Hey everyone, this is my first Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover. I have only seen up to the third season, but as a heads up this fic will not and I repeat will not! Fully follow the seasons completely, as I need to change some things to fit into it, though it will mostly be in later chapters. Please don't flame for I will go on a rant if you do so unless you are offering advice which I will read and listen to.

Summary: When Harry was a year old, Lily made a deal with Death to save Harry's life. Now 23 years later, Harry's will to live is gone, his body failing him. Death comes to claim his son and take him home. Years later Harry and Gem, Deaths daughter, go to America to help the hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. They use their powers as Death Angel's to help the brother's with their job. However, things start to happen that even they can't explain.

Pairings: Dean/Harry, Sam/Gem, mentions: Sirius/Remus, James/Lily, Neville/Luna, Fred/George, Charlie/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Luna.

Warnings: Character death, malexmale pairings, violence, mentions of self harm, swearing, incest, doesn't follow books five through seven.



Chapter 1. The Beginning


-Godric's Hallow-

One year old Harry James Potter was sleeping soundly in his crib, curled up on his side and underneath a dark blue and silver blanket. His hair was black as a raven's breast while, when open, his eyes were a bright emerald color which seemed to glow with untapped power. It was slightly after eleven o'clock, according to the red lion clock on the wall. The nursery was nice but slightly simple; the walls were painted with a scene of a forest, the painted trees moving with an unseen wind as painted animals slept. A rocking chair was near the crib, and a changing table was against one of the walls. A bin which held many toys was near the doors to a closet. But now seeing as how late it was, the nursery was silent save for Harry's breathing.

Suddenly a large black shadow detached its self from the wall, the shadows melting away to reveal and tall man. The man was about 6'6" in height, with long silver hair that was held back in an elegant braid, while bright hazel eyes looked at the sleeping babe with a gentle and loving look. The man wore an old fashioned white shirt and black formal pants with matching boots. A long blood-red trench coat was undone and swept behind the man as he stepped towards the crib. The man had many different names all around the world, but went with Lucian, though many humans called him Death.

As he stepped in front of Harry's crib, two large silver and blood-red wings unfolded from his back and folded against the trench coat, the silken feathers trailing on the ground as each wing reached 35 feet in length. Harry yawned and turned onto his back, looking up at Lucian with bright eyes.

"Can you see me little on?"Lucian asked, his voice a deep rich baritone which could sooth any person or animal.

Harry cooed and reached his arms up, his small hands grasping the air as if to pull Lucian down. Lucian's eyes widened in shock at the actions of the small child; the knowledge that he could be seen flooding his mind as he bent down and picked Harry up into his arms. Harry giggled happily and grabbed onto Lucians finger as he looked at the stunned man with knowing eyes.

"How can you, a simple babe, look at me without fear? How can you see me when I do not wish to be seen by humans?"Lucian asked, moving over to the rocking chair and sitting down.

A soft light appeared in the center of the room as Lucian sat down, causing him to hold Harry close in case something was coming to hurt the child. A slender woman with flowing black hair and bright violet eyes stepped from the light, smiling at Harry and Lucian.

"Lucian, I know you of all people remember me."She said, her voice sounded like the wind, soft and flowing.

"Lady Fate!? I am sorry; I forgot what you looked like."Lucian said, bowing his head in deep respect.

"It is alright Lucian, I have been watching over you and you're Death Angels."Fate said, smiling as she sank to her knees in order to look at Harry properly.

Harry smiled and giggled as Fate tickled his belly, squirming lightly in Lucians arms as the man smiled. Lucian looked at Fate and sighed, knowing that she was here to tell him something.

"You are not going to take Harrys life tomorrow night, but his parents are going to die. You are to make a deal with Lily Evens Potter when she comes into the room in ten minutes. Do not lessen the deal for more than 23 years, nor do not shorten it. You are to protect Harry tomorrow night bring Alyssa Clark and Matthew Night with you."Fate said, rising as she noticed Lucians frown.

"I do not see why we cannot let his parents live if he can. He needs them for love and understanding."Lucian said, looking at Harry who had fallen asleep in his arms.

"You know that even I cannot over power what the magic of the Earth tells me. There are many things in store for Harry. He is your son after all; he is destined to be a Death Angel when the time is right."Fate said, stepping into a light that had appeared from the air.

Lucian opened his mouth to say something but was too late as Fate disappeared. He sighed and stood cradling Harry against his chest as he looked around the room. He would do as Fate said, as he knew that he could not and would not go against her. As he set Harry down in his crib, the door opened, revealing a worried and scared Lily Marie Evens-Potter. She gasped and drew her wand quickly when she saw Lucian, her emerald eyes flickering to her son as Lucian stood up fully. Lily was confused by the sight of the man's wings but refused to lower her wand as the man turned around and looked at her.

"What are you doing here? Who are you?"She asked her voice hardened as she stared the man down.

