Proffessor Layton and the lazer beams of death and the robots and the aliens

Profesor Laytron and Luk wer walking down a road wen out of nowere came a lazer beam. O no professor said luke it is a lasser! We Must Get To The Botom Of This Mystary! Said LAyrton! So they chased after the laser and catched upo witjh it. Intreeging Siad Laytron it is a aileen laser!! What is an aileen laser aksed Luke well it is a lasser from AILEENS said laytron!!!! Yay lets get reward said Luke so they went and got REWARD FOR BIG MONEY!! BUT THEN ROBERTS SAW THE LASSER AND ATTAKED THEMM!!!! OH NO IT IS AILEEN ROBERTS SIAND THE PROFesSOR!!!! LAYTRON THRWE HIS HATT AT AILEEN ROBERTS AND EXPLOADED!! NO PROFESOR SAD LUEK!!!!!!!! THEN AILEEN ROBERTS SHOT WEPON AT LUK AND LUK DIESD AND EVRY1 WSA SAD AND THEN AILEEN ROBERTS SHOT AILEEN ROBERTS LAZER!!! AND WURLD EXPLODE"!!!!