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Untouchable Innocence


There were no accurate words to describe just how utterly disgusting and wrong this feeling was.

Lust, in and of itself was disgusting enough. So human, and primal, Sasori should have been far beyond these things.

In these past two years he had learned so many new things about himself., the main thing being, that he was nowhere near beyond human emotion. He was not above this disgusting primal lust that everyone else fell victim to.

The most disturbing thing was who it was that he lusted after.

Two years ago, Orochimaru had fled the Akatsuki, Sasori had been relived at first. He had always preferred to work alone, but Pein had other plans.

Not even two months after the snake had left, Sasori was given a mission.

To travel to Iwa, with Kisame and Itachi, to retrieve his new partner.

A young man who had made a name for himself as a terrorist.

The last thing he had wanted was a new partner, but he had made the journey, not daring to defy Pein's orders. When they had made it to where said young man was located, Sasori's jaw had dropped.

His new partner was only nine years old. He had been impressed to say the least, that such a brat had already reached S-rank status and caught the eye of Pein. But more so he was annoyed at the idea of this child being his partner.

Did Pein really have such little faith in him?

He had been honestly insulted, when he had been partnered with the kid, Deidara was his name.

Deidara had proven to be everything but a cooperative partner when he first came to the organization.

He was nothing but a spoiled brat. For being so young, he had a severe lack of manners, in fact he had no manners to speak of.

He was disrespectful to almost everyone, save Itachi who had been the one to defeat him. He resented the Uchiha, but feared him enough to hold his tongue.

At first, Sasori had hated him, but one event changed that forever.

Sasori had finally gotten fed up with Deidara's bratty attitude. It had to have been the thousandth time the ignorant blond had started an argument with him, he was always doing that. Just trying to get a rise out of the scorpion.

He had enough, slapping Deidara harshly across the face with Hiruko's bladed tail.

The young blond fell to his knees, looking up into Hiruko's lifeless eyes with a mixture of desire and pain in his azure eyes. And he had said it.

The nickname he would forever address the redhead by.


Master. Something inside Sasori had set ablaze that day, looking down at that terrified lusty face from his protective shell. He had felt it ignite, when Deidara had called him master, the fire had blown out of control.

That face, it was what broke him. Those eyes glazed and teary, those soft lips parted in shock, that wave of blond framing that boyish angel face, blood trickling down that perfect creamy cheek.

It was beautiful, artistic. He was so fragile, and perfect, so..innocent.

It made him want to jump from his shell and destroy that beauty and innocence.

Tear it from his skin and leave him broken, bleeding on the floor. Just imagining ramming into that untouchable heat, and watching his milky essence drip down those fragile thighs, while Deidara begged, panting Master in that sweet voice, was too much.

He had so utterly disgusted himself with just the thought of it. Of all the times for him to feel something, it was just so wrong to feel it at all.

He had though it would pass, if he just gave it time, he had been wrong.

It had been two years since Deidara had become his partner now, he was eleven.

Thankfully, he had become much easier to work with since the day he had declared Sasori his master, he obeyed most of the time.

When he didn't Sasori did not hesitate to be just as harsh as he had been that day, slapping him, swiping him with Hiruko's tail, talking harshly to him. It had all become just a part of their daily routine.

Every time he struck the blond, his lust grew a little more.

Why did Deidara have to make those faces? Almost like he enjoyed it when the redhead hurt him, sometimes in Sasori's fantasies, he did.

He begged for it, like a slut. Begged Sasori to put his hard throbbing cock inside of him, begged him to hurt him, to pull his hair and slap him.

Sometimes while the brat slept at night, Sasori would silently slip into the bathroom and relive himself to these thoughts. Oh how he longed to destroy that beauty!

He had never in his life felt such a passion for anything, it would be like art to rob such a divine creature of it's innocence. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to control his twisted desires, sometimes he scared himself.

So here he found himself again, awake into the early hours of the morning, staring mindlessly at his partner as he slept. Rubbing his groin softly through the fabric of his pants, just to ease the ache. He thoughts had caught up with him again, he was so hard it was unbearable.

Deidara sighed, shifting in his sleep and blinking his eyes open, as if he felt Sasori watching him.

He blushed furiously as the older mans gaze burned into him, like he was picking him apart to the very soul.

Stripping him completely. Cautiously, the blond rose from his bed, his blanket draped around him, his small blushing face buried in its protective fabric.

Shyly he walked to where Sasori sat at his workbench, placing one of his small hands on the puppet masters shoulder. Meekly, the tongue in Deidara's hand slipped out of lick the older mans flesh softly.

Sasori reacted quickly, turning and backhanding the young bomber in the face. He stumbled backwards, dazed slowly regaining his composure and moving back to stand in front of Sasori. Falling to his knees at the redheads feet. Sasori turned his body to face Deidara, intrigued by his courageous attitude.

He was so irresistible, those parted rosy lips dripping blood from the force Sasori had hit him with. That cute little blush tinting his cheeks as he let the blanket fall from around his head, and slip down his shoulders to pool around him on the floor. His black tank top hanging loosely on his skinny frame, one of the straps falling over his slender shoulder.

Reaching his hands outwards shyly, Sasori could only watch in awe as they wandered to the waistband of his pants, pulling them down over his hips to reveal the problem he had been hiding. He shivered when Deidara's long fingers softly wrapped around him, he saw the blond shyly lick his lips, his blush deepening as he timidly parted his lips, taking the swollen head of Sasori's manhood into his mouth, sucking it lightly.