"Don't worry Lily Potter, I would never dream of hurting Harry."Lucian said, slightly surprised that even she could see through his shields and his wings.

"To answer your other question, I am Death but many call me Lucian."

Lily's eyes widened as she dashed by Lucian, instantly looking Harry over as he slept on. "What do you want with us?"She asked, looking at Lucian with fear in her eyes.

"I am sad to say that Voldemort will attack tomorrow night. Even more so that you and your family will be killed."Lucian said, turning to look at the red-headed witch.

Lily sank to her knees, looking at the carpet with shock as tears ran down her cheeks. She was stunned at what Lucian had told her, having thought that her and her family was safely hidden away from the danger that was Voldemort. Lily looked up and grabbed Lucian's hands, begging him with her eyes.

"No.....Harry can't die, please! You have to save him somehow, I know you can."She said, her eyes begging the man in front of her.

Lucian sighed and looked at the broken woman in front of him, knowing that he had to make the deal. "Very well, I will give him 23 years to live from now. Meaning that when Harry is 24 years old, he will die. When that time is up, I will come for him. Until then, I will protect him."He said, raising a hand when Lily made to protest.

"I must take my leave. I will return tomorrow to take you and James. Spend your time with your loved ones and given them a reason to remember you fondly."He added, disappearing in a swirl of black and red flames.


The next night Lucian returned to Godric's Hallow, though he brought with him two Death Angels. One was a woman about 5'5" in height, with long brown hair and blue eyes while her skin was a deathly pale just as Lucian's was. Her wings were a deep red color which matched the trench coat that she wore. The other man was 6'0" in height with long white hair that was pulled back from his face and deep brown eyes that gazed softly at the house. His own wings were black in color with white tips.

"Matthew, you will take James. Alyssa, you will take Lily. No one touches Harry."Lucian said, walking up to the house and walking through the walls as the two followed.

Matthew sighed softly as he watched James show Harry a stuffed animal which was that of a stag, smiling as Harry snagged the stag from his father and hugged it tightly. Alyssa looked at Lily and moved so that she was standing near the woman, waiting and was glad that they had strengthened their shield which made them invisible to the Potters. Suddenly James and Lily stiffened, their eyes widening as they looked to the windows and saw a cloaked figure heading up the walk.

"Lily it's him! Take Harry and run! Don't look back, run! Hurry Lily, he's here."James said, hurriedly kissing his wife and Harry's forehead.

Alyssa and Lucian hurried upstairs after Lily as she ran upstairs with Harry in her arms, leaving Matthew behind. Matthew watched with sad eyes as James fought against Voldemort the best he could but was thrown back by a blasting hex. He reached out and grasped the wizards hand, pulling James' soul out just as Voldemort hit him with the kill curse. Matthew scowled as Voldemort calmly walked upstairs, shaking his head and hoping that Lucian had a plan.

Upstairs Alyssa and Lucian watched as Lily locked the door and moved a few things in front of it as if it would help buy her time. She gently set Harry down in his crib and smiled as she kissed his forehead, promising that everything would be alright. They watched helplessly as Voldemort blasted open the door and Lily took to pleading with Voldemort, begging him to take her instead of Harry. Alyssa moved and wrapped her arms around Lily, taking the woman's soul and following her to the ground as Lily was killed. Lucian spread his wings as he placed a hand on Harry, a faint glow surrounding the babe as Voldemort fired the killing curse at Harry. Alyssa and Lucian watched as the curse rebounded onto Voldemort and the man fell, but watched with distain as Voldemorts soul escaped.

"Come, Harry will be safe soon. We must leave."Lucian said, walking out of the room as Alyssa followed him.


(Number 4 Privet Drive. Harry is 7 years old)

Harry sighed as he leaned his head against the side of the small garden wall that surrounded the house. His aunt and uncle were making him plant new flowers because aunt Petunia had seen that the woman across the street had new flowers that were better than the ones that they had so she had gone out shopping for new flowers and now was making him plant them. He whimpered when he smelled the scent of dinner coming through the open kitchen window. Harry knew that he was being punished because he had burned lunch today. Harry sighed and shook his head light, kneeling by the flowers once more and digging another hole for one of the violets.

-I hope dad comes...it's been a few days.-he thought, smiling when he thought of Lucian

Lucian had shown himself to Harry when he was 4 years old, proving that he wasn't going to harm the child by healing the bruises that Vernon had made that day. Harry had learned all about who and what he was along with that he was meant to be Lucian's son due to the mark on his back. He had a gothic cross on his back which had a scythe in the back ground. Lucian had told him that it was the mark of death and if it was on a human's back then they were related to Death or Death himself. Even though; Harry knew that he should have been scared of Lucian, for some reason when he thought of the man it always made him feel safe.

