Owen and Ianto were having an argument, they didn't usually have arguments, but when they did, they were blinders. Jack, tosh and Gwen were standing by jack's office, looking down at the hub floor, where Ianto and Owen were having one of their slanging matches. Gwen had a concerned look on her face, as did tosh. But jack had a small smile on his face, but which threatened to turn into the frown at any minute. He was also readying himself to jump down to the floor and separate the two of them, if needs be.

'I'm just saying, it's your area, you should clean it!' shouted Ianto.

'I have fucking work to do!' yelled Owen.

'yeah! Doing what exactly? Looking at porn!'

'fuck you, at least I have a proper job!'

'what's that supposed to mean?'

'I mean, I do the work, you do the cleaning, that's how it works!'

'no Owen! That is not how it fucking works! i do the archiving and I help keep this place safe'

'no you don't! You fucking file stuff and shag the boss, that is basically what you do admit it Ianto, you haven't actually got a place here!'

'how fucking dare you! I do more than you! All you do is cut up dead shit!'

'I'm a doctor!' yelled Owen, going red.

'oh yeah, and shag Gwen!' retorted Ianto, satisfied now Owen was looking shifty. There was a gasp behind him and he looked up to see Gwen. Ianto shrugged. 'well he does, I was just pointing it out!' he heard a noise behind him, and turned to be squarely punched on the nose. He reeled back, clutching his nose, he straightened himself as he heard jack shout and heard him running down to the floor they were on. Ianto didn't care. He had said something that Owen didn't want to hear. The truth. Owen came back for another go, breathing like an ox, and as he brought his hand back, Ianto launched at him, punching him in the jaw, then the two of them were at each other like wild animals, sctraching, kicking and hitting each other, jack yelled and dived in, trying to sort this out and he got smacked on the nose by Ianto for his troubles. Then they broke apart, and Ianto fell onto the nearest desk, breathing heavily, and massaging his jaw, Owen had a bleeding lip and wiped it irratibley away with the back of his hand. Jack glared at both of them. 'how dare you fight here! Does this look like a wrestling arena? Does it!?' he nodded at Ianto, who shook his head and muttered 'no' jack looked at Owen and he did the same. He nodded his approval, and patted Ianto on the shoulder as he walked back to his office. Ianto stood up, straightened his suit up, and purposely walked into the archives. owen threw his arms up, gave a short angry yell at ianto's retreating back, muttered 'tosser' under his breath, and stomped down to the medical area. jack wached them go from his office, and shook his head, not sure what to think. sure he knew gwen and owen were......anyway, that was neither here nor there. he needed something to connect owen and ianto, he just couldnt think of anything. maybe they could dissect something together? he was still pondering as he sat down. those two just confused him.