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Do you, don't you...(The Beatles- Helter Skelter)

Want me (to love you?)


Sasori rolled from his bed slowly, his joints creaking as he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Turning around to face the still silently slumbering form of his partner, he smiled.

He remembered the first time his eyes had ever fallen upon the golden haired angel, that now lay in his once cold and lonely bed. It had already been over four years since that day. He had hated the younger man at first, when they met, he had been appalled at the idea of a child becoming his partner, his equal. He had been honestly insulted that Pein had the audacity to even suggest that Deidara and he work together.

Now, the tiny bomber was his everything. It hadn't taken the stoic puppet master long to warm up to the small boy, all things considered. Two years was nothing compared to how long it had taken him to even speak to anyone in the organization, save for Pein. After the night, when Deidara had caught him, staring deeply at him while he slept. When the tiny blond had started this mess, they had been inseparable.

Sasori couldn't even imagine life without his angel, Deidara meant so much to him, in so many ways. Everything Sasori lacked, Deidara was, he was the redheads missing piece, his twin soul. Age was no concern to the puppet master, he had gotten over that long ago.

When he had first become attracted to Deidara he would have agreed whole heatedly with the rest of the world. It felt wrong, more then wrong he was disgusted with the way he felt about the blond.

Deidara had only been eleven years old. He had been, and was still old enough to be the boys father. Sasori had hated himself for even having impure thoughts about, one so young and untainted by the world.

However, he hadn't been the one to start this. He was content, just thinking about what defiling that innocence would be like, even if his thoughts disturbed him, they put his urges at ease.

Deidara had been the one to start this, that night. He had willingly given his innocence to the redhead, he hadn't taken it lightly.

Delicately he reached downwards, running his hands through the silky mane that belonged to the angel God had made, just for him. Love was love, and it needed no explanation, or justifiable reason. He couldn't have stopped the seeds it had planted deep in his withering heart, even if he had tried.

Deidara was meant to be his, for as long as they were both alive, and breathing.

Leaning down to quickly kiss the forehead of his lover, he sighed walking to the door of their shared room and making his way down the long hallway into the kitchen, to prepare breakfast for himself, and Deidara.

He knew he babied the blond, but he didn't care. If Deidara wasn't a little spoiled, he would loose the right to call him a brat.


Deidara awoke groggily, stretching his small arms out, and reaching for his Master. His arms meeting only air, and an empty pillow.

Sasori was already awake, that much was obvious to the thirteen year old. He grunted in discontent at the lack of the redheads presence, but right now he had a much more important problem to deal with. Being thirteen, Deidara was very aware of the fact that his body was starting to change, hormonally and physically.

He was almost as tall as Sasori now, his Master wasn't a tall man, and he knew that someday when he was older, he was most likely going to surpass the older man in height. His voice was also getting deeper, he sounded more like a young man every day.

But more importantly, was his present issue. He had woken up hard. This wasn't the first time this had happened, it happened a few times a week. He would open his eyes, stretch, and the first thing he was aware of, besides Sasori's presence or absence, was the aching hardness in his boxers.

Sometimes Sasori would be there in the mornings when he woke, and without hesitation would alleviate his problem. He would laugh, as he wiped his lips and pat Deidara on the head,

"You're growing up, Brat" he would say chuckling. Then he would get up, and wander to the kitchen to make breakfast.

But, unfortunately for the young bomber, most mornings, he awoke alone. His cock, so hard it hurt, with no one to fix his problem, but himself. It hadn't taken Deidara long to discover the joys of having mouths in his hands. They were a blessing and a curse, on one hand, the rest of the world feared and hated him. On the other, there were just so many wonderful uses for them.

Pulling the blankets cautiously back from his still fatigued form, he hooked his small thumbs under the waistband of his boxers. Pulling the restricting garment from his thin hips and tossing it onto the floor.

The cool air felt good against his heated skin, he whimpered quietly as he shyly reached down to his aching hardness. Grabbing it lightly he began to give himself a few playful strokes. His small lips parting as a chorus of not so silent moans fled them. His free hand snaked it's way underneath him, the tongue from the mouth already watering from the anticipation of his next action.

Gently, the tongue pushed passed the tight ring of muscle, stretching him out as it circled slowly inside of him. He arches his lithe body high off of the bed, as the wiggling muscle brushed against his prostate. He cried Sasori's name loudly, as the probing organ repeated the action, this was the closest thing to the heaven of being taken by his master. He didn't even hear the door opening.


Sasori stood flabbergasted, the tray of food in his hands trembling, as his whole body started to shake with desire.

He had expected to walk in on his lover, sleeping peacefully. This was just too much, Deidara lay, in bed naked with his legs spread. One of his hands working diligently at his arousal, fisting it roughly while the other thrust in and out of him.

His eyes hazed over, and his face flushed, his lusty expression deepening as he notice the redhead watching him. His pace growing faster, as he thrust his hips wildly up and down.

It was obvious that he was close. The shaking in Sasori's hands grew violent, as Deidara's body arched high off of the bed, and he cried out spilling himself messily.

Sasori took a few trembling steps, and dropped the tray. The breakfast he had prepared crashing to the floor as he continued to walk towards Deidara. The redhead growled as he moved to straddle the small blond, he was already so hard from watching the bomber defile himself, it was unbearable.

The younger man panted, his breath hitching in his small chest as Sasori leaned closer to him, moving to face his spent cock, that devilish tongue darting out to lick the sticky substance away.

Deidara shuddered as Sasori's tongue continued to clean the mess he had made, running softly over his belly, his thighs. Finally settling to lick his chin clean, and claim his lips in a fierce kiss. Deidara moaned against his lips, his need already beginning to grow again. Sasori smirked against the blonds smaller mouth as he felt the growing erection against his stomach.

