Bella: OMG that guy is soo mysterious

Edward: must not kill clumsy girl........ STAY AWAY FROM ME!!

Bella: Why doesnt he like me??? * crys *

Edward: Whaaaa what is this new emotional feeling ….. oh no I am turning into a STALKER * follows Bella's every move *

Bella: YAY Edward likes me now * does the happy dance *

Edward: Follow me I have something to show you

Bella: Ok …................. I know what he is he is sooo cool

Edward: Bella I am a …. * Is interrupted by Bella *

Bella: I know what you are

Edward: say it say it out LOUD

Bella: your the muffin man!!

Edward: I wish he is soo cool .. I mean no

Bella: what are you then a vampire * says in a sarcastic tone *

Edward:Well yer pretty much

Bella: well it wasnt what I was expecting but ok..........BITE ME EDWARD!!

Edward: No that is unacceptable.....BUT I DO SPARKLE!!

Bella; Ohhhh I love sparkels show me NOW * jumps up and down

Edward: * shows sparkles * lets go to meet my family

Bella; ok

a few hours later

Edward: Hi fake family I have turned into a stalker and this is my stalkee

Bella: Hi Edwards family......... I LOVE SPARKLES

Rosalie: I hate you your so pretty

Alice: I am going to ruin your life with my excessive shopping habits


Emmett: Hi I think I am strong but I am not

Carlisle: Ohh another test experiment BRILLIANT

Esme: Go away stop leaving footprints on my perfectly clean floor

Bella: * leaves *

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