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Red's POV:

I didn't like to lose. Maybe it had to do with my personality, or maybe it had to do with my being the Champion of the Pokemon League. Blue often mentioned how if I didn't focus on battling so much, I wouldn't be so dense. Whatever that meant.

Either way, I didn't like having to concede defeat. To anyone.

So it was pretty annoying when I had to admit I had no idea what the hell had just happened.

One second, we had all been relaxing – the battle was over, Team Rocket was defeated. I remembered holding Yellow comfortingly in my arms. And then the world exploded, and everything went dark.

I wasn't sure where I was, or where everyone else had gone. The girl I had held was gone from me, and the shock from that emptiness was all that I understood for several minutes. Once I had recovered, I took in my surroundings – there were none, and if there were, none that I could see. Thinking that I could just use Vee's psychic light to show my surroundings, I had reached for his Pokeball…Only to find that all of my team members were gone.

It seemed like shock wanted to be my best friend today.

Deciding that I'd just have to make do with my extremely limited night vision, I took an experimental step forward. When I didn't hit anything, I stepped forward again, this time stretching out my hand in case there was anything at face level. Still nothing. I continued groping through the dark in this manner for several minutes, until my hand eventually smacked into something soft. And fleshy. Instinctively, I gripped harder, six years of battle training and tactics filling my brain in a heartbeat.

"Ow!" squeaked a voice from beneath my hand, "what is-?"

I felt myself let out an enormous sigh of relief, all the tension that had filled me seconds before draining away. "Sorry about that, Yellow."

"Red!" I heard her exclaim, "oh, thank goodness! When it got dark, I was so worried…Everyone was gone…"

"So you don't know where the others are, either?" I asked, hastily removing my hand.

"No…and it's not just Green-san and Blue-san and Silver-san…" There was a scuffle, and then I felt something round and hard placed in my hand. "My friends are gone, too."

I squinted, managing to make out the faint outline of what must be a Pokeball – and an empty one, at that. "Who's ball is this?"


Well, that was definitely wrong. Kitty loved Yellow way too much to ever leave her of his own will. In fact, all of her Pokemon did. "Did you use him in battle?"

"No. I remember using him to chase after Team Rocket's airship, but I returned him afterwards."

I scratched the back of my neck, considering. "Huh. That's definitely weird. And I don't remember anything about what happened when we…well…" I gestured at our surroundings, then remembered that Yellow couldn't see me. "I mean, sort of remember this light engulfed us, but after that, nothing. Do you?"

"Not really…I think I was…asleep when the darkness came in. I remember feeling warm, and seeing…" She trailed off.

"Yellow? Is something wrong?"

"N-no! Nothing, nothing at all," I heard her say hastily, "but, um, like I was saying, I don't remember anything, either."

I sighed. "Well, we'll just have to ask questions later. For now we should try to find everyone else, starting with our Pokemon. Mine are missing, too."

Yellow was quiet for moment, then said, "I hope they're all okay…Not just Pika and Kitty and everyone, but Blue, Green, and Silver …"

Even without being able to see her face, I could hear the worry in her voice. For some reason, I felt my chest clench at the fact. "I'm sure they're okay. Green could definitely kick me all the way to Mew only knows where, and Blue and Silver are strong, too." I reached forward, thankfully finding her hand and not her face this time. "Come on, let's go."

"R-Red? Why are you-"

"Well, we don't want to get separated, right? I don't know about you, but I can't see anything here. I don't want to lose you."

Yellow didn't say anything, but she did tighten her grip on my hand. Her hand was small, but warm.

It was a comforting warmth. Even with the darkness all around us, I didn't feel scared at all. Weird.

I tugged gently on her hand, and we stepped forward.

Green's POV

I ran a hand through my hair, frustrated. Beside me, Charizard let out a low rumble, snorting sparks of embers through his nostrils. The sparks lit up like little globes of light, although none were as bright as his tail flame.

