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Silver's POV

A flash of light. That was all it took for everything to change.

I felt the petrification take hold as the light started to dim. First my feet, then my legs hardened as it spread upwards. I tried to stand but only managed to step forward before the petrification spread to my chest and arms. My breath caught, then stopped altogether as my neck, and finally my face, turned to stone.

I couldn't move now. I could still see, since my eyes were open, but at the moment I could only gaze into the light, the ability to blink now lost to me.

As the light faded away, I mentally cursed myself for letting my guard down. I had thought the battle was over, that we were safe. Of course I had been wrong. This berating only increased when the light finally faded enough for me to see that the others had also been petrified, like me, including my sister. I swore to myself that whatever (or whoever) was the cause of this, they would pay in blood.

In front of me, I could see the Team Rocket member, Storc, staring at us. Then she started to laugh, and said, "Well, well. Although in the end, Deoxys managed to escape, the outcome is still equally gratifying." Wrenching herself free from the ice that was attempting to bind her, she ran off, out of my line of sight.

Moments later, I heard footsteps, and Professor Oak and two other women appeared. One of them, a women with purple hair and glasses, looked at us, shocked, and said, "I can't believe this."

The Professor also looked horrified and seemed to struggle with himself for a few seconds, then turned to the old woman beside him and said, "Brinca, hide the truth from Blue's parents. I'll contact Bill."

The woman nodded, then headed off out of my sight once more while the Professor stooped down and stood back up, Red's Pokegear in his hand. Hastily dialing a number, he put it to his ear, and after another moment he began to talk into the receiver. "Hello? Bill? Yes, it's me. Yes…Yes, things are alright now. Red managed to connect to Deoxys, and it's free and has returned to the wild. Team Rocket's airship has also landed safety and there are no casualties." He paused for a while, then said, "And that's all well and good, but…" He glanced at me, then said, "The Dex Holders…The kids responsible for Vermillion's safety, were showered in a mysterious light and were turned to stone." Letting out a shaky breath, he listened to what I assumed was Bill on the other end of the line, then continued, "No, I don't know how it happened. One minute, they were fine, and the next there was a flash of light and then they were statues. No. Yes…No, I'm not sure. Yes…Yes, of course. I plan to. And there will need to be research…But will you help us? …Thank you. Yes. Goodbye." He lowered his hand, sighed, and then turned to the purple haired woman.

"Well, Bill knows now, and he agreed to help us research the cause and cure for this…" He looked back at me again, then said, "…Situation. Blue's parents won't be told of this until they are safe and have recovered enough that they can take the shock. Those poor people…" He shook his head.

The purple haired woman looked at me, then at the Professor. "So that's what you'll be doing from now on? Researching a cure for petrification?"

Oak nodded, looking like he was hundreds of years old instead of fifty, and I felt a stab of guilt that he should be worried about us so much. "Of course, I'll alert Yellow's uncle as well. And what will you do now, Lorelei? Head back to Kanto?"

The woman named Lorelei shook her head. "I'll stay here, to help with the repairs on the islands. Team Rocket won't be forgotten for a while yet." She spat the last sentence out contemptuously and pushed her glasses higher up on her nose. "Something tells me that that other woman — was Storc her name? – will also be back. She freed herself from my ice bonds, so she's a strong opponent."

Oak sighed again. "Come then, Lorelei. It seems we'll need to head back to Five Island, at any rate. I'll need to meet up with Bill, and I think that most of the citizens of Sevii will be there. You'll need to reassure them."

The two of them walked off to the edge of my sight, Oak looking back now and then as he did.

This left me, in my petrified state, quite alone. Not that I didn't like it – I needed the time to think and organize my thoughts.

The one thing that I was fairly sure was that my father (It still felt strange to call the man by that name) was safe. Ursaring could be trusted to do its job, and strong enough to carry it out to all ends.

I thought about the others — the other Dex Holders, and my sister. Were they conscious as well? Could they see things as I could? Were they also waiting impatiently for Oak's return?

