Disclaimer: I do not own Hannah Montana or anything else that I may use in this fanfic. Believe me if I owned HM it would be soooooo much better and probably wouldn't be on Disney.

Hey guys its Taylor and as you know I'm one half of the SheHasMyHeart Team. Ok let me explain this as you may recall I am a huge fan of WWE wrestling and I've been thinking of how to create a fanfic that involved both WWE and HM then, with some help from my girl Mandy, we thought of a way. How about we write a match between the main characters of my favorite shows. Basically it'll be Hannah Montana vs iCarly vs Wizards of Waverly Place. It'll be Miley Stewart vs Alex Russo vs Carly Shay and it'll also have their partners thrown in the match as well so you'll see Liley, Cam and Halex. Well before I ask if you guys want me to do it let me give you the storyline for it. Ok so here it is

Who will reign supreme?

Announcer: A rivalry that started out as strictly business…

(Shows Carly and Alex, with Harper standing behind her, in the ring looking at each other)

Alex: You want to face the champion? Well you have to get in line behind me.

Carly: Who gave you the right to decide who the challenger is? Besides the last time I checked I beat you in our match last week.

Alex: The simple fact that last week was a fluke and I am better than you, that's why.

Carly: Oh please, I can beat you anytime anywhere. In fact I can beat you right now.

Alex: Wanna bet?

Carly: Let's go (turns to the entrance and yells) GET A REF OU…. (Alex and Harper attack Carly while her back is turned and it turns into a beat down until Sam comes running in with a chair and run off Alex and Harper)

Alex: Carly you better feel lucky your girlfriend came an… (Sam interrupts)

Sam: How about you shut the hell up. Besides when was the last time you won without your little hoe right there helping you? (Sam points at Harper)

Alex: Don't you da… (gets interrupted by Hannah Montana's Rock Star and Miley and Lilly come out at the top of the entrance ramp)

Miley: Alex if you want a shot at this title(Miley points to the belt hanging on her shoulder) Then you have to prove that you're better than Carly because tonight you face her 1 on 1 and the winner will face me at Cyber Sunday in a fans pick the special referee match.

Lilly: And to make sure that Harper or Sam don't interfere they will face off tonight. In fact(Lilly looks at her wrist without a watch on it then looks up) That match is next.

Announcer: Turned into something personal

Announcer Jim Ross: Oh My Gawd Sam's setting Harper up for the Freddy Killer

(Shows Sam lifting Harper onto her shoulder about to set her up for the Widow's Peak [Victoria's finisher it's basically a high impact neck breaker])

JR: Wait what's she doing out here?

(Shows Alex coming down and pulling Harper off of Sam's shoulders and then she sprays hairspray into Sam's eyes)

JR: Oh no Sam can't see. Someone stop this.

(Harper goes and gets two chairs while Alex kicks Sam with the Knockout Spell (Round house kick to the back of the head with their opponent on their knees) then asks for a microphone)

Carly this is just a sample of what's going to happen to you tonight. (Alex says while Harper puts a chair under a face down Sam's head and hands Alex the other chair)

(Alex raises the chair up and brings it down crashing into the back of Sam's head rendering her unconscious. She is about to do it again until screams are heard from the fans and then Carly, Miley and Lilly slide into the ring as Alex and Harper run out. Then the paramedics come out and get Sam onto the stretcher and wheel her out of the ring with Carly following.)

Backstage with Sam getting put into the back of an ambulance

(Lilly comes running up to Carly who is about to get into the ambulance with Sam)

Lilly: Carly wait what about your match.

Carly: I don't care I'm going with Sam.

Lilly: But… (gets interrupted)

Sam: Carly go. (she says weakly then falls unconscious again)

Carly looks at Sam for a minutes while holding her hand then leans down and kisses Sam on top of her head.

Carly: Ok

Lilly: She'll be ok Carly (Lilly puts her hand on Carly's shoulder)

Carly: Don't touch me (Carly swats Lilly's hand away) How could you?

Lilly: What?