We'd been walking through the darkness for hours, it seemed, and we'd had no sign of progress. There was nothing, no sounds, colors, no signs of any other living things other than me and Charizard. I'd thought of several explanations for our current situation as we'd walked, but each seemed even less likely then the last. What really worried me was what had happened to the others.

Charizard snorted again, swishing his tail agitatedly. I glanced at him. "Tired?"

The red dragon shook his head, instead swishing his tail once more and moving his neck left and right. I frowned. I knew Charizard was trying to tell me something, and he wouldn't unless he didn't think it was something important. "What's wrong?"

In answer, Charizard thumped his tail on the ground and stretched his neck forward, this time pointing it to my right while at the same time pointing with his tail flame in the same direction. My eyes widened in surprise. The flickering light that radiated from it revealed a small, but clearly visible, figure lying on the ground. It looked human.

I strode quickly over to the person, Charizard following behind me, but even as I reached them and bent down, I felt anxious. I'd recognized the long brown hair and white hat on her head.


I shook her gently, hoping to get some kind of sound out of her. There was none, but her chest was moving, which meant that she was alive, thank Mew. Her face looked pale in Charizard's flame, and her eyes were closed. I tried to calm myself, which I thought I succeeded at until Charizard looked at me with a sympathetic expression.

Damn. I was losing my touch.

Deciding to ignore my Pokemon that knew me too well, I did a quick general scan to see if there was any sign that she needed immediate medical attention. Carefully, I took her wrist in my hand. Her pulse was normal, at least, and her breathing was normal. The only thing that seemed wrong with her was her colouring.

I blew out a low huff of air before reaching to wipe away a loose strand of hair out of her face. Blue shuddered underneath my touch, then seemed to squirm next to me in order to get more comfortable. This time even I knew what kind of look I had on my face.

Even when she was asleep, Blue was an annoying woman.

Gold's POV

I shot up in bed, breathing hard and feeling my heart pounding in my chest. From his perch on the windowsill, Aitaro lifted his head up from his arms, blinking his eyes drowsily. After taking a few deep breaths and making my heart slow back down to its normal rate, I nodded to him to go back to sleep. Deciding that nothing was seriously wrong, he tucked his head and settled back down on the sill.

I looked around. Everything was the way it should be – I was in bed in one of Brinca's seemingly unending second floor, and from the bunk above me I could hear Falkner's quiet breathing as he slept. All my Pokemon were comfortable in their Pokeballs, some asleep, some not.

I glanced at my bedside clock. 2:00 AM.

Taking care not to hit my head on Falkner's bunk, I got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom. After our brief meeting downstairs, Brinca had given us a tour of the house and explained that we weren't to run the water upstairs after dark. Something about her electric bill already being too high.

I turned the knob on the sink and spattered water on my face anyway.

Okay. So apparently the dreams were back. Only this time they were more real, and waaay outta line. I'd never seen a dream from the eyes of another person before. Not only that, I'd been thinking the way either Red or Green must normally have done.

I resisted the urge to pound the sink with my fist. Old lady Brinca really wouldn't like that.

My seniors were gone, petrified, damn it, and I knew that. It was why Crystal and I, and everyone else, weas here now. So why couldn't my Lugia forsaken brain not understand that I couldn't allow myself to get distracted by something like this?

It hadn't always been this way. But ever since I'd left with Red to go training on Mt. Silver, I'd had weird nightmares practically every day. He hadn't noticed, thank Mew he was so dense, but there had been a few nasty incidents when I woke up screaming. After he'd gone to Sevii and I started traveling on my own for a bit, the dreams had gone away, and I'd thought they'd stay away.

Figure's I'd be wrong.

I sighed and turned the knob back, bringing silence back to the room. Running a hand through my now wet bangs, I walked back to the bunks and lay down, setting my head on my pillow.

Hopefully I could get some dreamless sleep before Pink Haired Gal tried to murder me and Crys tomorrow.

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