Ianto jones straightened his already perfectly striaghtened tie for the fith time that morning, then walked into the hub. He was later than usual, but that had been down to him having to walk when his car had failed it's MOT. That, naturally, had been jack's fault, and Ianto had made him pay for the repairs, which upset him a lot. He looked around the hub, and noticed with a twinge of panic, that jack wasn't around, like he normally was. He looked in the archives, and the kitchen, but he couldn't find him. Gwen was in England, enjoying her sister's wedding in the beautiful English rain by all accounts. Ianto scanned the hub as a whole, then walked down into jack's office. He knocked once on the door, just to make sure that he wasn't disturbing anything, then let himself in. What he saw gave him quite a shock.

'hullo Ianto! Wanna come and help me sort these out?' came jack's cheery American voice from the midst of a pile of coins. On closer inspection, Ianto spotted that all the coins were 20ps. He then thought back to the news, and gave a hearty chuckle. Jack craned his neck away from the pile of 20ps and gave him a stern look. 'hey! Don't laugh! I'm gonna be rich!' he said loudly, swinging his arms at he pile of coins.

For the first time since Ianto had known him, jack had actually watched the news, and as he settled down with popcorn ('hey, the news is meant to be entertainment isn't it?' he asked Ianto, to which Ianto rolled his eyes. )The starting point had been all about the royal mint's mistake with the 20p coins, because they had issued some without dates on them, and if someone found them, they could be changed for fifty quid. So jack had jumped up and went looking for twenty pence coins, much to Ianto's amusment.

Ianto stared increduosly at the mound of coinage that was on jack's desk. 'and where- did you get all these from?' he asked jack. Jack chuckled. 'well, let's just say I set up and account on a certain auction website.........'

'and have any of these not got a date on them?' asked Ianto, smiling. Jack went silent for a few seconds, then said, 'well......no actually, all the ones I've checked have dates on them, but I am only half way through so.......'

Ianto had a brainwave, and he didn't think he was going to like that answer. 'jack.......how much did you bid for these coins?'

'well, I tried to keep them small.....'

'how much?

'but other people kept going up......'

'how much jack!'

'so I kept going up...........'


'seventy four thousand, three hundred and twenty two pounds.........'


'....and fourteen pence'