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I sat down carefully next to the candy cauldron on the porch steps, not wanting to ruin my costume. I continued to listen to the tractor rumble down the drive till it got to the end, near the road. I heard a bang, then Carlisle say, "Don't break it!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Leave it to Emmett to try to break the tractor. Speaking of Emmett, I turned around to face the little camera, hidden in some fake cobwebs. I deliberately waved at it and made a face. I then focused my attention on the simply gorgeous cauldron of candy at my side. There must have been thousands of pieces of candy in that thing. Without hesitation I dug my hand into the mounds of plastic. The wrappings crinkled and cracked under my greedy grasp. I pulled out a handful of sugary goodness and placed it on the top step. Smarties was the first candy I saw, so Ipicked it up and twisted the plastic open. I popped a few tiny morsels in my mouth and began to chew slowly. The candy tasted delicious. Mom wouldn't let me have too much sugar, even though it wouldn't really do much to my health. She just thought it would be a bad habit. Oh well, it was Halloween. I finished the rest of the candies within seconds, and was just about to pick up an Almond Joy when a sudden, excited, familiar howl ripped through the night, causing me to jump four feet into the air.

"Shit!" I yelped quietly, not meaning to curse. My feet landed on the top step, causing my handful of candies to fly in all directions. The howl came from just a few feet away, and I looked in the darkness to see a pair of eyes staring back at me. I scowled back as the eyes faded, and were replaced by a pair of dark, very human ones. I watched as Jacob Black walked toward the porch and gave me a mock disappointed look.

"What was that little miss?" He said, trying to hide his joking tone. I smiled back innocently.

"Noffin…" I squeaked back at him. He glared again, his eyes bright.

"Are you sure?" He questioned me.


"Well… I DON'T THINK SO!" Jake said as he rushed up to me at full speed. I screamed playfully and cringed away from his fast approaching embrace. He took me quick but gently into his warm arms and spun me in a small circle. I giggled. Jake plopped me down again and his eyes grew wide when he took in the candy cauldron to his right. He looked at me incredulously.

"Seriously?" He asked. I nodded elatedly.

"Sweeeeeeet!" Jake said, digging his fists into the candy. I giggled again as he started wolfing down piece after piece of sugary goodness. I grabbed his wrist and he stopped in mid bite.

"Don't eat it all!" I snickered. He took one more loud chomp and I rolled my eyes.

"Fiiine, I'm dwonee." He said, his words muffled from the candy.

"You'd better be." I responded with another giggle. There was just something about Jake that had me constantly smiling and laughing. He was just so happy. I loved him to death. If Jacob wasn't in my life, my life would be a dark, depressing place. I looked at him unthinkingly and smiled again. He wasn't looking. He was still getting some candy out of his teeth. He must have sensed my eyes on him because he looked at me and smiled back. And for some reason, when he did, I got all warm and fuzzy. My heart took off. My face tingled and I looked away… embarrassed? Jake was my best friend ever, it was Halloween night, and I was embarrassed when he smiled at me?

What is this feeling so sudden and new? I felt the moment laid eyes on you…

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