This chapter came quickly after the third. I wrote them both at the same time and figured that you guys deserved two chapters at once considering the delay ;] but keep reading and I will try to comply to whatever you want changed in the story.

Peace and Love. Gracie 3


Yvaine gasped for air and swallowed her tears, she had to be strong, "I am fine." She smiled. But the smile soon broke down and tears began to flow more heavily now. The captain looked at her with sad eyes not knowing wether to hug her and tell her everything was ok or to let her be.

Yvaine bent over and cried, scrunching her eyes shut. She reached out and grabbed the captains shirt to steady herself and he felt as though that meant he could comfort her. He put his arm around her shoulder and scooped her toward him. She cried into his chest, and savored the warmth. The tears stopped but she kept her head rested on him.

"I-I've never been on my own before." Yvaine stuttered

"It's ok. You have me and the whole crew." He comforted.

Yvaine looked him in the eyes, making sure he was telling the truth, "What's your name?" She knew this was totally off the subject but she realized that she had chosen a man of whom she didn't even know the name.

"Hadrian" He smiled.

Hadrian...The words rolled off her tongue so smoothly, it was like magic. The words 'Trystan" made her feel like she had a frog in her throat when she spoke them. She quickly shook away the thought of Trystan and focused on Hadrian.

She looked up into his reassuring eyes, and strong smile. She knew that everything would be fine, she wasn't alone she was with Hadrian.

"Ulric can steer the ship, why don't you sit in the captains cabin with me." His eyes glowed.

"That would be nice." She smiled.

Hadrian led her to the captains cabin and sat her down in his chair. She wrapped the blanket around her shoulders and tucked her toes underneath her. Hadrian sat down on the floor in front of her.

" ther nickame for that?" She chuckled.

"Not really..." He said shyly

Yvaine got up off her chair and sat on the floor with Hadrian. She scooterd toward him and looked straight into his face with a thinking look. She tapped her fingers on the carpet.

"Hadri!" She smiled, satisfied with her choice.

"Hadri is good." He complied.

Yvaine crossed her legs, she was very tired. She wasn't tired before, it was just suddenly that she felt overtaken by sleep, which was normal at this time of day. She began to close her eyes.

"Yvaine! You can't possibly be tired, you woke up only 2 hours ago." Hadri protested. But Yvaine was already asleep, her head on the carpet.

Hadri couldn't just let her sleep on the floor. So he lifted her up and carried her to his bed. She was very lightweight and petite, which made her feel like a feather in Hadri's arms. He gently laid her on the bed so as not to wake her up, but he didn't succeed. She opened her eyes slightly and grabbed for Hadri's hand. "Please don't leave." she whispered. "I don't feel comfortable in here alone." Hadri smiled and sat down next to her.