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NOTE: This story does contain material not suitable for young readers, or anyone, really. It contains dark acts between brothers, aka TWINCEST! However, it's not like all the mushy "I love you. I love you too, I always have" stuff in other twincest fics. It will contain possibly non-con and just all-around effed up stuff. You've been warned.

Zack wasn't completely sure when it had happened. He wasn't sure when his mid started working in such a….strange manner. He'd always liked girls, he had thought. And, even if he hadn't like girls, he still shouldn't be thinking like this. His own brother, what the fuck?

If he had to guess, he'd say it started one day when he was laying on his bed, thumbing through a sports magazine and Cody had walked in after taking a shower. He was walking toward their shared dresser, when his towel got caught on the post of his bed and fell to his ankles. Zack wouldn't have even noticed if Cody hadn't made this adorable squeak when he suddenly felt a draft on in his downstairs region. Zack looked up to see what the noise was, and looked straight, eye-level at Cody's penis. It shouldn't have been a big deal, they were brothers, and they had seen every part of each other, multiple times. But, for some reason, Zack couldn't look away this time, it was almost trance-like, and, for some strange reason, he liked what he saw. It was….mouthwatering.

"Zack," Cody yelled, grabbing his towel from the floor and wrapping it around him, "what were you looking at?"

"Oh, Cody…" Zack racked his brain, he needed to think fast to talk his way out of this. "I….uhh, thought I saw a rat over there." Zack lied

"Oh, okay, but, why would there be a rat in here? This is a 5-star hotel."

"Yea, that's what I was thinking, it was probably nothing."

Cody shrugged it off, he believed his brother. He had no reason not to. Sure, Zack wasn't the most honest person ever, but why would he be looking at his brother's dick? Zack was the biggest lady's man, well, boy that he knew.

Cody didn't think anything else of it, Zack, on the other hand, couldn't get it out of his head.

Why couldn't he look away? He wasn't a fag, and, it was his brother for God's sake! He can't look at his own brother's dick with that kind of, was it lust he felt?

Either way, that image wouldn't leave his mind; neither would the thoughts that went along with it. Some of the thoughts worried him, well, the whole situation worried him, but some of the thoughts were even more messed up than the situation itself, they were, for lack of a better word, disturbing. The things he thought, dreamed about doing to his own little brother, almost made him sick to his stomach, among other things it did to the other parts of his anatomy.

But, he kept his thoughts in check, for the most part, and was determined to keep them just that, thoughts. He loved his brother more than anything in the world, and wasn't gonna let some fucked up fantasy tear them apart.

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