Yay for spontaneous singing! Unfortunately only my cat seems to appreciate my rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jack stumbled blindly around the corner, hands up Ianto's shirt and groping over warm skin. The rough exterior of the building pressed into his back, the softer body of Ianto holding him in place.

'Oh!' A surprised exclamation drew them apart, eyes scanning as chests heaved for air. A native to the planet stared at them through large violet eyes, Jack could have sworn he recognised amusement before the man flicked a small hand and faded. Ianto chuckled against his neck, hands slowly rubbing at the small of his back and Jack's attention was drawn away.


'Let me go!' Jack stirred the pasta with gusto, 'will not let you go!' He switched to a shrill falsetto, 'let me go!' Waving the stirring spoon he lowered his voice dramatically, 'will not let you go!'

'I will admit I have missed the spontaneous singing,' an amused voice cut in.

Jack grinned and stalked predatorily towards Ianto. 'At home,' he slid an arm around his waist with a dangerous glint in his eye, 'I sing,' he pressed his lips to Ianto's ear and breathed, 'just in boxers.'

'I can see two weeks without sex is taking its toll,' Ianto whispered back, drawing back with a smirk. He gave an involuntary yelp as a firm hand squeezed his arse.

'When will we leave?' Jack hopped up onto the bench beside the stove.

The playful expression faded from Ianto. 'I've got a lot of information on this planet,' he said slowly. He unconsciously rubbed the back of his neck.

'I'm going to miss you too,' Jack said quietly.

Ianto met his gaze with a reluctant, forced smile. 'I liked living with you, I like this now.'

Dipping the stirring spoon into the water Jack gave the pasta an absent stir. 'You work in London, I work in Cardiff.'

Ianto nodded his head in acknowledgement. 'We'll leave tomorrow,' he said, stretching out a hand to briefly squeeze Jack's knee.

'C'mere,' placing a hand on Ianto's shoulder, Jack tugged him forward. Curling his fingers through Ianto's hair he played with the small curls at his neck, trailing his other hand slowly over his back. Ianto's body moulded into his, his head tucked against Jack's neck and palm a warm weight curled on the other side. Spreading his legs, Jack pulled Ianto closer and sighed softly against his shoulder.

'Why am I always the one going to you for cuddles?' Hot breath ghosted over Jack's skin with Ianto's words.

Jack chuckled softly into his hair, 'If I answer that I think I'll be hit.' He laughed as a light fist collided with his chest. 'I'm good at cuddles,' he tightened his arms. Ianto just hummed in agreement.

'Do you do this often?' Jack asked suddenly.

'Hug handsome men?' Ianto murmured into his shirt.

Jack flicked a quick grin. 'I mean visiting different planets, getting information.'

'Helps with work,' Ianto's eyes were closed, heartbeat steady as he relaxed in Jack's arms.

Jack gave a short snort. 'And I thought you worked for MI5.'

'I would be insulted if I didn't do such a good job in setting you up.'

'Ianto,' Jack said slowly, 'how do people travel on this planet? I haven't seen any vehicles.'

Ianto drew back slightly at the question, lips quirking in a small frown as he thought. 'Some sort of direct beaming, for want of a better word, you wouldn't think it given the conditions are slightly primitive.'

'That man we saw yesterday, he faded and disappeared.'

'It's a type of spatio-temporal-'

'Hyperlink,' Jack cut in with a smile. 'Magic door. You really are part Time Lord, aren't you?'

Ianto stepped backwards and hurriedly neatened his shirt. 'Protective Time Lord approaching,' he muttered. Jack mimed throttled someone and slipped off the bench.

'Doctor,' Jack called loudly. The Doctor slipped around the corner with a vaguely guilty expression. 'No one tell you eavesdropping is bad?' He didn't wait for a reply, 'I want a spatio-temporal hyperlink.'

'You want a what? A magic door? Why?'

'Can you create one?' Jack carried on unperturbed.