The redhead was in heaven, this was everything he had been burning for. That mouth so adorably wrapped around his cock was driving him insane. He hook his head, this was wrong, he was a man, Deidara was still a child!

But he had been the one to initiate this, Sasori had done nothing.

No, he couldn't let this happen. Tangling his hands in Deidara's shoulder length hair, he roughly yanked the boy away from him, throwing him carelessly backwards onto the floor. Unfortunately it seemed the young blond was determined, as he quickly rose to his feet, sauntering right back over to Sasori.

This time he moved to sit right in the redheads lap. It was now obvious to the puppet master that the only article of clothing his young partner had on was the over sized tank top. He could feel the smooth skin of Deidara's ass rub teasingly against his leaking arousal, the bomber sliding himself down the redheads body to rub his own smaller erection against the older mans.

The look in those eyes said it all.


They said that Deidara knew, that he had known, that he wanted this too. He needed his master.

Wordlessly he mouthed.

Please Danna...

Sasori shuddered, this was it, his self control had finally dropped to zero. Cupping Deidara's delicate chin in his hand he gently licked the blood from his lips, surprised when the younger male leaned closer and began to kiss him softly, parting his lips to let Sasori's tongue invade his mouth.

The younger ninja moaned tasting his own blood on Sasori's tongue. Hesitantly he broke the kiss, pausing to slide his large tank top over his head, tossing it to the floor. Grabbing one of Sasori's hands he brought it to his lips, flicking his tongue out to lick the long digits before taking two into his mouth, sucking them lightly. The older man knew exactly where this was going, gently withdrawing his fingers and moving his hand downwards.

Deidara nuzzled his face into Sasori's neck, moving upwards and spreading his legs wider to give the puppet master better access. Lightly he kissed Sasori's neck as the older man spread his cheeks apart, circling the virgin ring of muscle gently. He took a sharp breath as the first finger pushed inside of him, a soft gasp escaping his lips and making Sasori growl with desire.

He winced, moaning loudly as a second finger joined the first, sinking his teeth sharply into the puppet masters neck, earning him an extra rough thrust from the redhead. Tears brimmed the corners of his eyes, and Sasori slowed his pace, kissing him gently, and licking the tears away. comforting him without words.

The puppet master couldn't pass up this opportunity to taste the angel before him, burying his nose in that soft hair and inhaling deeply, as he kissed the blonds cheeks, kissing and nipping at his neck as he made his way downwards, flicking his tongue over those tiny pink nipples. Taking one of the small buds in his mouth, and rolling his tongue over it slowly. Watching as his angel twitched and shuddered in delight, thrusting himself so whoreishly against the fingers inside of him.

He couldn't take this anymore, pulling his fingers slowly from inside the blond, who whimpered at the loss, only to gasp and moan as something much bigger was pressed against him.

The blond looked up, coyly licking Sasori's lips as he wrapped his hand around his shaft, guiding the older man inside of him slowly. Taking only a moment to let himself get used to it, before slamming himself down on him, burying Sasori deep withing his tight heat. He cried out loudly as his virgin muscles were forcibly stretched to acclimate the redheads large manhood.

The puppet master could smell the blood in the air, as it undoubtedly trickled down his lover's thighs. The smell alone was making Sasori crazy, he couldn't control his animalistic urge to pound relentlessly into that heat until he broke Deidara. Gripping the younger mans hips roughly, he tossed the blonds torso backwards. instinctively Deidara wrapped his legs around the redheads waist, screwing his eyes shut as Sasori began to thrust forcibly into him, his upside down view of the world making his head spin.

Sasori dug his nails sharply into the blonds delicate hips, gripping him so hard that he was without a doubt going to have bruises in the morning. Deidara didn't seem to mind at all, thrusting his hips harder against Sasori, his moans becoming screams.

The way Deidara was screaming, master, over and over again only making Sasori's pace grow rougher, making him growl and dig his nails even harder into the soft flesh he was gripping. Releasing one of Deidara's hips from his crushing grasp, he moved his now free hand to grab the blonds neglected cock. The head already gleaming with pre-cum as he took it in his hand stroking it roughly in time with his harsh pace.

Deidara was flailing wildly, his hands gripping and tearing at anything they could. The pressure inside of him growing far to intense for his small body to handle. Screaming Sasori's name loudly he forced himself upwards, his hands biting into the puppet masters forearms so hard they drew blood, as he exploded. Shooting his seed all over the both of them.

Those tight walls spasmed around the redheads erection wildly, as his angel continued to ride him. His own cum dibbling down his chin from where it had hit him in the face, his body drenched in sweat. It was truly an artistic masterpiece that sent Sasori over the edge. Spilling himself deep within the blond, letting those tight muscles milk every last drop from him.

Panting, Deidara thrust weakly against Sasori's spent cock, letting it slide from him and leaning up to kiss his master. Sasori kissed the boy deeply, picking him up gently and moving to his own bed, laying his precious angel down. Rummaging around he found a small towel, settling back to the bed between Deidara's legs and spreading them softly, watching as corruption, and blood leaked from inside his once pure, innocent form.

Leaning down, he gently cleaned Deidara. Lying down next to him, and letting the younger man snuggle peacefully against his chest.

Before he finally drifted to sleep he felt Deidara's lips move against his skin. It almost felt like 'I love you'

He had been wrong about Deidara all along, he was never innocent. He was just as disgusting and filthy as Sasori himself.

But love was love, no matter what. He couldn't justify it, but what did it really matter.


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