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Integra stood tall before a full length mirror combing her long, silky, blonde hair. She listened to the thunder outside as it serenaded her. The rain gently tapped about the roof soothing her. The vampire's presence loomed over her just as the dark clouds that night. Far too into her thoughts, she did not feel his eyes descend upon her as she laid down the brush, and turned to face her bed. She stared at a painting above where she slept as she removed her jacket, setting it aside lazily on a nearby chair. She walked beside her bed, removed the cross she wore and kissed it before setting it down upon her nightstand. Integra focused on the cross as she began to unbutton her blouse. Alucard had materialized himself in the corner of her room, stalking her, desiring her.

"Integra…" His strong voice echoed through her bedroom. "Allow me to appreciate your beauty upon this night."

Her shoulders tensed as she nearly jumped as his voice was heard. Her right hand closed the blouse over her chest, her once relaxed expression turned to a cold, hard stare as she turned and looked at him. The vampire ran his long tongue around his lips, and smiled wide. His fangs shined as the lightning illuminated the room.

"How dare you watch me undress." She hissed.

Alucard began to step toward her, slowly, never taking his eyes off of her. His gaze fell to her chest where her hand covered her body. "Mmm.." he whispered, nearing closer. "When will you allow me to hold you, Integra?" His voice purred. She took a step back, her boot's heel hitting her bed. Frantically she began to button her shirt back up to her neck. "I want you as my lover.." The beast continued on.

She turned around, facing the window, watching the looming trees come forth, scratching against the glass. She felt trapped, he felt her blood run fast and warm. For a moment as she saw herself through the reflection of the window, as the lightning granted her the sight, she wondered just who she was anymore. Was she the same woman? Integra found herself desiring Alucard more and more as she matured, her body reacted to the sight of him when they were alone now. She had never touched a man, worse still, this was no man. This was a walking corpse with a soul that held hundreds of years filled with crime, torment, and darkness. Even death did not defeat him. How would she resist when she uncontrollably had attraction toward that smile he had, the one not even a devil could muster. She knew the arrival of Seras Victoria was only to fill her with envy, tempt her.

Suddenly, she could hear him walk closer, she touched the gun at her waist, and he grabbed her wrist. She gasped and turned her head to see his face a somber mood, looking at her with a begging stare. Integra knew she must resist him. Her duty depended upon it, her life, her honor, her god. If she were to have a man it would be one who lived, she told herself. Her mind raced, she wanted, and she tried to display anger, but the years and the fact he stood within death made him keen to her unseen sensitivity. The way her blood pulsed, the way her eyes tried to change, the way she breathed…how it made him want to beg for her..

"Alucard, stop this, now. I will not have you in bed." She spoke, teeth clenching, her hand making a fist.

"Then I will have you elsewhere, Integra" He replied with a snicker.

"Get the bloody hell off of me, and out of my presence, you pig."

His mouth opened, as if his jaw were dying to drop. Her entire body had tensed as she insulted him so coldly. He wished to romance her, force her, anything to change her ways of refusal. "Yes, as you command, my Master." Alucard's voice lacked it's usual strength and arrogance. She paid no notice, the anger, the frustration consumed her. He let go of her wrist, closed his mouth, and faded into the dark, lonely basement. It seemed now as if the thunder laughed at him, cursed him. Oh, how he dreamed of her, from body to blood..

As the next day dawned, the sky was still a bleak shade of grey. After the usual expected routine, she made her way into her lonely office. She tried with haste and effort to keep the vampire off of her mind. She had far more important things to take care of. The computer she now stared at showed evidence of a new threat to her country. She received several digital images of corpses that bared punctures upon their dead, white necks. Something which would disturb one's morning was simply mundane to Integra. She lit a cigar as written details scrolled up. One, single, true, real vampire was suspected to be the cause of these grisly deaths. Her soldiers would be sent, they found nothing, of course.

