Hey everyone, thanks for the support on the last chapter, it means so much to me. Also, thanks for, like, not killing me 'cause it was like a year ago that I last updated it. So in this tale we are up to where Halt, Horace and good ol' Gil are making their way towards the oncoming trouble!

As they disembarked the boat Halt let out a sigh of relief, it felt good to have solid ground beneath his feet. The last hours of the boat ride had been far worse than the beginning of the trip; the winds had increased and with that, the size of the waves. They had crashed over the railings convincing Halt and his two companions that they would die.

The port was exactly as Horace remembered it, small and large boats alike crowded into the large port, rocking harshly on the waves, seagulls still soared overhead, wanting what scraps they could find from offering men cleaning that days catch, the heavy rain was no worry for them. However, the rain had driven the men who repaired he boats for a living to their warm homes shrouded in the exciting exotic scents that both thrilled and seduced the senses. But still there was the constant buzz of the ports lesser inhabitants that begged for a spare coin from whoever passed by them.

Gilan had finished paying the boat master and they were on their way. They twisted and turn throughout the town's streets and alleys until Horace was convinced they had been in circles. But, from previous experience he knew that the expanse of the ever oncoming streets would end and eventually give way to a cross road. The first time he and Halt had travelled here, they had turned left, veering into the centre of the country, however this time, they continued straight ahead.

The ride was quiet, for one, the two younger men had no idea how to interact with the grizzled ranger anymore, but mainly because of the sullen weather. The closer they approached the Stormwhite Sea, the heavier the rain became until it gave way to a full fledge storm. The constant flashes of light and the skies groans that accompanied the light show soon spooked the horses, forcing them to take refugee from the violence of the storm in a small run down barn.

They soon unpacked their horses and bedded them down for the night. Not unlike the ride, the impromptu camp was also quiet, the mood of the weary travellers matching the gale outside. They ate a simply meal of cold meat and tough bread, topped with dried fruit and washed down with the pleasant flavour of water that had been in a water skin bag for two long.

With no warm fire and no warm group enthusiasm, the group was as interesting as a cricket; in fact they could hear one chirruping in the hay that smelled of mould from the water that leaked through the roof, the cricket making the awkward silence more noticeable. One young ranger tried to change the atmosphere with a riveting conversation about the mission, his plan had a less than effective outcome.

"How long before we reach the Stormwhite?" Gilan asked his former teacher.

"A few days at least." Halt replied, "Goodnight." He got up, stretched and walked over to his horse, tempted by the warmth Abelard would bring.

"Don't you want first watch?" Horace asked. Halt had always had first watch; Halt liked to sleep the entire night through after his three hour watch. Halt looked at the boy in surprise.

"Why bother, no one will be out in weather like this." To illustrate his point, water leaked through the roof and landed on Horace's head. Halt continued to move towards his horse, missing the look that passed between Horace and Gilan.

Halt had always demanded someone be on watch, 'you never know when someone's behind you, watching your every move' he would always say. So there had always been a watch, no matter the circumstances, rain or clear stary night. But Halt had become lazy since 'The Incident' as they called it, and this worried Gilan most of all. A ranger who didn't do the work and who didn't look out for every possible threat was just a useless as a getting Horace to shut up about the current accommodations.

"I will never get to sleep in this place." Horace complained.

Case and point, Gilan thought. Case and point.

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