"Harry? What are you doing out here?"Lucian asked, appearing from the shadows as Harry turned towards him at the sound of his voice.

Harry smiled brightly as Lucian walked over and crouched down, looking at him in concern.

"I'm planting new flowers for aunt's garden. She needs them done by tonight or else I won't get anything to eat in the morning. I burned lunch so I don't get dinner."Harry muttered, wincing when Lucian's normally kind eyes flashed with anger.

Lucian glared through the open window towards the Dursley's wishing nothing more than to take Harry away from them, but he knew that Harry had to stay here. He sighed and gathered Harry in his arms, smiling when the boy curled up against his chest. Harry sighed and pressed his face against Lucian's shirt, taking in the smell of spices and warmth. While others said that Death was a cruel man, Harry knew the truth. Lucian was a kind but fair man, and sometimes he needed to be mean in order to protect everyone from getting hurt.

"What is on your mind my son?"Lucian asked, running a hand through Harry's wild hair.

"Mmmm, just thinking."Harry muttered yawning lightly as he looked up at Lucian.

Lucian smiled and let Harry go, allowing him to go back to his chore as he thought of a way to make things better for his son. Harry knew that while yes James was his true father, the mark on his back meant that he was also Lucian's son as well. Lucian had told him about everything, including how Sirius Orion Black was in prison because of something that he didn't do. Harry had been scared for his godfather but Lucian told him that he was keeping Sirius alive so that things would fall into place when Harry was 13. Lucian smiled and waved his hand, watching as a plate of food appeared next to Harry. Harry smiled and hugged his father before eating, glad that he had someone who cared about him.


(Hogwarts hospital wing, after saving the sorcerer's stone. Harry is 11 years old)

Harry blinked as he looked around the hospital wing, wishing that Madame Pomfery would have let him leave the day before like Professor Dumbledore told him he could do. She had told him to stay put for a few days because she wanted to make sure that everything was alright. Harry whined lightly and turned onto his side, closing his eyes once again in hopes to get some more sleep. He hated the hospital wing, and knew that if he thought the hospital wing was bad then he knew that a real muggle hospital would be even worse.

"Harry, are you alright?"Someone asked, making Harrys eyes snap open.

He smiled brightly when he saw Alyssa walking over to him, sitting up and stretching his arms open towards the Death Angel. Alyssa smiled brightly and hugged Harry, sighing happily. She and Harry had become fast friends because Lucian often brought her and Matthew over to visit Harry or even made them check up on Harry when he couldn't. Alyssa stepped back and looked over Harry closely, noticing the small cuts on his face and hands.

"Lucian wanted to make it but something came up. I knew that he would have made Matthew come to check up on you but Matthew had to train a few reapers."She said, smiling as Harry scooted over on the bed to make more room for her.

"Ron and Hermione came and visited me. Hermione is glad that everything turned out alright and Ron was smiling."Harry said, yawning lightly as Alyssa ran a hand through his hair.

They both started when Lucian appeared in a swirl of black flames, a cloaked person standing next to him. Harry smiled brightly as Lucian rushed over to him and scooped him into his arms, wrapping his arms tightly around his father's neck. The person moved closer and lowered their hood, revealing long silver hair and bright violet eyes. Lucian smiled as Harry took notice of the new Death Angel.

"Harry this is your younger sister Gem."He said, laughing when Harry looked confused.

"She looks older than me though."Harry said, looking Gem over.

Long silver hair fell down to Gem's hips in gentle waves while her eyes were trained on Harry but showed her happiness. Her skin was just as pale as Lucians but the wings on her back were a different color. They were a reddish-gold color and were the normal 35 feet in length. Gem smiled as she walked over to Harry and her eyes widened when Harry reached out and hugged her. Alyssa smiled and nodded to Harry and Lucian, disappearing into the shadows.

"How are you younger than me?"Harry asked, looking at Gem with wonder.

"Death Angels age every four years. When you are 15 I will be 19, when you're 19 I'll 20 and finally when you're 24 I'll be 21 and a half."Gem said, smiling as she sat Harry down on the bed and sat down on the side with Lucian.

Harry smiled as he talked with Gem and Lucian, telling them about what they had missed during the year. They talked well into the night before Lucian made Harry lie down and get some sleep. Harry blinked sleepily as Lucian and Gem disappeared into the shadows, a smile on his face as he finally closed his eyes. He didn't see Fred and George watching from the door with wide eyes.

They had been planning on talking to Harry about the mark on his back, but when they had seen Alyssa, Lucian and Gem they rethought their plan. Fred looked at George and smiled, nodding his head and walking away with his twin. They needed to talk to their raven, and would do so tomorrow.


Harry sighed as he packed away all of his things into his trunk, smiling when Hedwig hooted softly from her cage. The sound of the door opening and closing made him turn around, blinking in shock when Fred and George walked over to him with knowing smiles. He blinked and frowned lightly when Fred flicked his wand, sending his things into his trunk for him.

