Chapter 11

Bolt and Balto headed back to the statue.

"So how was 2009 for ya?" Bolt asked.

"Terrifying. I hate cars."

"Yeah. We all do. Luckily 1929 has no cars that move that fast."

Balto nodded. "I need to ask you an…odd question. When do I die?"

Bolt frowned. "What?"

"You know. What year do I die?"

Bolt sighed uncomfortably. "I…can't really tell you that."


"It's classified."

Balto laughed. "Thought you'd say that." He paused. "Thanks for helping me catch the butcher, Bolty."


"And what?" Balto asked indicated his arm.

"Oh yeah. Sorry for ripping the stitches out of your arm and punching you in the face."

Bolt nodded. "You're forgiven."

Balto looked at the bottles. He patted Bolt on the shoulder. "You can be the hero of this generation. Just don't screw it up."

Bolt nodded. "I'll try my best."

"All these actors nowadays screwing things up."

Balto turned to the bottles.

"See you in the history books." Bolt said.

There was a flash. Then Balto was gone.


Bolt: John Travolta

Balto: Kevin Bacon

Butcher: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Seamus: Colin Farrell

Mittens: Susie Essman

Rhino: Mark Walton

Jenna: Bridget Fonda

Boris: Bob Hoskins

Kaltag: Danny Mann

Penny: Miley Cyrus