As what felt like hours passed, my thoughts switched to other, less important things. I considered Gold and Crystal, wherever they might be. We hadn't really been in contact with each for the past few years – Crystal had been working with the various Professors throughout the regions and Gold had been…Well, busy doing whatever idiotic things he was doing. Still, I wondered how they'd react to the news that all their Seniors, as well as I, had been turned into statues. Crystal would probably help the Professor in research…And Gold would no doubt laugh. Of course he would — he'd no doubt find it hilarious that I was now something like a garden gnome.

If I could have laughed, I would have. Oh, how pathetic I was at humor…Or was it irony, in this case?

My thoughts changed again. Now I saw the message I had gotten from her recently…How she wanted to know how I was doing, and that she would be departing for a new region soon. I hadn't answered her yet, and now I wouldn't be able to for a while, if at all. I wondered how she would feel once she received the news…Or would she, since no one other than Blue knew about our relationship? I was ninety-five percent positive that I had been right in keeping it secret (especially from Gold) too. But the five percent of me that was uncertain wished I could have left someone behind to alert her.

Then, from behind me, I heard footsteps. Oak soon appeared, along with several Machop who were following behind him, and I realized that we were finally about to be moved. I wished I could have winced – those Machop seemed a little too violent for this kind of work.

Oak turned to the largest Machop – who I assumed was the leader – and began giving directions. Ah. Things were getting started at last.

Crystal's POV

I carefully set down the pile of books I had been carrying on my desk and stepped back, taking in the appearance of the room. It was just like I had arranged it – neat and organized, my Pokeballs empty on my desk since my Pokemon were playing outside – yet even though I had arranged it and rearranged it so many times, it still seemed empty. I sighed. It wasn't like I didn't know why; the Professor wasn't there, and hadn't been for days.


Smoopeon looked up from beside me, seeming worried at my expression. I smiled reassuringly down at her.

"I'm okay, Smoopeon. Just…A little lonely, maybe."

Shaking my head, I turned to sit down at my desk and access my laptop, signing in to my email account. I felt relieved to see that I had a new one, labeled, "News from Sevii" from the Professor. Ever since he'd sent me the message explaining what had happened before I came to Pallet, with Team Rocket, and the other Dex Holders (as well as Silver, much to my surprise), and saying that he wanted me to stay at the lab and take care of it while he was gone, I hadn't had contact with him until now.

Clicking on the email, I leaned closer to the screen to read it. It said:

Dear Crystal,

First of all, allow me to thank you for taking care of the lab in my stead. I know it must have taken a while to clean the mess I left there (seeing as Daisy mentioned frequently).

Secondly, I must confess something to you. I remember that in my previous email I explained what happened several weeks ago with my kidnapping to Sevii. I'm afraid that, when I did, I kept something from you.

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Silver have been petrified and turned to stone.

Please, hear me out and don't immediately panic, since I am sure you will after reading this. If I am honest, my reason for keeping this from you was not because I thought you couldn't handle this information, but because I had confidence in my abilities to discover a cure to reverse the process. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Obviously, finding a cure is the most important thing for us right now. Bill and I are continuing to work without sleep, researching what we can. Of course, this is something that, I am fairly sure, has never happened in recorded human history, so we don't have much to go by. However, I do have some good news – there is a woman here on Sevii, called Brinca and familiar with your Seniors, who says she has a possible lead on the cure. She hasn't given me any details, but she has requested me to recommend any other Pokedex Holders to her. Due to the current circumstances, you and Gold are the only ones available. I will try to get in contact with the Hoenn Dex Holders as well, but I can't give an exact date as of yet.

As Brinca is well known on this island for training Pokemon Trainers, I assume she wishes to train you and Gold in the arts of…Well…You'll see when you get here.

Finally, Crystal, please, take care of yourself. I know that this is going to be hard – for everyone involved – but do your best. And make sure to keep Gold in line; if he and Brinca fight, I'm terrified at what the end result will be.


Professor Samuel Oak

When I finished reading the words on the screen, I sat still in my chair, frozen, almost as if I was the one who was petrified and not my friends. Slowly, I clicked out of the email and closed my laptop. I could always type up a reply later.

