A/N:I'm trying to get inside Gravy's head a little. Why would he take Shilo under his wing. I'd like to go back and forth between POV's. It's difficult for me to write him without making him OC, his character isn't one sided, but pretty well-established morals, goals motivations.

In Between

He saw her as she walked out of the theatre. She was a holy mess. Stunned, is the word he would use. A pretty little thing like that, covered in blood. He didn't want to think about the night he was left orphaned. Well, they were both orphans now; along with the Largo gang. That made 5 of them. Nasty to each other as they might be, in the public eye, the Largos all had each other. It only made sense he team up with Kid.

"Kid?" No answer, she was completely oblivious. She passed by him as she left the theatre. He remembered that he was supposed to be waiting for payment from Amber, but decided this was more worth his time. What am I doing? Opportunity. The word came on the foul wind and whispered in his ear. He could stand to make a lot of money off her. Who knows what her father left in his will, and she was within her rights to contest Amber's claim on GeneCo.

Still, there was going to be an army of people looking for her. She needed shelter. That Victorian rat trap was going to end up being just that. Sooner or later, someone was going to spill the beans about where she lived. Him, if the price was right, he wasn't above making a profit. It suddenly dawned on him that hew as possibly the only one who knew where she lived, but he tossed it aside. Someone always knew just a little bit more than you did. We all had to make a living. Actually, if he told the local rag, he stood to gain quite a bit. He could beat them to it before anyone else.

He followed her. She needed guidance, and he was just the person to provide that guidance. He needed to gain her trust. It's possible if anyone found out he was protecting her that she'd be a liability, but he'd risk it. Maybe it was time to suffer some personal liabilities. Can't win the lotto if you don't play. And if nothing came of it, she could be part of the Alley Harem.

It was like someone smacked him. Briskly, he shook his head. He didn't want to see her there. It would ruin her. She was tiny, delicate even, she belonged on a pedestal. He had no clue what he was going to do with her once she was safely stowed away, but he knew that 1) he had to hide her away 2)she couldn't end up as part of the Harem.

He took the key he wore from around his neck and scratched the address of his mother's old apartment complex on it. Silently, he waited.