'Well,' the Doctor ran a hand through his hair, leaving it standing in tufts, 'yes, I suppose I could. Eventually. After a lot of work. Why do you want one?' Suspicion crept into his voice.

Ianto just stared at Jack, hope flooding his face as understanding dawned. Watching the hope in Ianto, Jack felt a wave affection for the young man.

'Because I want to live with Jack,' Ianto said bluntly.

'No,' the Doctor responded instinctively.

'Excuse us, Jack,' Ianto said politely and firmly, looping an arm around the Doctor's waist and steering him purposely out of the room. Jack turned back to the pasta with a small smile.


A small cough made Jack turn around. Grudging brown eyes regarded him reluctantly.

'Jack,' the Doctor intoned formally, 'I would be delighted to make you a spatio-temporal hyperlink.'

Jack dropped a hand on his shoulder. 'Never get in an argument with Ianto. You will never win.' Stifling a smirk Jack turned back to the stove.

'He mentioned,' the Doctor hesitated, picking up and spoon and twirling it absently through his finger, 'well, that you weren't just friends back on Earth?'

'I love him,' Jack said simply, 'I've lost him multiple times now and I'm not doing it again.'

The pasta bubbled on the stove in the silence.

'How large would you like this door to be?' The Doctor asked finally, resignation and acceptance in his voice. Jack felt a smile spread across his face.


'Oh, Jack,' Ianto's voice was full of sad reproach, hand frozen on the light switch. Jack winced behind him, slowly sidling towards the kitchen. A lightning fast firmly caught hold of his wrist and held him in place, Ianto's eyes still fixed on the lounge room, 'Not so fast,' he said calmly.

'I haven't had time to clean,' Jack said cautiously.

'For six months?'

'Are you two coming?' The Doctor called indignantly. Jack picked his way across the floor, murmurs of disgust sounding as Ianto followed, unable to stop himself bending to pick some of the mess up. Jack turned and meet Ianto's accusing eyes, sighing and gently tugging the plates out of his hands and placing them on the side table. Ianto followed their path with tortured eyes.

'Kitchen,' Jack wrapped a firm arm around his waist and steered him into the kitchen.

'There,' the Doctor beamed proudly, sticking an arm through the seemingly solid wall. Ianto broke away from Jack's arms, moving with wonder towards the Doctor. Grasping him roughly Ianto pulled him into a tight hug, Jack smiled quietly at the look of deep affection on the Doctor's face. Moving forward he extended his arms through the white wall, slowly stepping through into Ianto's kitchen in London.

'Hey,' a soft voice behind him sounded, gentle hands settling on his hips.

'This what you had in mind?'

Ianto simply pressed a kiss to the back of his neck, Jack leaned back in his arms contentedly.

'You're happy?' Ianto asked with the smallest hint of hesitation.

'Perfectly,' Jack said honestly.


Jack simply held out his hands, the little brown rabbit clasped in them. The Doctor's face softened into delight and he carefully reached out, stroking a pale finger over its back.

'This is Phillepe,' Jack gently placed the rabbit in the Doctor's arms.

'You bought me a rabbit?' The Doctor looked down with surprised happiness.

'Well,' Jack reached into his large pocket, drawing out another rabbit, 'two actually. One from Ianto, one from me. This is Phillop.' Jack suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a quick hug. 'We didn't want you to be lonely.'

'I will still be coming back to steal my nephew,' the Doctor said firmly, he paused, 'you too, if you want?'

'Thank you.'


'Time to get up,' Ianto commanded, ripping the duvet off as he walked past the bed. Shuffling sleepily up the bed, Jack hugged the pillow further into his face and lay still again. He hazily listened to the sounds of Ianto brushing his teeth, the familiar way he hit his toothbrush against the sink once done. 'Come on,' Ianto's voice was louder again, footsteps approaching the bed. 'Two minutes.' A light hand slapped his arse and Jack grudgingly opened his eyes, an amused smirk meeting him. 'Morning,' Ianto said teasingly.