She begrudgingly summoned Alucard as morning turned to afternoon. He was surly not who she wanted to speak with at the moment, but business is business. She sat tall and called out his name. As he stepped out from the shadows, he bowed his head to her.

"Yes, Master?" He said neutrally, looking in her direction. It would seem he looked behind her..

"Have a look at these photographs. My men have found no hints to the actual vampire. This lead is anonymous, but it has told me the work is of your kind." She explained dryly.

"Bah, my kind…Master,-"

She did not let him have his word in. "Please investigate this and report back to me. Finish your rest and go tonight." She looked down at the letters on her desk, beginning to open one. Alucard lingered for a moment before leaving her. She sighed, feeling a slight sensation of agony. "Goddamn you, Monster." Integra whispered to herself, shaking her head. The hours passed slowly that day…

Just as she were about to leave her work for the night and have dinner, a knocking came at her office doors. With the emotions Integra had been feeling, the last thing she wanted was to be disturbed. She lit a cigar as she heard Walter's kind voice from the other side. "Sir Integra, there is a visitor here to see you urgently." She took a moment to savor the tobacco before replying, and allowing this visitor in.

There stood a tall, fair skinned man, with deep brown hair past his shoulders, striking emerald eyes, wearing an expensive looking black suit. He had flawless posture as he walked into the room. Walter shut the door, the man put one arm behind him and one in front, bowing before her, his eyes at the ground she looked on. "A pleasure, Lady Hellsing." The man said, his voice was seductive and raw, but incomparable to Alucard's depth and charm. "I ask of your aid. Have you received the photos and information I mailed you?"

"Rise." She spoke, watching as he faced her. "The photographs to my computer? I have them. It is being taken care of. Who are you?" Her cold voice gave him chills.

"My name is Dimitri Mihailov. Please address me as Dimitri, Miss Hellsing. Those photographs, they are of my family." He answered her with respect, and dignity.

She broke a smile. "A large family." The Red Mob she suspected. "…but that is of no concern to me, what kind of family they are."

"Blood and brotherhood, Miss. I feel I may be a target." He expressed with a slight tilt of his head.

She looked upon him, up and down, directly into his eyes. She motioned a hand for him to come forth, and put out her cigar. He was a work of art, desire filled faintly as her eyes examined Dimitri. She glanced over to the clock, Alucard had likely gone on his mission by now. He would surly be unhappy, had he sensed what she felt as this man sat in the chair before her.

"Now why would a vampire want to kill of these people, including yourself? Mister…excuse me, Dimitri, I cannot make sense out of this. Enlighten me. I do have dinner to attend." Personal desire aside, Integra found this situation quite unique and somewhat of interest.

"My intention is not to waste your time. I am unsure of the reasons. I know what I have seen and it is that a mad butcher with fangs has taken those lives. I am tied to them." He seemed slightly begging of her.

She smirked again at him, raising her eyebrows. A vampire giving a damn about organized crime? Well, who was she to make such a judgment, her father hid one in the basement. She supposed a vampire could be a contract killer, but for what currency? What could case such a mess?

"I hear it wanted virgins… I heard rumors from the family of a vampire. I did not believe such a thing. I transported weapons, Miss Hellsing. I have shed blood, but never have I stolen a girl and seen a fanged monster. Not all of it makes sense to me yet. I know that this vampire must be after something that was supplied to him." A hint of worry echoed in this man's voice. He looked at Lady Hellsing with sincerity.

Integra stared into his eyes. For a moment her thoughts drifted to how handsome Dimitri was. "I suppose you will have to stay with us. You will meet who I have sent to find out information from your loss. If a vampire is involved, we will deal with the situation. If there is not, we will arrange for a more proper way to address it."

Where was her mind? Would she had normally done this? Of course not. It seemed desire had been clouding her judgement since Alucard had become so aggressive in his advances. How Integra hated his head games.

"You are truly generous. Miss Hellsing, all of my thanks are to you." He said with a faint smile.

"Come, join us for dinner. Tell me more of these rumors involving virgins and beasts.."