Thump thump. That was the sound of Tony Dinozzo's pounding heart, intensifying with every minute that passed by. Every minute that he let pass by.

Thump thump. His heart raced a mile a minute. The fear in his eyes becoming more and more evident as he pounded his foot on the gas pedal.

Gibbs and Agent McGee had insisted he wait for their back-up before charging in the old,abandoned building. Gun blazing,not knowing what to expect. He didn't care at that point. All he could think of was the malicious, bastardly terrorist that had already killed two federal officers,and three bystanders along the way. Who, if Tony was too late, had killed Ziva.

Tony raced out of his car, gun in hand, with a back-up one behind his back,covered by his jacket. Ignoring Gibbs' order,he charged in. Unsure of what he was getting himself into, sweat dripped from his face like a waterfall of terror.

"Federal Officer!" he yelled, suddenly feeling the regret in his spoken words. "Nice one, Dinozzo. Alert the psychotic killer that you've come to mercilessly take him into custody. I'm sure he'll just hand over Ziva and handcuff himself while admitting to his endless crimes," he whispered to himself,now going into panic mode.

He searched the building endlessly, to what seemed to have become a maze, when he finally found Ziva. Lying unconscious on the ground. Drenched in blood. Tony stood there, shock and dread flowing through him. If she wasn't already dead, she was sure close to it. "Ziva," was all he could manage to choke out. He began to glide over to her when he suddenly came to a halt, feeling the rear-end of a gun at the back of his head.

"I would not do that if I were you," the voice threatened in his ears. Rendering him to the ground, the terrorist jabbed the butt of the gun into Tony's face. He stood over him, pointing the gun to his chest. "And now you will die, just like the bitch. I do have to say, for a chick she put up a bit more of a fight than you."

"Well I haven't had my coffee jolt this morning," Tony retorted as he smirked while still obviously in pain, "So you'll have to excuse me Mr. Terrorist. I'm not quite in game yet."

Bashing Tony's face in again, he grasped the gun, while plastering a devilish grin on his face. "Too bad you didn't have that coffee smart-ass, you might've stood a chance. But sadly I guess we will never know."

And Tony's world faded to black as he realized the trigger had been pulled.

As he realized a gunshot went off.