Leaning across the bed Ianto met him for a quick kiss. 'Beside you.' Ianto's hand trailed down his chest then he was gone.

Fumbling hands closed around the warm mug and Jack reluctantly shuffled off the bed, feet sliding under the bed for slippers. Never one for slippers, Ianto had bought them for himself and Jack had been unable to resist. There was something comfortable and familiar about wearing, stealing, sharing what was Ianto's, and in turn seeing Ianto's thinner frame fit into one of his loose t-shirts.

'I keep saying,' Jack wandered into the kitchen, 'my work doesn't start til later.'

'Head of most knowledge in the UK,' Ianto's back was to him, preoccupied making lunch, 'I know what time you start work.'

'Maybe you're being fed false information?'

'Better not be, or you'll be emptying the dishwasher for the next month.'

Jack perused through the cupboard, bread held in one hand. 'Are we out of marmalade again?'

'There's still some strawberry at the back, or you can have cereal, I bought more milk last night,' Ianto turned around, eyes landing on Jack, 'or maybe you'd like to put some clothes on before you open the fridge?' His eyes slid down, 'You're wearing my slippers again,' he said accusingly.

'They're warm,' Jack waggled a foot, the pink rabbit ears flopping.

'Poor things,' Ianto stroked the fluffy slipper with his foot as he passed. 'They're probably terrified, having to watch you parade around like that.'


'See, their eyes are on the top, they're looking up all the time,' Ianto said disapprovingly. Jack waggled his eyebrows, laughing as Ianto slid a palm over his bare back. Reaching behind he caught it, pulling Ianto closer.

'How long do we have?'

Firm arms wrapped around him neck, teasing blue eyes inches from his, 'A while.'

'You lied about the time before,' Jack squeezed his hip.

'Hm?' Ianto's lips curved into a small smile, leaning forward to meet Jack.

Jack smiled into the kiss as Ianto's feet slid over his, covering the rabbits' eyes.


Jack drummed his fingers silently on the table, gazing around at the numerous representatives from UNIT and MI5. Beside him, Ianto shifted imperceptibly.

'I propose a greater and wider sharing of knowledge and findings,' the standing man pronounced.

'Easy for MI5 to say,' Ianto murmured, loud enough to be heard. As heated discussions sprang up around the table Ianto leaned sideways. 'Did you put the dishwasher on?'

'Thought you were going to do that.'

'I loaded it, you were supposed to start it before you left.'

'I was trying to find my keys this morning,' Jack whispered back.

'If you left them on the bench you wouldn't have that problem,' Ianto muttered.

'You keep moving them!'

'You left them in the bathroom sink!'

They slowly stopped their whispered argument, turning to meet the rest of the conference's eyes. The man opposite coughed and shuffled his papers. 'If Mr Harkness and Mr Jones have finished?'


'Jack?' A soft, hesitant voice broke the silence. Jack looked up from the laptop expressionlessly. Regretful blue eyes met his and Ianto dipped his head towards the ground, hands deep in his pockets. 'I'm sorry,' he said clearly, a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Jack waited until Ianto's head lifted, meeting and holding his eyes for a long moment. Then with a sigh Jack firmly closed the laptop and set it aside, pushing himself off the couch and towards Ianto.

'I'm sorry too,' he drew Ianto firmly into his arms, anger and annoyance melting away as Ianto's body moulded into his, tentative hands softly resting on his back.

'I'm stubborn,' Ianto murmured apologetically, tightening his arms.

'So am I,' Jack ran his hands over the familiar contours of Ianto's back.

'Fine pair,' was the murmur against his neck, the smallest hint of wry amusement.


'I'm in love,' Jack sang loudly, closing his eyes tightly and tilting his head into the shower spray. 'I'm in love, I'm in love with a strict machine.'