"What's going on guys?"Harry asked, sitting down on his bed as he looked at the twins.

"Harry, we know who you are. Ron told us about the mark on your back because he was worried about you. We looked it up and now we know that you're the son of Death."George said, frowning when Harry backed away.

"Y-You can't tell anyone! Lucian would kill if he knew that anyone else knew about me."Harry said, looking worried as he stared at the twins.

"Harry, we never plan on telling anyone."Fred said, smiling softly as he pulled Harry onto his lap.

"Yeah, we want to protect you Harry."George said, running a hand through Harry's hair.

They talked for hours, Harry telling the twins about how he met Lucian and about Death Angels and Reapers and Lucian himself. Fred and George told Harry more about the Wizarding World and what he had missed during the years. When dinner came Harry left the tower with Fred and George flanking him, still talking about their hopes and plans for the future. Before they went into the Great Hall Fred and George clasped hands with Harry and swore on their magic that they would protect Harry with their lives. Harry smiled, feeling his family grow even more.


(Fourth year, after Cedric was killed and Voldemort was brought back)

Fred and George sighed as they sat on either side of Harry, running their hands through his hair and down his back and arms. They felt the young man's pain, and wished that they could have been there for Harry when he had to face Voldemort. Fred sighed and he lay down in front of Harry, wrapping his arms around the teen's waist as George did the same to Harry's back. Sirius Orion Black and Remus John Lupin watched with saddened eyes, wishing that they could do more for Harry. Sirius sighed and bowed his head, his black hair falling in front of his grey eyes as Remus wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close.

"He'll be alright Sirius, he has all of us."Remus said, resting his head atop of his mate's.

Harry shivered as he burrowed deeper into Fred and George, welcoming their warmth and affection. He could still see flashes of the graveyard, Cedric falling to the ground dead, and his parent's shadows. The one's that he wanted to talk to the most wasn't there, Severus Snape had been absent during the meeting as he knew that if the Potions Master had joined he would have saved Harry. Much to what people thought, Harry and Severus didn't hate each other. That had ended during Harry's second year, because everyone thought that Harry was the heir of Slytherin. Severus had helped Harry a few times during the year and quickly saw through what he thought was James in Harry.

"We have to go Harry, but we'll be back tomorrow morning."Fred said, kissing Harrys forehead as the teen nodded his head.

Harry watched as everyone left, causing Poppy to walk over and make him drink a dreamless sleep draught. He sighed as he closed his eyes, allowing sleep his cloud his mind. Vaguely he wondered if Lucian, Gem or Severus would visit him.


Severus walked into the hospital wing and froze when he saw two figures sitting down on either side of Harry, instantly drawing his wand and aiming it at the figures. His black eyes widened when a pair of wings sprouted from the woman of the two, his eyes instantly becoming guarded as the tall man stood and turned to him.

"You must be Severus. Harry has spoken about you a lot."The man said, smiling lightly as hazel eyes met black.

"Who are you?"Severus barked, narrowing his eyes as the woman stood up and looked at him as well.

"I am Lucian, or as you might know me Death. This is my daughter Gem. We are not here to collect Harry, but are checking up on him."Lucian said, watching as Severus paled even more.

"Dad would never hurt his own son."Gem said, smiling as Severus looked confused.

Severus listened as Lucian and Gem explained themselves, telling him all about what had happened on the night that Voldemort had been killed. At the end it was well past midnight and Severus was staring at Harry with understanding and sadness. He had told Harry more about Lily then anything and was always happy to answer Harry's questions about what he really was. Nearly two hours later saw Severus sitting down beside Harry, smiling gently at the sleeping teen.

"You have worked wonders on him Lucian, thank you. After getting past my hate of his father, I saw more of who he really is and now that you have explained it to me I think it was also you're doing as well."He said, looking to Lucian as the other smiled.

Gem sighed softly and lent down, kissing Harry's forehead gently before stepping away. After bidding Severus good-bye she and Lucian left. Severus looked at Harry and smiled lightly, moving to a chair to wait until the teen woke up again.


(Summer after 5th year, Harry age 16)

Harry sighed as he lay down on the grass, pillowing his head on his arms as he looked up at the morning sky. He was currently laying down in the back yard of Severus' family home, Snape Manor. The Order had been moved after the incident at the Department of Mysteries, including Sirius. Thanks to Severus' training, Harry had been able to see through Voldemort's false vision and had alerted Dumbledore to what Voldemort had planned. Thanks to Severus, Sirius had been saved from going after Harry since he had been thinking about traveling to the Department in order to save Sirius but had stopped himself.

"What are you thinking about brat?"Severus asked, bringing Harry out of his musings.

"Nothing Severus. Just glad that you managed to train me before I did something stupid."Harry said, tilting his head back to look at the Potions Master.

