Nothing is as it Seems



Disclaimer: I don't own the Twilight Saga Stephenie Meyer does.

Summary: Edward and Bella were high school sweethearts, however something happened that tore them apart. Bella transfers to Dartmouth, moving in with her sister, Alice, and her brother-in-law, Jasper. What she runs into is the last thing she expected. Will Bella get the answers she's been looking for?

Nothing is as it Seems

Chapter 1: New Home

Bella sighed as she loaded the last box into her room. "That would be the last of it," she informed. She looked up when Jasper came in. "Thanks for letting us move in," she commented.

"No worries, your sister was begging," he teased.

Alice smiled as she walked in, hugging her sister. "It'll be great to have you and Nessie here," she commented. Bella winced.

"Please stop calling her that, I didn't name her that when the nurse asked me what I'm naming her," she sighed.

Jasper laughed when a two-year-old ran in. "Mama mama!" She called, wrapping her arms around her mother's legs.

She had waist-length curly bronze colored hair, green eyes, she was wearing little white sneakers, blue jeans, and a purple t-shirt.

Bella lifted her up with a smile. "Do you like your new room Renesmee?" She asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

In the two-year-old's arms was a stuffed wolf, a gift from Bella's friend, Renesmee's godfather, Jacob. "Yeah we'll enjoy living with Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper won't we?" She asked. The toddler nodded beaming. "Without putting her in frilly dresses," Bella added.

"You ruin all the fun," Alice whined.

Jasper laughed slightly, shaking his head. "Jazz help me out here," Bella pleaded. Jasper held his hands up.

"Nope, you guys can handle this," he chuckled, leaving the room.

"Chicken," Bella muttered.

He continued laughing as he walked away. "Where is he taking off to in such a hurry?" Bella asked curiously.

"You know Jazzy, he never misses a history class," Alice replied, leaning against the doorframe.

"True," Bella agreed smiling.

Renesmee was resting her head on her mother's shoulder, her eyes drooping a little. "It's about time for someone's nap isn't it?" Bella asked.

"No nap," the toddler muttered.

Bella smiled, kissing the top of her head. She carried her daughter into her room, setting her down on her bed. "You dream sweet dreams," she whispered to her daughter, stroking her hair. Renesmee smiled a little before falling asleep with the stuffed wolf clutched in her arms.

"Renesmee wasn't really happy about leaving Forks was she?" Alice asked quietly as Bella left the room.
"No, Jake wasn't either, but you know I would like to get my degree. I only planned on staying in Forks until she was two before I was able to transfer out of the community college and into Dartmouth," she replied sitting down.

Alice nodded and sat down on the couch. "How have you been doing?" She asked. Bella glanced at her.

"I'm doing better honestly. You know, it's not like I'm seventeen and I'm going to lie in bed and cry over and over for him," she replied.

Alice rested her hand on her sister's shoulder. They looked up when the door opened. "I hear my two baby sisters are here," a familiar voice commented.

"Hey Emmett," Bella answered, standing up.

She walked over and let out a shriek when he lifted her up off the floor, swinging her around. "Man it's been a long time," he commented, setting her down on the floor.

"Yeah, well, you and Rosalie stopped coming back to Forks after the wedding," she answered, playfully punching his shoulder.

Rosalie smiled a little. "Hey Bella," she greeted.

"Hey," she answered.

Bella was surprised when Rosalie suddenly hugged her, after a few minutes she hugged her back before Rosalie pulled away. "Where's that little niece of mine?" Emmett asked.

"She's in her bedroom, she finally went to take her nap," Bella answered.

"Damn," Emmett muttered, sitting down.

Rosalie rolled her eyes a little. "Well, he has been attached to Nessie since the day she was born," she pointed out. Bella winced, wishing everyone would stop calling her daughter by that nickname. Everyone sat down and started catching up on everything.

"What have you and Rosalie been up to?" Bella asked curiously.

"Well, Emmett's been coaching the high school football team and I'm still working at the daycare," Rosalie replied.

Bella smiled, Emmett and Rosalie had gotten married right out of high school three years ago. A year after that, Jasper and Alice had their own wedding. Jasper was going to college with a history major and Alice was going for fashion designing. They all grew up in Forks together, Emmett, Bella, and Alice's parents were good friends to the Cullen family. "Actually, Rosie and I have an announcement," Emmett informed.

Bella snapped out of her daydream and looked up. "Wanna tell them Rosie?" Emmett asked. Rosalie now had the biggest smile on her face.

"We're having a baby," she announced happily.

Alice shrieked and ran over to hug her. "Yay! Another baby!" Alice exclaimed happily.

"Alice! Renesmee's sleeping," Bella scolded lightly, but smiling.

She got up from her chair with a smile. "Congratulations," she told them, hugging them both.

"Thanks Bells," Emmett answered.

Rosalie let out a sigh of relief. "How far along are you?" Bella asked.

"About eight weeks now," she replied happily.

Bella smiled a little, seeing the glow in Rosalie as she started talking about her pregnancy. She glanced over at the room where her daughter slept. Her smile faded a little. "If only I was as happy as Rosalie is," she thought to herself. She sat back down and started joining in with the conversation about the pregnancy and what Emmett and Rosalie's plans were.