Prologue – My Daughter

Once upon a time I gave birth to the most gorgeous child I'd ever seen. I remember seeing her moments before I went unconscious, moments before I was injected with the venom that would give me this life. A life that now leaves my daughter a perpetual eighteen year old, just like me. She is now a good three inches taller than me, a height she obviously got from her father, along with her long bronze hair. I only find myself in her brown eyes, the eyes of my own past, a past that has become more distant as my immortal life grows longer.

But my story has been told for now, this is about Renesmee.

About her future.

About our fate.

An Introduction from AB

Who is the hardest character in Twilight to write for? That's easy, the one we barely know. The one that is not stereotypical of anything. I had to make up my own Renesmee.

Yes, she is intelligent and yes, she looks eighteen, but the fact that she has been alive for only 7 years makes her naive sometimes to life in general. She could be considered demanding and spoiled but growing up as the only child in a family of nine, ten if you count Jacob, that was bound to happen. She is also beautiful and that has gotten her many places in life.

I must make up the dynamics between her and her parents who now look like her siblings. I need to figure out how exactly her and Jacob will move to the next step. Fanfics for the Cullen family are easy until this point because of the detailed personalities Stephenie Meyer gave us. This is a shot in the dark. We were only given a first look into the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Fans of Twilight have no attachment to this character at all and I'm hoping to change people's opinions on Nessie fanfics. I WILL be doing versions of some chapters by her and then I'll post the same one in Edward or Bella's POV so you still get the taste of them. We can't leave them out completely!

I hope everyone will give this a chance. It may be slow in the beginning, especially this chapter, but I really need to make sure to introduce not only Renesmee, but the changes that have taken place within the Cullen household. Please visit the page on my livejournal with the details (including a picture of my image of Renesmee). I'll mention it in the author's note at the beginning of chapters when it gets updated: xamandabethx(dot)livejournal(dot)