Suddenly, I jumped up, my seat toppling over and crashing into a stack of papers behind me. I heard Smoopeon let out a startled cry, but I didn't stop. I didn't want to think about anything. Everything, everything…It was happening too fast. This sort of thing wasn't supposed to happen anymore… I kept running, speeding up once I'd cleared the lawn and the last of the houses, not caring where I ended up, just as long as I kept running, because as long as I ran I wouldn't have to think about anything…

Eventually, a dull pain in my feet slowed me down, eventually making me stop altogether, breathless. I noticed that I had, without realizing it, ran out of Pallet and all the way into Viridian Forest, from what I remembered the few times I'd been here. I looked up, squinting at the sunlight that poked through the trees. At least here, no one could hear me…

"Woof." I spun around, eyes wide. Seeing the enormous mass of orange fur, I relaxed. "Only you, Arckee, huh? Then again, I guess you're the only one fast enough to catch up to me…" My throat caught, and I turned back to around, crouching down and hugging my knees to my chest. "You can…go back to the lab. I'll join you in a bit. "

Instead of hearing the breeze that always followed Arckee when he ran, I felt him nudge me from behind. When I didn't answer, he walked around in front of me and lay down, wrapping his enormous tail around me. Slowly, I reached forward and buried my face into his fur, Arckee curling even further around me. My sobs were muffled, but they still seemed loud and eerie in the shade of the forest.

Gold's POV

Waiting was not something I liked to do. Especially if it was for some old lady who randomly called, demanding that I fly across two regions to meet her at her house on an island in the middle of nowhere. The tall concrete stairs and long gate leading up to the house didn't help the trip that much, either. I'd barely managed to make it up to the house by riding on Explotaro's back.

The only reason I'd agreed to meet said lady was because the Prof. had also left a message on my Pokegear, agreeing with what she said and leaving a detailed explanation (As expected of the old man, although the message in and of itself wasn't a cheery one).

I tapped my foot, forced it still, then started tapping it impatiently again. I wasn't so stupid as to think that I was normally a patient guy – Crys made sure of that – but making me wait outside of a person's house on the stairs for two hours was killing what little patience I did have.

Deciding that I'd try one last time to get the hag to open the door, I yelled, "HEY!! LADY!! If you don't open this door, I'll bust it open!"


I held back a sigh, then took out Aitaro's Pokeball. Crys always said that I should be more serious – now was as good a time to start as any. Tossing the Pokeball into the air, I called out, "Focus Punch!"

Aitaro leaped out of his Pokeball, the fist on the end of his tail glowing. Before he could throw himself at the door, though, it was thrown open, an old lady standing in the doorway. Said lady also looked like she was very close to punching some unfortunate Pokemon in the face, and it showed in her voice as she yelled at me.

"Call back your Pokemon, boy! I'd rather not have my house torn apart!"

I did like she asked, although Aitaro looked more than a little disappointed that he hadn't gotten to fight something as he looked out of his Pokeball.

Seeming satisfied that I wasn't going to break anything, the old lady turned to me and looked me up and down.

"So, you're the first of the younger trainers, eh? Certainly a bit disappointing…"

I glared at her. "Yeah, well, you're not too good looking yourself, lady."

She sniffed. "My name is Brinca, youngster. You'd do well to remember it."

"And my name's Gold. Remember my name, and I'll remember yours."

Brinca looked at me, then grinned. "Done. Welcome to my home, Gold." She turned around, calling over her shoulder, "Come on in. I have something to show you."

Stepping through the door, I looked around. It was a fairly large room, a wooden table standing in the middle and a sofa in the corner. There were two other doors on both sides, the door leading back to the gate behind me.

While I was taking in the room, Brinca had moved to the door on my right and opened it, calling out, "One of them's here, come on out!"

I raised an eyebrow. "Who are you talking to?"

Brinca turned around, grinning. "Well, I think you'll recognize them, or at least a few of them."

Even while she talked to me, someone was walking through the opened door, and then stood in front of me.

"It's been a while, Gold…"

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