Carly: YOU knew they would do something like this and yet YOU set up the match anyway. (Carly pokes Lilly's collar bone every time she says 'you')

Lilly: Carly I had no idea I'm s…

Carly: Save it. I've got to get ready for my match. (Carly then pushes Lilly out of her way into the wall)

Lilly: Oww (Lilly looks at Carly with surprised yet sympathetic eyes)

Alex makes her way to the ring for her match

JR: This girl is sick and twisted. The way she set that whole thing up just makes me sick. (He says while Alex is on the turnbuckle waving at the audience)

Carly makes her way to the ring just staring at Alex

JR: This has just gotten personal.

(Carly just stands in front of the ring for a minute staring down Alex then runs in and immediately tackles Alex and starts punching her in the face.)

JR: Carly is full of emotion

(Carly throws Alex out of the ring and throws her into the steel steps)

JR: She is just thriving on the anger and hatred building inside

(Carly jumps onto the middle rope and springboards towards Alex and hits her in the back of the head with a flying clothesline causing Alex to get fall forward and hang her arms and head out of the ring on the second rope)

JR: Wait a minute here it comes the iSmack You.

(Carly runs to the opposite side ropes and bounces off and then runs and grabs the top and middle ropes and swings her body around hits a 619 (a swinging kick using the top and middle ropes and propelling yourself to swing around and kick your opponent in the face) causing Alex to fall back)

JR: This is it she can't afford a mistake now WOAH! (He says as Carly jumps and springboards off the top rope for a body splash on a standing Alex but Alex moves and pull the referee into her place causing Carly to knock out the ref.)

(Alex then spins Carly around and goes to punch her but Carly blocks it and pulls Alex's legs out from under her and then gets on top of her and starts punching her in the face again, then she goes and gets two chairs and throws them into the ring)

JR: Oh now all hell is about to break loose. Carly is going to get some payback.

(Carly sets up Alex the same way Sam was set up and was about to hit Alex in the back of the head with the chair until Harper comes running in and pushes Carly to the grounds then takes the chair that was under Alex's head and hits Carly with it then puts Alex on top of her.)

JR: No not this way. This match can't end this way NO! (he says as the ref goes over and counts 1…2…3 and rings the bell) Dammit.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and the #1 con… (she stops when Alex pushes the ref then tells Harper to set up Carly for the same move they did to Sam until Miley and Lilly come running to the ring and scare them off. Then Miley asks for the mic, while Lilly helps a still dazed Carly up.)

Miley: Hey you think you got off easy Alex? You may have won the match so you are going to face me at Cyber Sunday, I can't do anything about that but the General Manager told me I could do whatever I wanted tonight while he is gone. So yea you will face me, it's going to be you vs me vs CARLY!!! (Miley screams getting a huge cheer from the fans and a bitching fit from both Alex and Harper) in a triple threat fans choose the ref match. And you ca…

Carly: Get your damn hands off me!! (Carly says as she pushes Lilly away)

Lilly: Carly I'm sorry I didn't know they'd do th… (Lilly gets interrupted by Carly slapping her across the face)

Miley: Hey!! I know you're upset but NO ONE DOES THAT TO MY GIRL!! (Miley steps in front of Lilly to prevent her from going after Carly)

Carly: Screw you! (Carly pushes Miley giving Lilly the chance to go after her)

(The two girls pull, scratch and smack anything they can while Miley tries to pull them apart while Alex and Harper just sit and laugh at them.)

The next week

Carly is standing in the middle of the ring

Carly: I have a few things to say. First off Sam is fine she sustained a concussion but she will be absolutely fine. Secondly Lilly, Miley I'm sorry. I was emotional over what happened to Sam last week and I took it out on the wrong people. And thirdly, Alex we have a score to settle so get your ass out here now!!!

(WOWP theme comes on and Alex and Harper come out and stand at the top of the entrance ramp.)

Alex: What do you want Shay?

Carly: Why don't you come down to the ring and I'll tell you. (Alex and Harper start to walk down to the ring) WITHOUT your hoe. (Alex and Harper stop)

Alex: You know what no I'm perfectly comfortable right here.

Carly: Fine. (Carly says then she sees Alex laughing) You really think you pulled one over on me last week don't you? (Alex shakes her head and laughs more) Well tonight's my revenge.

Alex: Uhh no you can't lay a finger on me until next Sunday, so any thoughts of you fighting me 1 on 1 you can throw them away.