Ianto rapped sharply on the shower door, 'That better not have hidden meanings, Jack!'

Jack grinned and ran the shampoo through his hair, scrubbing vigorously. 'I'm in love with a strict machine!'

'I'm not strict.'

'When you send me a pulse,' Jack cracked open the shower door and waggled his eyebrows at Ianto, 'feel a wave of new love through me.'

'If this is a serenade I believe there should be violins,' Ianto smacked the toothbrush against the sink and placed it beside Jack's in the cup.

'I'm dressed in white noise.'

'You're dressed in nothing,' Ianto said appreciatively, smirking over his shoulder.

'You know just what I want,' Jack held out a soapy hand with a grin, 'so please.' With a reluctant laugh Ianto let his towel drop.


Ianto's arm across his chest tensed suddenly, his head rising sharply off the pillow. Jack met his quick glance and sat up, Ianto's arm slid off as they sat frozen and listening.

'Did you hear that?' Ianto murmured in his ear. The quiet tinkle of glass came again from the kitchen. With one fluid motion both men were out of the bed. An almost indiscernible move in the darkness of the room, Ianto disappeared into the bathroom, returning with a Webley and an Uzi. Jack froze and gestured incredulously towards the large gun in Ianto's hand, face set in disbelief. Ianto shrugged and Jack just shook his head. Catching Jack's eye, he motioned his head towards the door and Jack padded silently out first, Ianto followed with the Uzi in hand.

Holding out a hand, Jack halted before the end of the hall, glancing back before jerking his head towards the other end of the kitchen and lounge. Ianto held up two fingers. Eyebrows lifting in surprise Jack tilted his head questioningly, Ianto nodded determinedly and, pulling a slight face, Jack moved silently forward and into the lounge.

'Hello,' Jack said conversationally. The figure by the table froze and Ianto's laptop dropped from his hands with a crash. 'Not interrupting am I?' Jack caught the slight twitch towards his pocket. 'Leave the gun,' he commanded sharply, 'hands up in the air. Slowly.' With slow and careful moves the man's hands rose, a smile spreading across his face. Jack sighed as he felt the cold prick of a knife at his throat. 'Walked into that, didn't I?' He said in mock regret.

'Suppose I go check on your wife?' A man whispered behind him, the shorter man from the table plucking the gun from Jack's loose hand. The knife disappeared from his throat and footsteps sounded behind him, the other man slowly and deliberately bringing the muzzle of his gun to Jack's forehead.

'I'm sure she'll welcome a visit,' Jack said with a grin, listening as the footsteps continued towards the corridor.

There was an exclamation of surprise, then shock, then one powerful thud. Ianto appeared out of the dark hall with the Uzi on his shoulder and a calm expression. The remaining man swallowed obviously and shifted, the gun pressing firmly into Jack's skin.

'Sexy, isn't he?' Jack said appreciatively, eyeing Ianto.

'I'll shoot,' the man declared. With a sudden sharp move Jack knocked the man's wrist and fastened his fingers around his throat. Brown eyes flicked between Jack, Ianto, the Uzi, his own gun, and then he let the gun drop from his hand.

'That wasn't your work laptop was it?' Jack asked Ianto, nodding towards the broken computer.

'Don't be ridiculous,' Ianto said dismissively. 'Do we have duct tape anywhere?'

'My kitchen, second drawer on the right, somewhere in there.'

'Just keep holding him,' Ianto moved through the doorway.

'Wasn't planning on letting him go,' Jack called after him. With a smile he turned his attention back to the now nervous man in his grasp. 'So, this just a normal break-in?'

'Who are you?'

'Found it!' Ianto called, cutting Jack off. 'It was in the third drawer.'

'Have you been rearranging my kitchen again?'

'Tidying, Jack, tidying.' Ianto stopped in front of the man. 'Hands out.'

