Summary; sequel to AVLP, very much AU as it's a crossover. Hakkai, Sanzo, Goku and Gojyo, or Harry, Indigo, Neville and Ron are on their way to Hogwarts! Poor Hogwarts, you really weren't prepared for these boys, or their friends…

Now Beta Read by the wonderful Kuroi In a Black Hole, that you may enjoy a version not riddled with vile spelling!

Hagrid and Letters

Harry was in the garden when the owl came, talking to a small grass snake. It was his 11th birthday.
Well, his second 11th birthday anyway. He'd had one before, but that had been another life, one with less wizards and more gods. Their unexpected sorta-reincarnation had done them quite a bit of good, Harry's relatives' aside. Both Harry and Indigo had released their inner mayhem makers, inherited fortunes and discovered the joys of scaring the shit out of people they didn't like. Mainly Harry's relatives, who had been much better behaved since Indigo had tumbled into their lives.
Probably because Indigo would visit, seemingly at random, sometimes with presents for Harry, or bringing his friends Flare and Yuki but always with an adult. An adult with a wand who could, if they so desired, turn the Dursley family into vegetable or unleash the Hufflepuff Marshmallow Man on them once more.
Dudley had survived being eaten, but still had nightmares and panic attacks whenever he saw a marshmallow.
And now the Hogwarts letter had come, so Harry would be away for much of the year, and would return with a wand of his own, and the power to revive the Hufflepuff Marshmallow man…
Harry laughed the maniacal laugh that made children run away from him and hide, and gave the owl a positive reply before opening his letter.
The owl fled. That it hadn't done so earlier was rather surprising.
Harry read his letter. His eyebrows rose and he shot inside.
Entering his room, he crossed to his desk and scrawled out a note to Indigo.
Indigo, HW's representative coming at 10. Only got letter at 8:45. Help!
This done he turned to his owl, Hedwig, who was last years birthday present from Indigo, not that the blond would admit that, and gently touched her wing. She blinked slowly at him.
"Hey girl, sorry to wake you but I need to get this to Indigo, really quickly. Somebody's up to something and I'd like that evil brain of his around to help deal with it."
She huffed, and extended her left leg.
Harry tied the note on, and carefully carried his much loved owl to the open window.
"Quickly, please. This is urgent."
She gave him an 'I got it the first time' look and swooped away, swiftly vanishing into the morning sky.
Indigo received Harry's message at 9:30 and pounced on it as a means of escape. Mrs Parkinson was visiting at 10 o'clock and he would go to impressive lengths to avoid the woman, and her eldest daughter. Pansy had once been considered for an arranged marriage to the Malfoy heir, now Lord Malfoy, and had been a tad annoyed when it was never agreed to.
Indigo gave Hedwig a warm smile. "Moonling, you have saved my ass. I have to go and talk to my mother, Dobby will bring you some bacon, okay?"
The owl cooed pleasantly; she'd always been fond of the gold fledged chick, he was good to owls and she didn't protest when she was carefully handed to the excitable house elf that had appeared at the mention of his name. Indigo shot out of the room with remarkable speed.
20 minutes later he departed the Knight Bus, having reached Harry's place with a bag of galleons and instructions to buy what supplies he could, not having received his Hogwarts letter yet as his birthday was almost 2 weeks away, and to not get into trouble.
He wasn't sure about the last part. He was, after all, a trouble magnet.
Hagrid had been sent to retrieve Harry Potter from his aunt and uncles house. He had expected to encounter a slightly nervous, which most people were on meeting him for the first time, young man who looked a lot like his father and didn't know a huge amount about the wizarding world. What he found was a polite young man with Lily's features and hair far less messy then his fathers, deep in conversation with a ridiculously pretty boy with feathers in his hair and a ring with the Malfoy crest on it.
Hagrid got the feeling that Harry wasn't going to be what anyone had expected. Well, that was fair enough. Harry wasn't a replacement for his parents, and he could be what he wanted to be, though Hagrid had some reservations about his company.
"Mornin' boys. Would you be 'Arry Potter?"
"That I would." said Harry, standing to greet him. "Have we met before sir?"
"Not since you were a baby Arry. I'm Rubius Hagrid. Groundskeeper at Hogwarts."
"Then I am please to re-make your acquaintance Mr. Hagrid. May I introduce Draco Malfoy?"

"Please to meet you Mr. Malfoy." said Hagrid as they shook hands, not quite sure how to treat this young, rich son of a Death eater.
"Rubbish." replied the blond cheerfully. "I see your pain in the twitching of your beard, and normally I'd go away. Alas, I'm escaping a social function so you're stuck with me for the next few hours. How shall we be getting to Diagon Ally?"

"Muggle transport." replied Hagrid, a tad dazed. Since when did purebloods talk so much?

"Ah, could we take the Knight Bus?" asked Harry, sounding a little worried. "You do stand out a bit Mr Hagrid."


It was some time before they reached Diagon Ally.

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