Two hearts

Chapter 1.

Yvaine and Scarlette sat next to one another on the ships deck. Both eying Tristan with a burning love. Neither one of them knew the feelings the other had for him, for they had no experience. They, as stars, had never been in a situation such as the one they we're in now. They never knew what love was before they met Tristan, and they didn't even know that this was it. But they had watched the humans from their home in the sky, and thought this to be love.

Yvaine watched shyly as Tristan slashed his sword left and right practicing with the captain. The warmth of his voice touched her heart and she smiled, and shone. As she gazed upon him lovingly Scarlette rose up from the bench and strode over to Tristan. Yvaine didn't know what to feel, she was to shy to make the move herself and now Scarlette had done so before her. She had known and loved Scarlette all her days of being a star, and for the first time in her very long life, she envied her, she even HATED her. Scarlette's long silk dress flowed behind her as she soared around the deck with Tristan by her side. Scarlette's barefeet fumbled around as she tried to dance, and Tristan laughed, he loved how she fumbled and tripped. He placed his hand on her shoulder to steady her, "Slow down Scarlette," He laughed, "Let me show you how it's done." Scarlette looked up into his brown eyes and nodded. He moved his feet perfectly on beat with the music, and then he reached out for her hand, with a look of longing on his face.

Yvaine didn't know what Tristan was feeling, how could she? But was this love? Did he love Scarlette? As Yvaine pondered these questions a tear slid down her cheek and splashed on her hand. She touched her finger to her face and wiped away the tear, and then stared at the water that perched on her fingertip. She had never been sad before, never cried a tear, but her love was being taken from her and her heart ached. Scarlette smiled irredescently at Tristan, trying to win his affection. Yvaine steadied herself on the armrest as she watched, she pushed herself up and over to the captain. "Dance with me, sir." She laughed. The captain bowed his head and held out his hand for her to take. The captain was quite a young fellow, mid 20's possibly, and he had this way about him, that made Yvaine curious. He loved the sea, and everthing in it, and he loved the outdoors. As they danced he held her waist and told her of the many nights he spent gazing upon the stars. Yvaine blushed and laughed into his strong blue eyes. Did he know she was a star, or was she being paranoid. She didn't know, so she looked away and up at the sky. "You seem to shine with happiness, almost...literally." The captain smiled, pushing away a lock of brown hair behind his ear. Yvaine looked into his handsome face, he seemed to take the pain away, he made her feel happy, almost as Tristan did. They flew around the deck for hours just talking and dancing. It grew dark and Yvaine looked around her, she saw Tristan staring at her and the captain with a look of sadness and frustration. She immediatly took her hand of his shoulder and backed away, "It's getting dark. We should stop dancing and get to sleep." The captain smiled, embaressed. Yvaine smiled back at him and turned around to face Tristan. He stared at his feet awkwardly in the dark and waited for Yvaine to say the first word. "Tristan?" She smiled. "Yvaine.." He mumbled. Yvaine felt terrible but happy at the same time. She felt terrible that she had hurt her beloved Tristan, but happy that he cared for her enough to become jealous when she danced with another man. Evaine smiled and Tristan loooked up at her shining face, and lily white smile. He did not know why she smiled but something about seeing her shine made him smile. Yvaine went to her sleeping quarters, in the lower section of the ship, which she shared with Scarlette. She sat down on her bed conflicted. She loved Tristan...but the captain made her feel something special, like Tristan did.