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Stuck in the Middle with Clue

Chapter 9 Staging a Jailbreak

The plan was set and everything was in place. Jenny was in position at the wall where the controls for the force-field were, compact acetylene torch at the ready. Their plans would have to be put on hold, however, as the sound of the doors opening of the doors resonated through the cell-block, followed by the sound of boots clunking against the gray floor. Jenny scrambled to get the torch out of sight as Clyde, Luke and Maria rushed to look inconspicuous.

Jenny stood up just as the men walked past theirs and the Torchwood team's cells. One of the men deactivated the force-field on the cell next to the Torchwood team's cell as the rest of them put the three unconscious figures into the cell. The man then reactivated the force-field then he and the rest of his group headed for the door.

Jenny waited for the sound of the door closing before starting on the wall again. She cut a large rectangular hole in the wall then maneuvered several of the wires so that she could get a better grip on them. With a hard yank the wires broke, causing the force-field to flicker then completely shut down. Jenny walked out of the cell, Luke, Clyde, and Maria in tow, and got to work on the force-field for the Torchwood team's cell. Owen, Tosh, Gwen, and Ianto filed out of the cell as Jenny moved to the cell with the newly arrived abducted. After deactivating the force-field Jenny walked into the cell and went over to one of the unconscious figures, and started nudging the woman awake. After a few minutes, the woman came to.

"Where am I? What am I doin' 'ere?" The woman asked in a panicked tone.

"Well, your guess is as good as ours as far as why we're here and where we are, but I do know that we're here to break you out." The woman nodded and tried to stand up, only to almost hit the cell floor. Jenny quickly managed to steady her.

"Easy, you seem to have been under a different sedative than the rest of us were." The woman nodded again and sat down at Jenny's request.

"Right, why don't we get the introductions out of the way. I'm Jenny, the man currently standing in the doorway is Owen Harper, and the rest of the motley crew is out in the hallway."

"I'm Jackie Tyler." the woman said in a still slightly wary tone. Jenny nodded, then walked to the next bunk. Jenny stopped just before nudging her, realizing something.

"Wait a tick, I know her." Jackie and Owen both looked puzzled.

"You do?" Jackie asked as she got from the bunk.

"Yeah, her name is Martha if I remember correctly." Jenny said as she nudged Martha awake. Martha's eyes flew open and she quickly sat up, panic setting in. The panic turned to confusion in short order, however.

"Jenny?" Jenny smiled.

"Hello Martha." Martha continued to look confused.

"I thought you were dead."

"To be honest, I don't know why I'm alive. I don't know if it was the terraforming device or some other factor. All I know is that I'm still breathing." Martha nodded at Jenny's explanation.

"The Doctor still thinks you're dead, though."

Jenny nodded as Jackie asked,"You two know the Doctor?"

"I used to travel with him." Martha replied.

"I'm his daughter." Jackie's eyes did nothing short of bug out of her head at that particular revelation.

As Jackie was trying wrap her head around the fact that the Doctor had a daughter that looked to be in her mid-twenties, Owen said," I don't mean to break up this little reunion, but we might want to start moving, lest we get caught by the guards."

Jackie recovered slightly and walked over to the unconscious man on the bunk and started shaking him awake.

"Pete, Pete wake up." After a few minutes of nudging his shoulder, Pete came to.

"Where are we?" He asked, looking around groggily.

"A prison, apparently. But, there's a team here that's going to help us escape." Jackie explained as she offered her hand to Pete to help him up. He took it and they all headed out into the hallway.

"Luke, Maria, Clyde, Ianto, Gwen, and Tosh, this is Jackie and Pete Tyler and Martha Jones. Now that that's out of the way, find anything Tosh?" Jenny asked.

"I managed to find a schematic of the floor we're on, and it looks like there's a room that could be where they're holding the others." Tosh responded. Jenny nodded, then motioned for everyone to start moving, Tosh leading the way. After the group took several turns down the corridor, the group stopped, Jenny and Tosh hearing the distinct sound of boots clunking down the adjacent corridor.

The guard turned the corner, only to be tripped by Jenny, the unsuspecting guard falling to the floor. He attempted to get up and draw his gun, but was knocked unconscious because of Owen kicking him in the head. Owen then picked up the guard's and walked to the front of the group, standing next to Tosh and Jenny. The group started moving again, finally reaching the door to the large room. The door opened automatically, the group filing into the room. Instead of seeing a cell-block similar to the one they were in, a huge warehouse-like room with several makeshift tents set up came into there line of vision.

"Well this changes things." Gwen said as she and the rest of the group observed the inhabitants of the cavernous room.