Jack didn't even see it but suddenly Ianto had the man pinned to the carpet, a knee at his throat and arm locked at an angle. 'Think he's got a knife,' Ianto motioned to the man's jacket pocket. Jack crouched beside them and pulled the knife out, shooting an impressed look at Ianto.

'Anything else?' Jack directed the question at Ianto.

Thoughtful blue eyes focussed on the captive man, Ianto chewing his lip as he glanced over him. 'Duct tape his hands, ankles, then wrap it around his arms and tape them down. Don't let him get his teeth near you, think this one is resourceful.'

'Other man the muscle?' Jack pulled the tape out with the distinctive tear, sitting on his knees before reaching for his ankles.

'Probably, I would say they've done this quite a few times before. Or at least he has.'

Jack dropped his now taped ankles to the floor with a thud, pressing a quick kiss to Ianto's cheek as he moved forward. 'We make a good team.'

The man just stared at them.

'Is your one completely out? In the corridor?'

'I punched him.'

'Decided against the Uzi?'

'Got the carpets steam cleaned last week,' Ianto flicked a tiny smile at him.

Jack tightly bound the man's wrists. 'Is that thing even loaded?'

There was a small groan from the dark of the corridor and the sound of scuffling.

'Can you duct tape him for me?' Ianto looked at the hall, bare knee still against the man's throat.



Jack curled tiredly around Ianto's body, tucking his head under his chin and splaying his fingers over his stomach.

'Can I just ask, why an Uzi?'


'Where are they?' Jack muttered, scrabbling a frantic hand down the back of the couch. He paused as he his hand came up with a red silk tie, a slow grin spread across his face and his eyes slid momentarily out of focus. Then with a snap he flung the tie down and darted hurriedly to the bookshelf, patting his hand across the top of the books. 'Come on, come on,' he said frantically, eyes scanning over the room before he moved to the kitchen, clumsily buttoning his shirt as he went. 'Hot, hot,' he yelped as he snatched the toast out of the toast, juggling it awkwardly in his hand. He ran without thought through the wall into Ianto's house. 'Yan!' He called loudly, 'I know it's your day off,' he hurried into their bedroom, finding Ianto in the same position as this morning. Sleepy blue eyes opened wearily, 'What have you lost?' Sleep thickened Ianto's accent and Jack couldn't help a quick grin.

'You sound sexy,' he leaned across and planted a warm kiss on Ianto's cheek. 'I've lost my car keys.'

'Your bedroom,' Ianto stretched under the sheets, a bare foot poking out the edge, 'bedside table.'

'Ah,' Jack tickled his foot briefly, 'you ambushed me in there yesterday.' Ianto merely gave a satisfied smirk and arched his foot into Jack's hand. Jack absently slipped his fingers up Ianto's leg, trailing over his ankle.

'Aren't you in a hurry?' Ianto raised his head from the pillow.

Jack's eyes focussed again. 'Yep,' he bounced forward on the bed and pinned Ianto firmly to the mattress, gazing down into laughing blue eyes. 'We'll go out for dinner tonight?'

'Hm-m,' Ianto murmured, raising his head for a kiss and curling his hand around Jack's neck.

'I really have to go,' Jack nipped his jaw regretfully.

'You do,' Ianto agreed, sliding his other hand over Jack's back.

'I'm going to be late,' Jack warned.

'Yes,' Ianto said seriously and looped his legs around Jack's hips.

'You only want me for the sex.'

Ianto surprised Jack with a fierce kiss, fingers winding tightly in his hair. 'I love you,' he said firmly, lips inches from Jack's and hands slipping to cradle his face. Jack closed his eyes contentedly as delicate fingers brushed over his cheeks, softly inhaling his partner's familiar scent.

The end!

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Strict Machine by Goldfrapp

Well it's all done now! Thank you all so much to everyone who has read this and I hope the ending fits in. I've liked writing this story. Decided rather than cutting after the creating of the door to do small snapshots of time following that.

:) Thanks all!