Severus smirked lightly as he gracefully sat down beside the teen, leaning back on his hands to also peer up at the sky. Inside the manor Harry heard the sounds of Narcissa and Tonks arguing while Lucius and Sirius were having a heated talk. Harry rolled his eyes at the same time as Severus as the back door slammed open and Lucius walked out followed by Draco. The Order had been stunned when Lucius and his family had come and begged for safety. Voldemort had wanted Draco to be marked but Narcissa had refused which caused the Dark Lord to threaten Lucius. Harry had shocked the Order further when he told the Malfoys that he forgave their choices and promised his own protection.

"How can you stand him Harry? He is always whining."Lucius said, stopping beside the teen and looking down at him.

"I just tune him out or turn into Night and slink away."Harry said, smirking as Draco starting laughing. "Come on Draco; let's have a match between us two."

Draco smirked and summoned his and Harry's broom's, both Firestar 3000's, currently the fastest brooms on the market and given to them as a birthday gift from Lucius. Lucius and Severus watched as Harry and Draco walked into the forest, both knowing that the teen's would be careful and not go outside of the wards protection. Narcissa growled softly as she walked out of the manor and towards her husband, allowing him to pull her into his side.

"What's wrong 'Cissa?"Severus asked, standing up and brushing himself off.

"Hardly anyone trusts us and yet we've been here since after the Dark Lord came back. The only ones are Miss. Granger, Miss. Lovegood, Albus, Remus and Harry. The rest still treat us like scum."She said, frowning as Sirius walked out and went over to the shed where his motorcycle was.

"Don't worry about it, the Weasley twins; Bill and Charlie are starting to trust us as well. Everyone will get used to the idea of us being Light."Lucius said, pressing a gentle kiss to his wife's hair.


Harry glared at Sirius as the animagus crossed his arms and glared back. Nearly everyone at the table was looking wearily between the two wizards, wondering when the argument was going to end. Sirius had decided to start attacking the Malfoys verbally and Harry had finally snapped, shouting at his godfather. Hermione, Draco, Severus, Luna, Ron, the twins, Bill, Charlie, Lucius, and Narcissa were sitting on the left side of the table with Harry while the rest of the Weasleys, Tonks, Mad-Eye, and a few other Order members were sitting on the right side with Sirius. Remus was at the bottom end of the table while Albus was at the head, both of them looking older then they really were.

"Why can't you get it through your head that they are finally on our side? What is so wrong with people changing Sirius?"Harry barked, the gleam of a fox behind his eyes.

"No one can fully change Harry! You should know that."Sirius said, growling lightly as Severus placed a calming hand on Harrys arm.

"Oh, so I should be angry at you? Is that what you're saying? Should I rant and throw you out saying that you're like the others in your family because you're a Black? Sorry 'Cissa."Harry said, glancing at the witch who waved his words away.

Sirius turned a dark shade of red and turned away from the table, storming out of the dining room and upstairs. Harry snarled and turned away as well, storming outside. Hermione and Draco sighed softly, shaking their heads while Fred, George, and Charlie went after Harry. Remus shook his head lightly and stood, walking upstairs to see what he could do about Sirius.

Outside Harry was pacing near the edge of the small lake that was in Severus' yard, angry tears streaming down his face. Charlie sighed softly and walked over to Harry, pulling the distressed teen into his arms and holding him tightly as Fred and George took Harry's hands.

"Don't worry 'bout him Harry."Fred said, smiling gently as Harry looked up at him.

"Yeah, he'll come around sometime. In the mean time we'll help things here."George said, making Harry nod his head.

"I just don't know what to do. He won't change and refuses to see the good in others."Harry said, burrowing his head in Charlie's chest.

"Don't worry Harry, everything will be alright soon."Charlie said, nuzzling Harry's hair.

Fred and George smiled to themselves, wondering when their brother would tell Harry how he felt about the teen. Everyone could see that the two were attracted to each other, but they refused to believe that the other was interested.

Upstairs Remus watched as Sirius stood by the window looking out over the grounds. He knew that his mate would take awhile to get used to the idea of the Malfoys being on their side....in fact he was surprised that so many already trusted them as he thought that it would have taken longer. Sirius sighed and ran a hand through his black hair, turning grey eyes on Remus and smiling lightly. Remus only raised an eyebrow at his lover as his amber eyes flashed lightly in warning, telling Sirius that he wasn't going to get off of the fight so easily.

"I just don't understand how Harry can trust them so quickly."Sirius said, walking over and sitting beside Remus on the bed.

"He can because he knows on how much distrust and hate is in the world already. Sirius, Harry can feel when people mean to harm and when they mean to heal. Why do you think he allowed them to become his friend's so quickly? Remember when he flinched away from Mad-Eye in fourth year?"He asked, watching as Sirius nodded. "That was because Crouch's son had taken over and his touched reeked of ill intentions. Harry can tell if someone is good, evil or neutral."

