Summary; sequel to AVLP, very much AU as it's a crossover. Hakkai, Sanzo, Goku and Gojyo, or Harry, Indigo, Neville and Ron are on their way to Hogwarts! Poor Hogwarts, you really weren't prepared for these boys, or their friends…

Tying Threads and Going Home

The Hospital Wing wasn't an unpleasant place to be, it was just that Indigo had things to think about and Madame Pomfrey bustling around being stern and vaguely maternal was distracting.

Lying in the bed across from him was one of the things that needed thinking about. Dean Thomas, just unleashed psychic. Currently asleep due to spells on the bandage that covered his eyes that would keep him out of it until the damage was fully repaired.

The same spells had been on the pads over Indigo's ears, but the paranoia caused by drug wielding persons had caused Indigo's own magic to hurry the healing spells along and the entire lot had burnt out over an hour ago, fortunately after Indigo's ears were fully healed.

Dean had never had to deal with poisons or assassins, and had been more extensively damaged. He would, in all likelihood, stay asleep for the next few hours.

But Dean was a worry, a huge worry. Maybe even an epic worry.

He saw auras, saw spells and the core elements of a persons magic, saw the bond that was developing between Jackie and the twins. Indigo had noticed the bond forming between the trio, but couldn't tell its strength or its nature. Dean had just seen it, had no clue what it symbolized but could actually see it.

The Malfoy family produced psychics quite frequently. Currently there was Indigo's empathy, and Luna Lovegood, the daughter of Lucius's twin sister, who seemed to be a slightly odd seer. There were a lot of books on the subject in the Malfoy library.

There was no mention of anyone who held so many powers. There was no mention of any power that aloud someone to draw an image of a person's past life. That one was a real shocker, it even extended to Jackie and Hazel. They had no knowledge of being Hazel Grouse or Homura the War Prince. Just as Indigo had held no knowledge of being Konzen Douji.

Sometimes he woke with the language of Heaven on the tip of his tongue. Sometimes he started writing only to slip into a system of writing even older then Sanskrit. Both felt as natural as the ancient Cantonese he had spoken as Genjyo Sanzo, they came more easily than the English he spoke now.

Dumbledore was nearby, watching him and Dean, waiting for… what? He wasn't interested in Dean as anything other than a possible tool, and saw Indigo to be…

He didn't actually know what Dumbledore thought of him. An obstacle, probably, maybe even a threat. He must have given the old coot quite the shook at the welcome feast. A soft, mental stretch was all that was needed.

"Ah." Indigo blinked once. "Come out, Professor Dumbledore. Watching small boys is rather creepy, and I'm tired of pretending you aren't there."

There was a warm, grandfatherly chuckle and Dumbledore faded into view by an empty bed. His smile was warm, and Indigo might have been fooled, if not for the empathy.

"Poppy said you were an empath of some power, but I must admit that I didn't believe her. Please forgive my little test Mr Malfoy."

"You should have more faith in your medi-witch Professor. I am offended on Madame Pomfrey's behalf." Indigo tipped his head slightly. "You did not come here to make idle conversation."

"I was concerned about the welfare of my students."

"Uh-huh. I'm sure. I am a Malfoy and an empath, Professor, don't try to lie to me."

Dumbledore paused a moment, glanced around and then dropped the 'I'm your favourite grandfather' act. "Mr Malfoy. Do you know what caused the injury to yourself and Mr Thomas?"

"I have a fairly good idea."

"What was it?"

"Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?" Indigo smiled slightly as he felt Dumbledore's shock, heard the –how? My occlumency- panic. "Empathy is an interesting power, you know."

"So I see. Do you follow his ideas?"

"I do not."

"Would you assist those who oppose him?"

"I will not serve you."

I was a very simple, very blunt statement. It tossed a rather large spanner in the workings of a very intricate plan Dumbledore had just started working on to get his original plan back on track. "I have never sought followers. I seek allies."

"Didn't I just tell you not to lie to me? Go away, Albus Dumbledore. You nothing to offer that could make an allegiance worth my while."

"Severus Snape's contract of employment-"

"Means nothing to me. Break it if you want, or let it reach its natural end. I don't care." Indigo gave him a frosty smile. "Find something I want, or need, and I will reconsider. Now shoo, listening to you plot is giving me a headache."

Dumbledore left, and Indigo settled back to consider what he had learned from the old man.

"He's scared," murmured Indigo, smiling in the manner of a cat that has just caught a cannery. "He's scared of what I'll do, what effect I'll have. Albus Dumbledore is scared of me." His smile became slightly evil. "Isn't that just lovely…"
"Indigo? A word?"

Harry was freaking out, in his own, nearly undetectable way. His response to this was to freak out many of the other students, and seek out Indigo the moment he left the care of Madame Pomfrey.
This plan had not changed on seeing the blond, though the glint of almost maniacal glee in those twilight eyes was a cause for concern.

"Hello Ari. If you've come to say that you've broken my knife…" The knife was produced and handed over. Their finger tips brushed, and Harry focused on the large ruby that currently inhabited his sock draw. Indigo smiled, running his fingers over runes on the hilt that seemed to shimmer at his touch. "Good. The whole school is talking about Quirrell's disappearance, you know. They're saying he was possessed. That such a thing could happen at Hogwarts, and someone broke into Gringotts last year…"

"The world is becoming dangerous, or are the wards just dying?"

"No, just diverted by unscrupulous persons." The Ash Knife was slide under Indigo's belt. "Terrible shame. We may have to beg divine protection."

