Owen came into the hub first thing on a dreary Monday morning, it had been raining and his leather jacket was soaked through. He peeled it off and hung it from a radiator on one side of the hub. He went back to his workstation and sat down, deciding to make a start on his huge pile of paper work. It was only after a few moments that he realised that he was alone. Quite alone. He looked around. Where was everyone? Jack was normally here by now wasn't he? And were was Ianto, the efficient man who apparently hated being late to anything? And Gwen and tosh- where were they? He shrugged and carried on working. About half an hour later, Gwen and tosh came giggling into the hub. They took their seats, still giggling occasionally about something or other, and started doing their thing. Then the cog door rolled open noisily once again to reveal jack and Ianto, who were arguing. Jack had a disgusted look on his face, whilst Ianto looked quietly amused.

'I cannot believe you yan!' said jack incredulity.

'Jack, it's not that big a deal' sighed Ianto.

'Uh yes it is! If I'm going to be moving in with you, then you can at least respect my tastes!'

'Jack, I couldn't give a toss about your tastes, I bet you like things that I hate as well!'

'Nope, and if I did, I'd stop using them'

'Shut up jack, no you wouldn't! You carry on doing it regardless, you know you would'

'I would not! Anyway, back to the subject, you are a disgusting man who should be locked up! Even looking at that stuff makes me barf, it's disgusting black tar that disgusts me! I hate the smell, how it looks! You are a truly disgusting creature Ianto!. Stop bringing it in the flat, or else!'

'Or else what? You're living with me, then you have to live to my tastes, I make it less if that's what you want, but I'm not cutting it out completely, it good stuff. You'll warm to it!'

'No I will not!' yelled jack, and he stormed up to his office, slamming the door behind him.

Ianto shrugged, chuckling to himself. He looked over at Owen, who had his mouth open. 'What the fuck was all that about?' he asked, trying to regain some composure.

Ianto sighed, trying to stop smirking. 'Jack has just found out that I absolutely love marmite, and apparently he hates it!' he said.