Sirius sighed and looked back out the window, his mind wandering. He knew that Remus was right, having remembered when the teen flinched away from the Dursley's and a few other people who turned out to be either Death Eaters or spies. Remus smiled gently and stood up, placing a gentle hand on Sirius' shoulder before leaving, knowing that the man needed time to think.


(Snape Manor, Harry age 18.)

Harry panted as he gracefully flopped down on the grass beside the lake, turning his head up to look at Lucius and Severus as they leaned against each other also panting. They had been testing on how well Harry was able to hold up against two well trained Death Eaters and were happy to see that he had beaten both of them within ten minutes. Harry smirked lightly and tossed Severus and Lucius their wands, before falling back so that he was lying down on the grass, closing his eyes and allowing the light wind to wash over him. Over the summers and school years Lucius and Narcissa had taught him about pure blood etiquette seeing as how Harry now belonged to the Black, Potter, and Dumbledore(they all found out that Albus was Harry's grandfather)line.

"Well done Harry, now later today we'll see if you can do it faster."Lucius said, smirking as Harry groaned and flung an arm over his eyes.

Severus smiled as he led the way into the manor, watching as Charlie walked past while heading over to Harry. Charlie gulped lightly and ruffled his hair lightly as he walked closer to Harry, wondering if his feelings would be returned or if he would be rejected. Unknown to him, nearly everyone inside was peering out the windows with smiles watching him. Harry blinked and moved his arm so that he was looking up at Charlie, confusion evident in his eyes.

"Did you need anything Charlie?"He asked, his eyes widening in wonder as Charlie bent down beside him.

"Close your eyes and trust me."Charlie said, smiling softly as Harry did as he asked without question.

Harry jerked lightly when he felt the faintest touch against his lips, opening his eyes only to see Charlie up close. He sighed as Charlie started to pull away, reaching up and wrapping his arms around Charlie's neck. Charlie blinked and smiled as he allowed Harry to pull him down; pressing another kiss to the younger mans lips.


Charlie laughed as Harry walked into the manor, shaking snow from his hair and shoulders while glaring at a laughing Ginny and Luna. They had thought that it would have been funny to douse anyone who was to come into the manor with a large amount of snow. Luna smiled as she danced away towards the library, leaving Ginny alone with Harry and Charlie. Charlie inched away when he saw the deadly look in Harry's eyes wondering what his boyfriend was thinking as Harry smirked. Ginny squealed as Harry launched himself at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her close to his soaking form.

"Harry! Let go of me you brute!"She yelled, causing Charlie to fall to the ground laughing as Harry finally let go of her.

Harry smiled brightly as Charlie spelled him dry before wrapping his arms around his waist, watching as Ginny ran upstairs to call one of her friend's. Charlie smiled as he led Harry into the den, already planning to take Harry on a trip with just the two of them.


(Five months after the final battle. Harry is 24)

Lucian and Gem sadly watched as Poppy and Severus tried to get Harry to react to their magic. The young man had been gravely injured during the final battle, wiping out all of his magic reserves in order to fully destroy Voldemort. Lucius had taught Harry to use his magic without use of any spells, but had warned him not to use all of it.

"Poppy, he's not taking our magic."Severus said, his voice strained as he looked at the young wizard.

"I know, but we need to try. Charlie and the others will be devastated if he doesn't pull through."Poppy said, though her eyes told another story.

The doors to the hospital wing opened revealing Charlie, Albus, Remus and Sirius. Charlie instantly rushed over to Harry's side, taking the pale hand in his own. Harry's skin no longer held the healthy tan, his eyes were close and he had lost a lot of the weight and muscle he had gained through training while his hair was lank against the pillow.

"How is he doing? Please tell me that he'll pull through."Charlie said, looking at Poppy with desperate eyes.

"He's not taking our magic, and any of the potions we give him hardly work."Severus said, choosing to be blunt instead of give the others a false sense of hope.

Charlie looked sadly at his boyfriend, before closing his eyes while Remus gently moved him away from the bed. Luna blinked slowly and turned to the darkened corner, her eyes swirling slowly as she gazed at Gem and Lucian. She had known about them ever since she had met Harry, and had kept it silent from the others since. Fred and George glanced to Luna before looking at the corner where she was looking, their eyes widening when Lucian and Gem walked out of the shadows.

"It's time, isn't it?"Luna asked, her eyes showing her sadness as she moved to the side to allow the two towards Harry.

Lucian nodded and took Gems hand as they stepped closer to the bed, not taking notice of the wands that were suddenly trained on them. Severus turned his head in sadness, while Fred and George placed a hand each on Charlie's shoulders to hold him back while Sirius made a move to stand in front of the way before Luna grabbed his arm.

"Who are you?"Remus asked, narrowing his eyes as the scent of death and warmth came from the man.

