Jack and Ianto moved across the street towards the club. Music was blaring from the speakers, and Ianto had to shout over the din for jack to hear him. 'you get the drinks, and I'll find a table!' jack grinned and him and nodded. Ianto tried to nicely elbow his way through the packed club. Jack came over and Ianto managed to find a table. Trust jack to pick karaoke night They sat down for a moment, then jack stood up and walked to the microphone, Ianto didn't want to stop him, he was curious to see what jack was going to pick to sing. Jack looked at the choices then jabbed his finger at one there was a tap as the music started. There was a few beats then Jack grinned and started to sing.

This time I wonder what it feels like

To find the one in this life

The one we all dream of

But dreams are just not enough

So I'll be waiting for the real thing

I'll know it by the feeling

Jack grinned at Ianto, who was smiling. Jack was singing as if he was singing to Ianto, and Ianto knew it. then jack started on the chrous

Cause nobody want to be the last one there

Everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Someone to love with my life in their hands

There's got to be somebody for me like that

Cause nobody want to do it on their own

Everyone wants to know their not alone

There's somebody else who feels

the same somewhere

there's got to be somebody for me out there

jack voice was perfect. He really sounded like Nickleback. Ianto was defiantly impressed, he was focussing on the lyrics, trying to understand the message, and Ianto could just abut get the gist of it. he refocused as jack began another verse.

You can't give up

When your looking for

The diamond in the rough

Because you never know

When it shows up

Make sure your holding on

Cause it could be the one

The one your waiting for

Jack finished the song admist ruptous applause, Ianto including. Jack walked back and plonked himself next to Ianto. 'your brilliant, did you know that?' iantio murmered in his ear. Jack grinned, 'as a matter of fact Ianto, yes I do!' he joked. Ianto chuckeld. 'and- Ianto, I meant every work I sang. But I think I've already met 'the one' and d'ya know what?'

'what?' said Ianto, leaning fowards. Jack bent forwards and whipered.

'he's sitting next to me'