'Keys, keys,' clothes went flying, last night's takeaway cartons landed on the floor with the newspaper. Jack ran a distracted hand through his hair, gazing desperately around the room. 'Come on,' he muttered, swiping a piece of toast as he hurried past the bench, 'where are you?' He muttered through a mouthful of bread, buttoning his shirt and holding his beltless pants up with a free hand. 'Shit!' Jack glanced up at the clock, 'shit!' Quickly grabbing his belt from under the bed he ran down the hallway, catching hold of his coat and wallet as he skidded out the door.

'Late, Mr Harkness?' Mr No. 7 stood beside Jack, watching as he bounced impatiently for the lift.

'Mm,' Jack gave a tense tight smile, adjusting his belt and collar. He glanced at his watch again and swore loudly, Mr No. 7 looked shocked and waved goodbye hesitantly as his neighbour sprinted down the corridor.

Jack slowed to a fast paced walk down on the street, straightening his shirt and shrugging on his coat. A low rumble behind him made him break into another run, drawing into the bus stop as the bus wheezed to a halt. Jack clambered on board, navigating between hordes of people and bags and inconveniently positioned elbows. With a sigh and a launch the bus pulled away, people slamming into each other. Jack dodged a swinging bag and dug his hands impatiently into his pockets, watching as the bus crawled along the road, stopping placidly every few minutes. Jack tapped his boot on the floor.

With a squeal of brakes the bus stopped and Jack battled his way towards the door, breaking free and setting off at a stride. His phone thrilled in a pocket, a frantic pat down occurring before he found and flipped open the phone.

'Kinda busy,' Jack said warningly, checking his watch again, 'this had better be really good…she's done what?...how?!...Oh for God's sake,' he muttered away from the phone, 'well get her back,' he said slowly and pleasantly, a slight edge in his voice. 'Call me later, I'm there.' Shaking his head he snapped his phone shut.

'Keep walking,' a soft welsh voice ordered, a slim arm slipping through his.

Jack kept walking, stealing a glance sideways to see a pert nose and lips and a beautifully high cheek bone. He looked forward again, eyebrow arching. 'And where would we be going?'

'Forward,' was the clipped reply.

'I'm actually late for a meeting with someone,' Jack said conversationally, 'really late. Nice to meet you though.'


It was the soft little plea that somehow kept Jack from immediately stopping, 'Are you alright?' He asked more seriously. Footsteps sounded behind them and the man pressed closer into Jack's side, Jack couldn't help shooting a glance over his shoulder. A surprised expression flickered briefly over his face before he calmly looked forward again, a man trailed after them. A bead of sweat appeared on the cute man's forehead under dark brown hair, with a speculative expression Jack kept walking with him.

'So,' Jack asked quietly, 'where are we going again?' Light blue eyes caught his briefly but there was no reply. 'Then I guess I'll decide, and there's someone behind us.' The tightening of those tilted lips told Jack the man knew. Jack sighed, 'How about I take you home?'


'Yes,' Jack countered quietly.


'Well this has been a weird day,' Jack pushed open the door to his apartment, 'and believe me,' he stood back to let the man through, 'I've had some weird days.'

'I'm sorry,' the man said quietly, standing awkwardly in Jack's kitchen.

'May as well start with names,' Jack held out his hand, 'Jack Harkness.' A slender white hand slipped into his.

'Ianto Jones,' soft blue eyes met Jack's.

'Well, Ianto Jones, what are we going to do with you?' Jack paused then chuckled, 'sorry, that sounded a bit menacing. I don't suppose you're just going to be able to phone the police and let them clear this up? No,' Jack sighed and pulled his coat off, 'that would just be easy, wouldn't it?'

'I really shouldn't stay.'

'Want to tell me why we've been doing happy couple away from someone?' Jack swept a pile of papers off his bench, unearthing two glasses, 'Drink?'

'Water, please.'

'Soo,' Jack held out a glass, watching the young man sip it politely, 'did you know that man?'

The man stood uncomfortably, 'In a sense.' Jack waited, then gestured for him to continue. The man shifted, 'He's had some dealing with the company I work with. I wasn't too fond of the gun he was carrying,' he added with a touch of wry humour.

'Nor I, did he recognize you?'


Jack scanned the man's face piercingly before letting it slide. 'So you let a stranger take you home?'

'A nicer looking stranger,' again there was the brief twitch that could have been the start of a smile.

Jack put his glass aside with a clink, 'I could help,' he said honestly, 'I have some experience along these lines,' he grinned, 'you picked the right stranger to come home with.'

'Thank you for before, I-' he hesitated, '-I was a bit stuck.'

'No problem.'

'You missed your meeting.'

Jack waved it anyway, 'Not important. But,' he tapped the bench top thoughtfully, 'back to what to do with you. I can take you to a hotel if you like, friends, family?' There was a pause, 'Or, you could stay here, it's certainly large enough, and I can try to help. Because,' he looked directly into clear blue eyes, 'I do think you might need it.'

'Thank you,' the man seemed to sag almost, his voice less controlled. 'I can pay, I-'

'Not necessary,' Jack cut in quietly, there was an awkward pause. 'Come on,' Jack pushed off the bench, 'I'll give you a tour. It's a complete mess,' he warned.


'I've got the spare pillows and bla-' Jack's voice trailed off as he stepped into the spare room, a figure was curled up on the bed, hands loosely flopped in front of his face and side gently rising and falling. Quietly stopping beside the bed, Jack spread the blanket over the young man, no change coming over his exhausted face. Jack lightly touched his shoulder, 'Sleep well, Ianto.' Ianto gave a soft snore and Jack smiled as he shut the door.


Soft feet padded hesitantly across the carpet, Jack smiled and turned around. 'I was about to come and check you were still alive,' he commented lightly, taking in Ianto's mussed appearance with a suppressed smile.

'Sorry, I was just so-' he broke off in a wide yawn.

'Tired,' Jack supplied helpfully.

'Hm,' Ianto agreed sleepily, rubbing absently at his neck.

'You can keep sleeping you know,' Jack said, amused. Ianto cast a slightly longing glance towards the corridor, Jack caught it and chuckled, 'Go, sleep. I'll wake you up later to eat.' Ianto shoot him a grateful look before padding back to the spare room. Chuckling to himself, Jack turned back to the dishwasher.

There was a bit of a dent in the stack of dishes on the bench by the time Jack closed the dishwasher door. Dismissing them for another time he slid his suspenders off his shoulders with a tired sigh, making his way down the corridor to his room.

Jack knocked lightly on the spare room door, pushing it slowly open when there was no response. He was met with sleepy blue eyes, Jack crept forward and wordlessly placed one of his old t-shirts and tracksuit pants on the table beside the bed. Ianto tiredly smiled his thanks then closed his eyes.


Absently pushing a pile of junk off the couch, Jack settled with his laptop on his knees. Missing that meeting needed to be explained, and quickly given several messages on his mobile. Jack ran a frustrated hand through his hair, complications, there were always complications. He wanted answers, he dragged his hand down, hair standing up in tufts, at first guess asking Ianto wasn't going to prove very successful.

Re: Ianto Jones

Need a check run on a Ianto Jones…

Jack typed steadily for several minutes, with a groan he finally stopped and stretched, back clicking. About to press send he hesitated.

Also, please don't tell me he's a psychotic axe murderer. He's asleep in the spare room.

Had this idea for quite a while, but in a rare move I showed restraint and finished another one first. Seriously, why do the plot bunnies always attack when you're in the middle of another story? Someone obviously hasn't been attending Bunny Obedience School *glares at bunnies*

And again, I don't explain much at the start. :)