"Oh? That can't be good. I'd rather hid valuables in the basement."

"As would I, but things live down there. Including a Niffler Miranda adopted. No shiny object is safe. I'd have to hide things in the attic. Things vanish up there all the time."

"That sounds like the voice of experience talking."

"If I put down a mug up there it will disappear, only to be found years later by a house elf in a cleaning frenzy. I swear some crazy spirit is doing it just to cause trouble."

"It wouldn't surprise me, it must get boring being a spirit. So, why were you in the Hospital Wing? All anyone will tell me is that Dean was bleeding from his eyes."

"Things of ghoulish interest are always well publicized. It was Quirrell's passenger; he went running off on blackened ropes to another shard of himself. Not pretty and rather stressful for any psychic too close to the source."

"Poor Indy, do you need a hug?"

"Am I going to have to hit you Harry?"
The Hogwarts Express was unexpectedly quiet this time. Probably because the Slytherins and the Gryffindors had been sealed in opposite ends of the train with complex wards and wouldn't be getting out until they reached platform 9 and ¾'s. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs could, and did, come and go as they wished, but the other two houses were stuck.

Oddly enough, this didn't seem to bother anyone all that much.

At one end of the train Harry and Ron were teaching Hermione, Hannah, Jackie, Fred and George how to play poker. At the other Flare and Susan talked animatedly while Indigo and Neville explained the rules of mahjong to Yuki, Tracy and Hazel. In one, small compartment, Percy, Penelope and Oliver had come to an agreement on their relationship and were talking happily, and stealing the odd kiss.

Everything was charming and lovely. The general assumption was that something would go spectacularly wrong the second they got off the train.

Alice Longbottom was very still, and there was a slightly wild look in her eyes.

Augusta Longbottom was worried. Alice hadn't been the same since their little encounter with the purple eyed boy, Lord Draco Malfoy, after last Christmas. The boy did look a little like the Lestrange bitch, but that was hardly his fault and the resemblance wasn't that strong. It certainly didn't warrant Alice's reaction.

The Hogwarts Express pulled into the station and the children started to pile out. The Slytherins and the Gryffindors all seemed to be at opposite ends of the train, perhaps as a result of the 'Huge an' Awesome Great Hall War' that Neville had written about.

Neville had come out of the Slytherin end, a boy with bright blond hair a little behind him.

Augusta almost felt Alice lose it. But she was an old woman, and couldn't stop her daughter-in-law casting the curse at the young Slytherin.
It was a command. An order that could not be ignored or disobeyed. It brought obedience from the mussels without consulting the brain first. Almost instinctive.

Everyone between Alice Longbottom and Indigo Malfoy hit the ground, as did everyone within 3 meters of them.

Indigo stumbled slightly, one hand going to his forehead and Neville dragged him down to the floor. The curse shot over their heads and blasted a large circle in the wall behind them.

For a second, everything froze.

Then Narcissa Snape had her wand at Augusta's throat and the tall raven haired woman that Malfoy had called Mirivell had Alice's wand in one hand and her arm across her throat.

"What the fuck was that?!" hissed the sister of Bellatrix Lestrange, her blue eyes glittering dangerously.

Augusta had no answer, and the panic started.
"What just happened?" asked Yuki, getting off the floor and glancing at the hole in the wall.

"I think my mother just tried to kill us," said Neville blankly.

"Why?" asked Susan, accepting the hand Flare offered to pull her to her feet. "And why did everyone duck like that?"

"Indigo made us," said Hazel.

"Focused waved of psychic power," said Tracy at the exact same time.

Everyone paused for a moment and looked at Indigo. He was still on the floor, clutching his head, face hidden by his hair and Neville kneeling next to him looking worried.

Miranda got on the train and forced Indigo to look at her by grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling. "Indigo, you have to get up. Now. Mama and Mirivell are freaking out and Mirivell might be about to kill Lady Longbottom."

Indigo groaned softly, pushed himself to his feet, swayed dangerously, leaned on the door frame and looked at the four women.

"Mother! Stop threatening Madame Longbottom and go find where the hell Miranda left Daniel! Mirivell, stop choking Lady Longbottom! She's turning blue!"
Some enterprising soul had taken photos and sold them to the Daily Prophet, and as such the next days edition was full of pictures of Mirivell holding a struggling Alice Longbottom while Narcissa Snape looked on with a quietly murderous expression and a lot of quotes about dangerous mad women. Perhaps more interestingly Harry Potter was photographed holding a baby while looking at Indigo Malfoy with gentle concern and Witch Weekly went nuts talking about a possible 'close relationship' between them.

It was only fortunate that Ron found the photographer and broke the camera before any images of Jackie hugging Indigo or Alice being dragged away by the Aurors were taken.

Even the muggle newspapers had something to take about, as the Dursley family, looking rather thinner and poorer now, tried to kidnap Harry and were beaten off by the enraged, umbrella wielding Madame Longbottom.
Later that night Harry stood in the garden of Longbottom manor, gazing at the stars. "Kanzeon Bosatsu." He said in a sing-song voice, "I've got you a present."

"Aw, that's so sweet of you," cooed the goddess, appearing in her customary crackle of light. Harry smiled slightly, and handed her the Philosophers Stone, wrapped in a fine, blue silk scarf. "Does Genjyo know about this?" asked Bosatsu, admiring the ruby and the silk.

"Oh yes." replied Harry lightly. "It was his idea."

The hermaphrodite laughed.

And so we come again to the end. Much love and cookies to Kuroi In a Black Hole for the beta read.