Team Fortress 2 and sonic the hedgehog The final battle

One fine day at 2fort, Red Hheavey was practising targets practise. Suddenly, ther was EXPLOSION and Heavey wsa kills by BLU DEMOMAN!!! Then sentry ewas firing at BLU but then it was sappd by Spy who thren saped ENGINEER!!! Then Heavey respwned and had whol team on side but then BLU spy BAKSTABED THEm! But PYro was still alive (lol PORTAL lol) and accidentally the spy but then BLU hevaey deliberately thepyro and then EXPLOSION! O NOE shouted the solider! WE ARE IN SPACE TIM PROBLEM!!! NOE EVRYON WILL DIEE!!! And then out o0f space tim came tghe CHAOS EMERALDS!!! RED Heavey picked up CHAOS EMERALDS and becam SUPER HEAVEY whic is lik uber but mor POWARFULL. AND SHINY!! Then BLU started shotting, but theuy were two late! The cowntdaown had bewgun! But then out of space tim came SONICK AND TALIS AND KNMUCLEES AND SHADOOW AND ROGEE AND EGMAAN AND EVRYOEN ELSE!!! SONIK did a home ing attck and it was lik in Sonik Heros lol and everybody EXPLOADE!

And then sonickk and heavey piked themslevs up and the CHAOS EMERALSDS droped to te flor and EXPLOADXED! Sonik said you killd chaos emeralbs and heavey said OH NOW! and then thye began THE FINAL:L BATTEL!

Two bee continud! This final battel wil be grate, no?