I quickly spun around and looked at the beautiful Grandfather clock in the corner. It was eight forty-five. I had to be at the main house in at least five minutes or Alice would murder me. Mom and Daddy had left half an hour ago, while I finished getting ready. It was Halloween, and for the first time the Cullen house was open for trick or treating and partying. It was supposed to be busy, because a new development was underway right down the road, and it was filled with teenagers and children.

Mom was amazed that people actually would live here. In the middle of nowhere. But Daddy claimed it was the rich folks from Seattle, taking their big boats they never used to the river. I guess he was right. But I thought big, rich communities spoiled the adorable purity of Forks and the river. I mean, not like we weren't considered rich or anything, it's just out house was classic. And it fit its location well. And it was one of the few houses close to the water, so, if anything, it added to the ambiance of the river.

I did a quick check of my over-the-top costume. It was a glittery purple dress with a skirt that to my mid-thigh. Underneath, I had purple fishnets, and purple shoes to match. I had done my makeup on my own, practically prying myself away from Alice a few hours ago, but she still gave me the basic layout of what she wanted. It was just what I was thinking, so she let me do it. The mounds of glitter around my eyes would be irritating soon, and later I would end up unknowingly picking it off, so I got a move on. I grabbed my purple fairy wings off the coffee table and was just about to proceed to put them on, when I had second thoughts. My speed of travel plus the forest would probably rip the fragile polyester to shreds. So I just tucked them under my arm and would put them on when I got to the house. I made my way out the door, closing it gently behind me. I listened for a bit, before making a move into the forest. It was just sort of a habit that Daddy had taught me to do, before going anywhere alone. Silly, overprotective vampire. I heard nothing but the sounds of the forest at night. Small animals with the occasional big one, all running around on the vast forest floor. I gripped my wings tighter before taking off. I knew my way to the house by heart, I could probably run the trail in my sleep.

The night, I realized, was kind of chilly, despite my oddly warm skin, I could feel the icy breeze. I ignored that and continued to run. My vision at night was not as clear as a full vampire's, but it was clear enough for me not to need any source of light. As I matured, my vampiric senses became more keen. I just turned six now, but I would be fully grown in about a year, so that was kind of cool to think about. I don't know how humans can bear growing so slow. It's time-consuming enough for me and I grow much faster.

I ran for about two minutes when I saw the light of the house through the trees. I hopped the river in two bounds, landing a boulder in the middle if the water in between; because it was still a little hard for me to leap the entire width of the river, and I didn't want to risk it tonight. I jogged around the house and up the front porch. Then, noticed the decorations.

Oh. My. God.

The entire house looked amazing, to put it plainly. The porch railings were draped with fake spider webs, entwined with orange and black twinkle lights and little fiber optic strings that changed color. On each the steps were two beautifully carved Jack-O-Lanterns on the both sides, the faces ranged from menacing to joyful, all with flickering candles inside. At the top of the steps was a massive, life sized cauldron, filled to the top with all kinds of candy, including king-sized chocolate bars and lollipops. I stared in amusement as I opened the door to the house, where a huge, steel doorknocker had been bolted. When I opened the door i was confused. The room was black as pitch and there was no one in sight.

"Mom?" I called meekly. There was no answer.

"Daddy?" I called again into the darkness, as I fumbled for a light switch.

"Yes?" A strange voice answered from somewhere in the darkness.

I jumped as the lights went on and I saw where the voice had come from.

Mom, Daddy, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper were all posed in various positions on the staircase. When I looked up saw that Alice had somehow managed to get herself upside-down on an unfamiliar chandelier. At first, I didn't get it. Then, I looked more closely. Their costumes consisted of capes, puffy shirts, long black dress, and chokers. Their faced were painted with some sort of white paint, and globs of red goo were at the corners of their lips, as if looked like they had just gone hunting. And in their mouths were sets of long, freaky-looking teeth that were clearly plastic. Fangs. As I examined my family in their statue-like poses and costumes, it clicked. And I suddenly started to laugh uncontrollably. They were all dressed as vampires.