Gunstar Heroes the epic battle between Red Blue Yello Orange Black Green and Golden Silver

Yellow was lik thers a spy in the bace and Red and Blue attacked the spy but it was two late and the spy becam Green who used 7force to atk Red and Blue and Yellow who triad two help. But blue + Red +yello combines and made specialt Robert lazer and shoot 7force but greenb attked them also. Then Orang + Balk used TREASUER AND MEGALIFE TO SHOT GOLDEN SILVA!!!! Then Orange Golden silva black green atked Red Blue Yello Robert who used Red Blue Green combines power and Blow up golden silva who came black to life to use Black Orange green Yello Red Blue to atk Robert lazor. Robert lazor EXPLODE but shoot Blue Yello Red at goldern silver black orangr green but green usd SEVERYN FORK TO ATLK BLACK AND TURNED GOOT!!! Then Oranger ASPLODERED AND BLACK DIED AND GOLDEN SILOVER DIED ALSO!!! THEN THEY ONE!!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!!!