"I am Lucian and this is my daughter Gem."Lucian said, not taking his eyes off of his son.

"What do you want with Harry?"Molly asked, frowning when Lucian moved to one side of the bed while Gem went to the other side.

"We're here to collect him. It's time for him to go."Gem said, looking at her father.

"What do you mean collect him?"Narcissa asked, her eyes going to Harry as the young man stirred.

Luna sighed softly as Lucian turned to look at her before the large crowd, wishing that things would be different. He knew the reaction he would get when he told everyone who he was, and was willing to bet that a few people would try to make another deal with him.

"I am Death. The night before the attack that killed Harry's parents I went there. I found out that Harry is my son. Fate told me to spare his life while Lily made a deal with me."He said, wincing when nearly everyone started talking to him at once.

"What do you mean a deal?"Sirius asked, his eyes narrowed on Lucian.

"I was asked to keep Harry alive. I gave Harry 23 more years to live, enough to do what was asked of him."Lucian said, looking back at his son with worried eyes.

Charlie rushed over to Harry when Harry groaned softly, smiling gently at his lover. Harry blinked and smiled back at Charlie, though it was filled with pain. Lucian gently brushed a lock of hair away from Harry's face, watching as the limp strand fell back lifelessly.

"Is it time dad?"Harry rasped, his voice rough and strained.

"Yes it is Harry. There will be no more pain as long as I can help it."Lucian said, looking to the others.

Harry, with the help of Gem, was propped up on the pillows so that he could look at everyone. He frowned when he saw that nearly everyone was crying and that Fred and George looked as if they were shamed.

"We're sorry we couldn't protect you Harry."Fred said, shocking everyone who hadn't known about the deal.

"Yeah, we promised and yet we let you get hurt."George added, blinking when he felt a weak brush of magic against his own.

"Don't you dare blame yourselves. It was meant to happen and nothing could have stopped it. I knew that I would die but I am happy that I made the world slightly better. I want all of you to move on and don't be sad, though I know it's hard."Harry said, looking at Charlie when the red-head looked at him tearfully.

Charlie walked over so that he was standing beside Harry, watching as Harry smiled sadly up at him. He sighed and bowed his head, pressing his lips against his lovers for the last time. He knew that he would most likely never move on, but he made a promise to himself there that he would try. Slowly one by one everyone moved to hug Harry goodbye, telling him that they would remember him and rebuild the Wizarding World so that it would be better for everyone.

"I love you all, and don't forget that."Harry said, closing his eyes as Lucian and Gem placed their hands over his heart.

Charlie closed his eyes and buried his face into Molly's shoulder as Lucian and Gem slowly raised their hands, pulling out Harry's soul. Soon a smoky figure of Harry stood beside Lucian, looking at everyone with sad yet love filled eyes.

"Take care."He said, grabbing onto Lucians arm when his father held it out.

With that, Harry disappeared in a swirl of black, Gem following not a second later. Poppy slowly moved forward and pulled the sheet up and over Harry's body, the fabric settling so that Harry's outline was clearly seen beneath the white sheet.


A week later Harry was buried next to his parents, a carving of a wand and scythe crossing adorned his gravestone along with his name and birth. Hermione sobbed into Ron's chest as the redheaded man stared sadly at his mate's grave before turning his head. Bill had an arm wrapped around Charlie's shoulders while they both watched as the coffin was set into the grave. Severus looked on as Narcissa and Lucius bowed their heads, thanking the young man for showing them acceptance when others wouldn't. Draco and Luna held each other close as they cried silently, wishing that things could be different while Fred and George closed their eyes.


Harry was taken to an area which was between the afterlife and the human world. There was a huge building which seemed to be five Hogwarts smashed together. Death Angels and Reapers mingled around together, heading off to their dorms, towards the eating hall or off to do missions. Many Death Angels paused and smiled at Gem, before bowing to Lucian and waving at Harry.

"This is where everyone gathers when they're not reaping or hanging around the human world."Gem said, waving to a group of her friends.

"Death Angels are almost constantly training Reapers or other Death Angels. You'll be trained by myself and sent on some simple reaps before I let you and Gem go off on a mission that I've selected for you two."Lucian said, smiling when Harry looked at him with excitement.

Gem smiled as she took Harry's hand, pulling him along as she showed him the main rooms, explaining what each was for and also what time breakfast, lunch and dinner were. Harry found that things weren't too different from Hogwarts. Reapers and newly turned Death Angels were taught the rules of being what they were and were trained how to control their new powers.

Harry found out that Death Angels have three, forms. They had an animal form, their normal form and then their human form. He also learned that the feather's of their wings held different properties. If they willingly gave a human a feather, then that human would be protected from death for up to eleven years. Another thing was that the feathers held healing powers and their powers could be removed if a Death Angel so wished it, coupled with the fact that a Death Angel could be invisible or visible to humans in their normal form.


