Jeremy Kyle vs Naruto the epic fight TO THE DEATH!

Jeremy Kyle was boored he was citting in his studio angry shouting but stil bored. But he got so boored ppl were angry and he fell into NARUTO LAND! Then he got hit by kunai. WHO SHOOT ME WITH KUNAI? CREAMED JEREMAY KYLE!! I did lol saiad Naruto and siadd SHADOW CLONE JUTSU! Suddenly, ther wer millioms of Narutos lol. Jeremey Kyle glared at them and they EXPLODERIZED! HOW COME YOU CAN KIL MAH SHADOW CLONES!!! Naruto outed. Jeremy Kuyle was lik PWNED and then Naruto creamed KAMEHAHAMERHAR and lazor happned. Jeremy kyle dogged the atk but was two late and asploded + tuned into DEAD KAKASHI. NO WHY KAKASHI NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO creaned Naruto and then flew into outar space, then asploding tjhe world. OH NOE IT IS 9 TALIS SCREMED THE PPL and then sent MASTAR CHEIF to atk it. BUT 9 TALIS WSA 2 STRONG + CHEIF EXPLODED. But then dead Kyle becam alive + shot beams + stuf at NARUTO 9 Talis!! THEWN THER BEAMS METT AND EXPLOADED THE WURRLD AGAIN AND PPL DIESD!!!!! Then jeremay kuyle woke up aqnd saw it was adream and felt happy!