Carly: You're right I can't fight you 1 on 1 but no one ever said any about me facing you in a tag team match. (fans start to cheer and Alex starts to shake her head vigorously)

Alex: No you can't do that!!

Carly: Yes I can and I did. You wanna go around and take out your enemies love ones? You wanna hurt people that did nothing to you? Well go ahead but just remember Payback's A Bitch!! and tonight you get yours because it's you and Harper vs me and my partner the WWE Women's Champion Miley!! (Fans cheer as the iCarly theme hits and Harper tries to calm down a screaming Alex)

Later that night during the match

(Alex and Miley are in the ring fighting, with Harper on one corner and Carly in the other, with Miley trying to tag Carly in but Alex pulls her away by the leg)

JR: Alex trying to keep Miley from making the tag she's so close wait a minute.

(Miley gets to one foot with her other foot in Alex's hands then turns to face Alex then jumps and cracks Alex in the back of the head with her free leg, allowing her to tag in Carly and she immediately runs in and hits Harper and she falls off the ring then goes and starts punching and smacking Alex.)

JR: Oh my Lord, Carly is still going strictly on emotion. Oh my god what a kick.

(Carly kicks Alex in the stomach then she grabs the back of her head and drives her knee into her face causing Alex to turn her back to Carly, then she drop kicks Alex in the back causing her to fall onto the middle rope setting herself up for Carly's iSmack You. Carly goes and bounces off of the ropes and hits the kick, but as she goes to jump off the top rope Harper grabs her foot but she catches herself then jumps off the ring and kicks Harper in the face.)

JR: Wow what a move

(While that happened Alex got up the starts watching what Carly did to Harper then sees Carly coming back into the ring

JR: Here comes Carly back into the ring. Wait a minute

Alex sees this so she turns to run but sees Miley standing there about to hit her with the Pop Star Kick (Roundhouse kick to the face) but she ducks causing Miley to accidentally kick Carly in the face

JR: Oh my god Miley accidentally kicking her own partner

(Then Alex pushes Miley out of the ring then goes and covers Carly as the ref counts 1…2…3 and the bell rings)

JR: Dammit one little miscommunication and Alex and Harper pick up the win.

(Miley comes back into the ring to check on Carly and helps her up but Carly pushes Miley to the floor)

Miley: Carly I'm sorry it was an accident.

Carly: I was trying to hit that bi… (gets interrupted by Lilly coming in and shoving her out of the way)

JR: Where did Lilly come from?

Miley: Lilly stop!

(Carly and Lilly keep fighting while Miley tries to pull them apart. She finally gets them separated but then from behind Alex comes in and Miley in the back of the head with the title belt then runs out of the ring and up the ramp and all Carly and Lilly can do is stare at the evil girl then at each other, then down at Miley, who is out cold. Lilly then kneels down to check on her while Carly tries to get some medics out to the ring.)

JR: Oh come on that was uncalled for. Carly got screwed, Miley is knocked out. How is this going to affect the title match next Sunday? And another factor will be added in who is going to be the special referee? Well we'll find that out next Sunday so until then, that's all for tonight we'll see ya next week.

So how did you like the promo? I know it'll be confusing for those of you who don't watch wrestling but this is something both Mandy and I want to try. So should we do it? And if we should who do you want to be the special referee. I have 3 choices that I will put onto a poll and you guys will have to vote for them. If you want you can google the 3 people and see who they are but if you watch WWE you will know who they are.

So here are the choices the names in the ( ) you can put into the google search engine for better results for pics. 1. Lita (Amy Dumas) 2. Trish Status 3. Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon).

So I'm going to put up a poll the question will be should we do this match and if you choose yes then choose one of the choices to be special ref. Please vote.

Oh one more thing for those of you who are reading You Belong With Me. If you're worried this will interrupt the story it won't because Mandy and I will finish You Belong With Me before we work on this match. So please tell us if we should or not.

Well that's it for this one the poll should be up shortly and please vote everyone counts. Oh and Chapter 16 of You Belong With Me will be out by at least Tuesday but I will try my best to post it tomorrow. So until next time I'm Taylor and this has been a SheHasMyHeart Team Production. C ya.

P.S. the surprise Mandy told you I had for you guys and her I will reveal it in the next Chapter of You Belong With Me. I Love You Mandy.