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- I am sure that some knowledgable person would be able to tell me what SG1's birthday's are. However for the purpose of this story please just accept the premise given, thanks.
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"Do you really think this is a good idea" Daniel said for at least the tenth time that morning.

Jack appeared to be ignoring him or at least that was what Daniel assumed.

They were in Daniel's lab at the SGC. Daniel was packing the books he felt would be useful during their impromptu visit to Atlantis. Teal'c, who had been the first one packed, was waiting patiently at the door while Jack moved around the lab trying to "encourage" Daniel to pack faster.

"Daniel for crying out loud can you just decide on two books, pick them up and lets go." After more deliberation Daniel put the final book in his pack. He turned thoughtfully and looked at Jack.

"Jack is this a good idea, you know how Sam feels"

"Daniel I am going to say this once and only once, we have not missed an SG1 birthday weekend since we started. That's 11 years Daniel and I'm not missing it this year."

Standing there Daniel realised, perhaps for the first time since Jack had announced the whole plan, that Jack needed to go. It didn't matter what Sam would think- not really, Jack needed to be there.

It had been an original SG1 tradition from the beginning. Daniel and Sam discovered that their birthdays were 2 days apart, although there were a couple of years between them. As a group they had decided to celebrate the two events together. Teal'c didn't have a birthday so Jack decided that Teal'c's birthday would be the day in between. Jack hated celebrating his birthday so effectively the group celebrated all four in the three days.

Through the years they had managed to always be together for their "weekend". None of their prolonged stays "abroad" had interfered and they had always managed to get downtime for the three days. They had even managed it the year Sam was with Pete. It was an original group time. Janet and Cassie hadn't joined in the past and neither Cam nor Vala joined in the last few years.

As Daniel brought his mind back to the present he decided that Sam might be ok with them "appearing" for the three days. In the last few months they hadn't really heard much from her, at least Daniel hadn't. He knew Jack spoke to her as part of her weekly briefings and that Teal'c had met up with her at the SGC on one of her rare trips home but Daniel had been away that week. He realised that he wanted the chance for the four of them to be together

"Ok Jack lets go, but I still think you should have asked her about this"

Jack looked down and away, a look of hurt and a little confusion passing quickly over his face.

"I haven't spoken to her recently" he looked a little sheepish "she's been off world or too busy to continue speaking after the briefing these last few weeks"

Suddenly the activities of the last 24 hours became perfectly clear to Daniel; Jack's snap decision to go to Atlantis and the excuse of the birthday weekend. Jack knew something was wrong and he had decided he could only fix it in person.

As he moved through the corridors towards the Gateroom Daniel developed a nasty feeling in his stomach, usually it was Jack's gut that gave the group direction but Daniel decided that this "weekend" was not going to go well.


As they stepped through the gate at Midway Jack felt a huge sense of relief. He had hoped to get this opportunity and he had worked hard to pull it off. He had checked the supply dates for Atlantis, with the bridge they now received supplies monthly, he had organised SG1's down time and had badgered the president into letting him review the position of Atlantis instead of Woolsey this time. It had all fallen into place.

The Midway "geeks" were just dialling up Atlantis and Jack was itching to get through. He knew that he would have to keep calm and his emotions in check as he went through; it did not look good for a high ranking airforce officer to run through the gate and sweep the facility commander into a passionate embrace. There was also a part of him that really did not want to see Sam, there was something wrong he could admit that and he was terrified of what it could be.

Daniel. Teal'c and Jack stood waiting for some of the supplies to go through and then followed on. They emerged on Atlantis and looked around, there were people moving the supplies everywhere but no sign of Sam, Major Lorne was in charge.

"General Sir, we had no idea you were coming" Lorne said over the noise, running down the stairs to meet the group and give a quick salute.

"Well it was a spur of the moment decision" Jack stated "we were there, the supplies were going through and we thought we could hitch a ride" Jack said, sounding calm as if this was an everyday occurrence.

He looked around the control room "Where is Col Carter?" he asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"She's in her office Sir" the Major replied "I can take you there"

"Nah I remember the way, thanks Lorne. Teal'c, Danny lets go, we'll check in with Carter then you can be let loose on that library Danny boy"

Jack shot off ahead of both of them. Teal'c moved to keep up with Jack but Daniel decided to take his time.

He wasn't quite sure what happened next.

One minute he was meandering up the stairs, the next Jack was pushing back down the stairs with Teal'c following.

"What's going on" Daniel exclaimed.

By now the incoming wormhole had disengaged and Jack was demanding that Midway be dialled immediately. Lorne on the receiving end of the order from someone so high above him did as ordered. The gate dialled and Jack made to go through.

"Daniel Jackson" Teal'c quietly called to him

"I believe it would be wise if I accompany O'Neill and perhaps you could stay and discuss matters with Col. Carter"

"Ok Teal'c but what's going on" Daniel asked still perplexed at the turn of events

"You will discover soon enough Daniel Jackson" Teal'c replied.

With that Teal'c followed Jack though the wormhole. It closed and Daniel made his way to Sam's office.

The sight that was presented to him was enough to stop him in his tracks.


More soon, I apologise for inconsistancies with Atlantis. Please, if possible, just work with them.