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The main A/N is at the bottom, but I just wanted to say quickly that this epilogue was pretty much out my own selfish need of a REAL end. Some may like it, some may not...but it was something I really had to write.


Epilogue: The Never Ending Story

And that's her story.

Our story.

Life was a little hectic after the battle as we tried to reorganize our secret world which lost it's ruling power. The battle was eventually given a catchy name--the Great War--which I thought was very cliché, but Edward laughed and told me it could be worse.

Soon after our return from Italy, Edward and Carlisle had explained to our entire family the private conversation my husband had with Jane in Volterra. Edward offered her the opportunity to keep the role as enforcer of the law. She would not be able to make decisions on her own, but at least this way her torment and anger wouldn't be misplaced. I knew that wasn't the only reason of course. Immortals were, as Edward described our kind so many years ago, monsters, and these monsters needed someone to fear. Our family may have won the so-called Great War, but we were not the violent type. We couldn't go around offing vampires for breaking the rules. Jane was necessary in order for us to keep our humanity intact.

One thing I did noticed though was that Jane was never the same. When I voiced my opinion to Edward, he explained it was because of Alec. Her heart may have iced over many centuries ago, but her twin had been there long before. His memory haunted her every thought, and when we would cross paths--routine work whenever needed--I could see in her eyes that there was a part of her that died with him.

Then there was Marcus, who was so maimed in the battle he went into solitude somewhere in Russia. We only heard him mentioned every few decades, and eventually he became only but a name mentioned in stories.

Renesmee and Jacob waited three more years before they finally married. It was small, of course, but perfect. Everyone we loved was there, including Charlie. Kaleb, by then seven years old, stood as one of Jacob's groomsmen, in place of his father.

Soon after Renesmee's actual eighteenth birthday, they gave me and Edward a grandson -- EJ. Edward Jacob. Unlike the little boy in my dreams, he held no vampire characteristics and the werewolf gene was triggered when he was fourteen. He had his father's jet black hair and his mother's deep chocolate brown eyes. My brown eyes.

War World III broke out several decades after the Volturi lost power. When the war was finally over, human civilization had been sent back a couple hundred years due to the mass destruction from the nuclear bombs, and I finally got a dose of the world Carlisle had lived in.

Although the residual radiation from the nuclear bombs dissipated a century ago, the humans that did survive the original radiation poisoning, and did reproduce, developed genetic abnormalities; pale and sometimes crystal-looking skin, unusual body temperatures, enhanced senses and strength. We began our own very convenient rumor when these mutations were being discovered -- the inability to age. Of course, that was all a farce. Vampires (and a few select shape-shifters) were still the only immortals to walk the planet. But this meant we no longer had to hide, no longer had to move. We could finally have a home.

Our family became known widely as the Olympic Coven, and although it was a future I once hoped would never come true, we became the ones who oversaw our world.

If there was anything I've learned, it was that our story had been written long before a very ordinary young girl named Isabella Swan met her soul mate, Edward Cullen. Nothing we endured happened by chance, but by fate. We had one path, and it would have never ended any other way.

Forks, Washington still stands. It's here where we'll live out an eternity together, in the place it all began, over two hundred years ago...

...and they lived happily ever after. Forever...

Author's Note:

The most difficult part of letting go of the Cullen family is there is never an ending for them, and as fans, we want to follow their story forever. So I just picked a moment in their existence to end it, as broad as I may have left it.

They would still have their trials and tribulations, of course. Bella and Jake would have to live through the death of their families and friends. They would all endure the war and devastation humans created. But the important thing is that we know they have a future--or in their case, an eternity. If you didn't quite get it, Bella's prologue and epilogue were told from the future, the year being approximately 2210--my last attempt to prove their happily ever after.

When I wrote this epilogue it was way back during the first few chapters. I always knew how I would end it. I knew Bella had to tell you, because after all, this was her story all along. I knew that the little boy Bella saw in her dreams had to one day come true, even if he wasn't exactly how she had seen him.

And most importantly, I knew they had to end up in Forks, in the huge white house at the end of the winding road lined with trees which Alice enjoyed stringing with lights. I knew Bella and Edward had to have their perfect cottage back--lavender stones and all. I knew their meadow had to be close by. I knew Jacob had to take his rightful and now permanent place as Alpha, and Chief of the Quileutes. It was the only place they ever belonged. So, for decades, centuries, and eventually millenniums, that's where they'll be. I hope other people will be happy with them there as well.

I will probably write one-shots whenever the mood strikes me, but thanks to my reviewers I am going to begin to write my own novel. I've always wanted to be an author, so I'm going to dive right in. I thank all of the readers for that.

So this is goodbye to my life after the saga, I hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as I did.


Amanda Beth