'Aren't you supposed to be in the car with the girl as she drives off into the sunset?'

- August Rush

Chapter 33


Kagome had been expecting this.

It had only been about a week when it happened.

She was just outside the village with Mai, searching for a particular medical herb, with InuYasha's supervision, when he appeared.

There was a small whirlwind, as Kouga arrived, without any warning, grasping onto both of Kagome's hands.

'Kagome!' He said, ignoring the furious looks InuYasha was giving him. 'Where have you been? I thought you were dead, or something!'

Kagome grimaced. 'Let's go with the or something.'

Kouga froze.

He leaned in close, not noticing Kagome's cringing, and sniffed her.

'Why do you reek of the dog turd?'

InuYasha appeared directly in between the two, glaring hatefully.

'Leave. Now.'

He ignored that, as he usually did, but there was a hard poking in Kouga's kneecap, and he looked around.

He didn't see anyone.

'Hey! Wolf! Down here!'

He looked down, to see a small child sending him daggers.

Kouga crouched down, looking straight at the child.

She stared straight back, with honey eyes almost giving off sparks.

Kouga looked up at Kagome.

'Who's the kid?' He asked.

'You leave my Mommy alone!'

And she kicked him, as hard as she could, in the shins.

Mai hadn't just gotten her looks from her father, either.

InuYasha gave a smug little huff as Kouga hopped back, his eyes wide, his grin vanishing.

'You didn't.' Kouga said, looking from the girl to the hanyou. 'You did not.'

He looked like he was expanding, Mai thought of poking him again, just to see if he would pop.

'How could you!?' Kouga exploded, sending a punch InuYasha's way.

InuYasha didn't see it coming, he staggered to the side a couple of steps, a bruise blossoming on the side of his face.

'My woman! She's mine!' Kouga shouted.

Kagome pulled Mai towards her, grasping onto her shoulders, holding her back.

'She's not your woman!' InuYasha shouted, throwing a punch, which Kouga dodged.

'Yes, she is!' Kouga yelled. 'I'll kill you, just to prove it!'

There was a frenzy about Kouga that none of them had ever seen. he was swinging attacks, whilst dodging fast enough, he could still have had his jewel shards.

InuYasha was doing the best that he could, but he just wasn't fast enough.

'ENOUGH!!!' Mai shouted.

Everyone stared at her.

Both Kagome and Mai had nerves twitching.

Kagome threw up a barrier around Kouga, trapping him inside.

Mai ran over to him.

'Hey!' Kouga complained.

'Wolf! You don't ever talk to my mommy like that!'

Kagome lowered the barrier, almost smiling in spite of herself.

Mai closed the few steps, and poked him hard in the chest.

'I don't want to see you coming anywhere near my mommy! Now say you're sorry to Father!'

Kouga was looking very startled at being both yelled at by a two year old, and what this two year old was saying.

'No! I will not say sorry!'

'Yes, you will!'

The deja vu was almost overwhelming.

'No! I should kill him!'

Kouga got up, ignoring the full grown swords that were getting stared at him.

He flew at InuYasha,who met him head on.

'Mangy wolf!'

'Stupid mutt! How dare you!'

'She's not your woman!'

'She is so!'

Kouga froze, as did InuYasha, who flushed.

'I claimed her long before you did!'

'She never wanted you! Ever!'

'Yes, she does!'

'No, she doesn't! The proof is right there!'

InuYasha gestured towards Mai quickly, before resuming his stranglehold on Kouga.

'How do I know that that is what she wanted?'

InuYasha's eyes flashed, and he dragged Kouga around until he was nose to nose with the demon.

He went deathly quiet.

'Are you implying that I would-'

'Yeah! Maybe I am!'

They stared at each other for a long moment.

'She is mine. End of story.' InuYasha said.

'Oh yeah? Prove it! I bet she'll chose me over you, dog turd.'

InuYasha dropped him, and crossed slowly over to Kagome.


He kissed her, picking her up off her feet.

Mai rolled her eyes.

Kagome threw her arms around his neck.

They broke apart quickly, to an utterly speechless Kouga.

'You were saying?'

There was still defiance in Kouga's eyes.

'That's not proof.'

'No? Then how about this?'

InuYasha and Kouga turned to face Kagome, who had not moved.

She was swinging a strange looking necklace around one finger, at which InuYasha stared.

He put a hand around his own neck, where only his kimono hung.

'Sit!' Kagome shouted.

Nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

Mai stormed over to Kouga, where he looked like someone had hit him over the head with something very heavy.

'There!' She said. 'If that isn't enough, then GO AWAY.'

Kouga glanced down onto the little girl, and fled.

Mai gave a satisfied nod, then went back to looking for the herb.

Kagome turned slowly to InuYasha.

Who was staring at her, wide eyed.


He motioned at the necklace.

Kagome nodded.

She closed her eyes, and the necklace exploded.

'Are you sure?'


She still had a troubled look about her.


'What you said earlier.' Kagome flushed. 'Am I really your woman now?' She nearly whispered.

InuYasha turned a delicate shade of pink.

'No,' he shook his head, clearing it. 'not if you don't want to be.' he said quietly.

He turned away, flushing madly.

Kagome went around him until she was facing him again.

'But I want to be.'

She kissed him, halting all protests, and did not stop until Mai gave a yell of triumph, a small plant clasped in her hand.