have a 7 month pregnant Rose waiting on us.

We did wait but we weren't as lucky when we got pregnant again which was three years ago. We were bless with another set of twin A 5lb 5 oz boy named Brady Lane and a 6lb girl named Maddison Faye. I wouldn't change anything but we wont be have any more kids any time soon.

As for Alice and Jasper they had decided to wait a while to start their family so four year later they welcomed triplets (yes I said triplets)Jasper Aaron, Cassie Rose, and Cloie Marie. After that Alice threaten to cut Jaspers manhood off so Alice started birth control.

"Mom we're here you ok." Emma asked

"Oh yea I'm fine just thinking."

"well come on Aunt Rose is waiting for us something about she found out what the baby is."

"oh well let me grab… hey where is your dad and brothers and sister." i asked

"I told you, you was out of it. They went in already they are waiting on us."

" ok let go" I said getting out of the car

"it's about time Bells. Alice is driving me crazy." Rose said with a giggle

"What I want to know. Now Bella is here so tell us." Alice said

"yea please tell us and sense there is no pale and shocked looking Edward we know there is only one ." Emmett said

"Yes there is only one and if you would shut up I would tell you about her." Rose said with a smile

"go ahead tell us…. Wait you said her it's a girl." Alice squealed

"You catch on quick Ali ." Edward said

"Congratulations guys got a name yet?" I asked

"yea Grace Esma." Rose said looking at Esma.

"oh Rose, Edward Really." She cried as they nodded

"ok enough about the baby lets party." Emmett yelled

Everyone head out side where all the kids were already playing. We set around laughing and just having fun as a family. All the birthday kids got tons of gifts and where now tired from the long day of fun. All the little ones had already crash out so we desided it was time to go. We grabbed the little ones and help Em and Emma get their stuff in the car and headed home.

After getting all four tucked in bed we climbed in our bed and cuddle . We where pretty quit tell Emmett broke the silence.

"I'm happy for Edward and Rose."

"Me too. I'm so excited she is having girl."

"you know we could always try for another one." he said moving on top of me

" I don't know Emmett that might be a little hard" I said

"And why is that ?" he said kissing down my neck

"because I'm already pregnant." I whispered.


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