Reaching between them, he grabbed a hold of the smaller boys hardening member, slowly stroking, making his cock grow even harder than it had been when he awoke. Rubbing his own clothed erection against Deidara's Sasori growled in delight, his angel arching high into his touches, those perfect lips practically ready to beg the older man to take him.

Sasori shuddered, as Deidara's small hands came to rest on his shoulders, and his tiny skilled feet hooked under the waistband of his pants, pulling them slowly from his hips, too free his throbbing need from its cotton prison. The look on his angels face as he leaned back upwards, rocking his hips into the hand that held him, desperately, was pure untainted beauty.

It touched Sasori's heart in a way, to know that he was such a master of his art. Producing such an exquisite masterpiece, was no easy task but he had done it.

Deidara's baby blue eyes fluttered as Sasori began to grind his own hardness against him, a small trail of drool clung to his lips, as he wordlessly moved his mouth, failing to force his voice to work.

It was beautiful, so close to perfect. The only thing that would complete this, and make it a true masterpiece, was the sound of that sweet voice begging. Letting his hand fall from the boys swollen appendage, he pushed himself backwards on the bed.

Smiling sadistically down at the confused blond, he moved across the room to the tray he had dropped earlier, reaching to the ground and finding a few loose cubes of ice amidst the shattered glass that had once been a cup of orange juice.

Swaying his hips as he walked back to the bed, he kicked his pants from around his ankles moving back into position, seated comfortably on top of the smaller boy. He could see the excitement in Deidara's eyes as he inced closer to one of his tiny nipples, the chunk of ice making his hand freezing. Deidara shivered as the hand that held the ice inched closer, he gasped as the frozen substance came into contact with his heated skin.

His whole body felt cold, but so hot, it was confusing, and exhilarating. He moaned with each sensation as Sasori continued to run the ice over his skin.

"D-danna!...please...I-I'm already.....and...wet..for you, un" He moaned, gasping finally finding the strength to will his voice to work as Sasori ran the melting ice over a very hot, and sensitive part of his anatomy. Sasori's smile only widened, his masterpiece was so close to being finished, that voice ha had been waiting to hear chiming through the air, and resonating throughout his body, making him shiver.

"Oh really?" The redhead chuckled coyly, the hand still clutching the ice moving downwards, to prod at the slick entrance of the blond below him. Deidara shook his head dramatically as the fingers pushed inside of him, the cube of ice still clutched tenderly in their grip.

"Because I think you could be wetter, brat" As the words fell from his lips, Sasori forced two fingers roughly into the blond, shoving the ice deep inside of him.

Deidara trembled as Sasori's fingers thrust in and out of him, pushing the quickly melting cube of ice deeper within him. His whole body was consumed with a wave of cold, he could feel it radiating throughout his entire being. A pleasurable wave washing over him, he needed Sasori now, he couldn't take it anymore!

"Danna!" He whined pathetically, biting his bottom lip and giving the redhead the sexiest submissive look he had ever had to bite back his own moans, as t he blond thrust his hips impatiently against the fingers inside of him. As much as Sasori loved watching his lover squirm, his endurance was not eternal, some may even say he was far more impatient then even the thirteen year old Deidara.

Positioning himself hastily, he slammed into the teen with all of his force. Relishing the painful cry of ecstasy that exploded from his lovers lips, it was sweet like music to his ears. Watching as tears of pleasurable pain pooled in those striking cerulean eyes, while Deidara begged and pleaded Sasori to take him harder. There was no question why Sasori loved this boy. He was perfect.

He claimed Deidara's lips in a rough kiss as he obliged his pleas, pounding into him so hard the friction hurt even him, he couldn't imagine what it must have felt like to the blond. By now, Sasori's hand had wandered to take a hold of the neglected member of the boy below him, jerking him roughly.

Deidara was getting so close to sweet release, the heat in his stomach a fire that was burning out of control, a frozen pain in his toes, like they were burning cold, small waves of an indescribable pleasure rushing through him, radiating in his fingers, his toes, with every movement of the redheads hips.

Sasori growled loudly as Deidara's hand mouths began biting into his forearms, the younger ninja spamsing violently below him as he burst in Sasori's skilled hand, spilling his seed over both of them. The puppet master groaned as he felt Deidara's insides convulse around him, he had been teetering on the edge of his orgasm for quite some time now. Those wonderful motions tightening and twitching around his cock, drove him over that edge, pushing him into the realm of sheer bliss. Deidara moaned felling his Danna's hot seed fill him inside, he convulsed again.


It was as though all of the angels in heaven sang just for him.

That beautiful cry of pleasure as those tight muscles milked him dry, only made Sasori want more. Deidara was more addictive than heroin, and Sasori was a junkie who could never seem to get his fix.

Spent, he collapsed onto the younger man, exhausted. Deidara wrapped his arms lovingly around his Master, sighing in content and shutting his eyes. Sasori was so, warm.

No matter how cold the man was on the inside, no matter how much he abused the blond.

He had always loved his Master, after all, they were meant for each other.

Deidara had known that the moment they met, it was cute how slow Sasori had been. But they were together now, and that was all the thirteen year old cared about.

Before he knew it, Deidara had drifted back to sleep, smiling Sasori sighed.

That damned brat had passed out, and left him with a huge mess to clean!

Deidara sighed in his sleep, snapping Sasori from his anger. He had a slight sleepy flush to his cheeks, and his hair was knotted and sticky with his own cum, he muttered something almost incoherently, but Sasori heard it clearly.

"Thank you,Master"

Oh well. He could always clean up, and punish Deidara later.


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