Gem knocked on the door to Harry's room, raising an eyebrow when she heard muffled cursing from behind the door. It had been six years in their time since Harry had started training, which ment that it had been only a year and a few months in the human world. Violet eyes widened when the door opened and revealed a disheveled and red faced Harry.

"What the hell were you doing?"Gem asked, moving into her brother's room when Harry moved to the side.

"Well I was getting dressed when you knocked which caused me to fall over."Harry said, running a hand through his shaggy black hair.

He had changed a lot since he had been turned to a Death Angel. His hair was no longer short, but reached past his shoulders but was still messy. He had managed to tame it and only used that to make it seem messier but a lot sexier. His eyes were a vivid, glowing emerald that could pierce through anyone's soul it seemed. His wings were a deep black tinted with emerald green, making it look like the feathers were dipped in poison. Surprisingly, he had kept his magic, which was a rare thing since when a witch or wizard died, their magic returned to the Earth.

"Come on Harry, Lucian wants us to check up on your humans before getting the mission from him."Gem said, smiling when Harry's eyes lit up at the possibility of getting to see the others.


Harry and Gem easily walked through Sirius and Remus' new home, looking around while listening for the two wizards. Lucian knew that Harry still longed to be with his friends, but had told his son that he couldn't be with them but could watch them. Harry had watched as Charlie slowly moved on, finding comfort and new love in a man named Alexander. Harry had been happy when he saw that Charlie had moved on, glad that his old lover had been able to get past the hurt.

He had watched as Hermione and Ron were married soon followed by Draco and Luna. Fred and George had gotten married not long after and had moved into their own home not far away from the Burrow. Ginny was still looking for love, but was on her since Dean started to court her. Severus was still single, and would most likely remain that way though Harry wished that the Potions Master would find someone to share his heart with. Sirius and Remus were married and had adopted a young girl named Angela, who was a werewolf.

Harry snapped out of his memories when he heard the sounds of quiet talking coming from behind the door which led to the library. He smiled as him and Gem walked through the wall, stopping when they saw Angela reading to Sirius while Remus read his own book nearby. Gem looked at Harry sadly when she heard her brother sigh softly, knowing that Harry longed to grab Sirius and Remus and hug them.

"Papa, you never told me how the hero died."Angela said, her voice snapping Remus, Harry and Gem from their musings.

Harry looked at Remus as the werewolf stiffened slightly while a flash of sadness flashed through both his and Sirius' eyes. Sirius looked at his black haired daughter and smiled sadly as he brushed a lock of hair away from her gold eyes.

"He died because of the war, but he did what he had to, he helped everyone."He said, looking up as Remus walked over.

"Is that why he's a hero?"Angela asked, her eyes shining with curiosity.

"Yes, and because he was strong, and fought for what he believed in. He was a brave man, but in the end he couldn't handle everything that fate had placed on him. He died peacefully and with the knowledge that he had saved everyone."Remus said, catching Sirius' eye.


Lucian looked up as Harry and Gem entered his office, smiling as they walked over and hugged him tightly. He blinked when he noticed the saddened look in Harrys eyes, frowning lightly as he framed his sons face with his hands.

"What is it Harry?"he asked, his voice soft as he looked at the young Death Angel.

"Angela was wondering about the hero and how he died. Remus and Sirius told her before sending her off to play."Harry said, closing his eyes.

"They started talking about Harry and what they had hoped to do."Gem added, wincing when Harry flinched at her words.

Lucian sighed and wound his arms around his son, wishing, not for the first time, that he had never had to take Harrys parents. He hadn't wanted to take Harry's soul, but because of Lady Fate and what she told him he had to. She was the one who told him who was to be taken and who was not. She was the one who knew who to make a Death Angel or a Reaper. Lady Fate was connected to the Earth, and the Earth whispered to her and only her.


"You two are now fully grown and ready for your mission. I, along with Lady Fate, have decided that you two are to go to Toledo Ohio and help Sam and Dean Winchester."Lucian said, letting go of Harry as he and Gem looked at him with shock.

"The two hunters? I thought Death Angels weren't supposed to help them or humans."Harry said, looking at Gem who nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes well, these two are special. Because you two have no quota to fill, I chose to give you this mission. Lady Fate agreed that it was the best choice as well. I should warn you though, while yes you will be helping them, don't be reckless."Lucian warned, sternly looking at his children as they nodded.

Harry and Gem hugged Lucian before hurrying back to their rooms to pack. Harry smiled softly, yet sadly as he packed an album of his friends and family from the human world. After ten minutes he met Gem in the main hall, nodding his head as he shrunk down both of their bags. Gem turned into a silver colored cat, while Harry turned into a large black colored dog. Gem hopped onto his back and clung on as he raced out of the doors and disappeared in a swirl of emerald green flames.


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