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Anyway, this story takes place after chapter 47 of the manga, when Kaji first appeared. Enjoy! ^^

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Kaji Aoi.

Lately I've been hearing that name a bit too often. It seems like everybody in this school suddenly caught an interest in that new guy.

Normally I wouldn't care if he's just an ordinary transfer student. Really, it shouldn't bother me at the least. Even with the fact that we stand nearly equal in many senses.

I mean, talking about physique, I'm taller than him, even if not by much, and I keep my body in shape by doing sports regularly, so I recognize I have some neat muscles at the right places. I know, I know, chasing after a soccer ball almost every day for years results in a darker complexion I cannot undo. But I've never thought about it as a bad thing. Why should guys care about their skin color anyway? And I almost forgot. I dislike his piercings. End.

Anyway, I heard he scored very high at the nationals. So what? Even if I don't do as good, I have nothing to complain. I've always ranked top five since elementary school, and I don't intend to lose that privileged spot. Never. I work hard to get there, after all. Same as how I work hard to gain my musical skills and train my fingers to be able to lively and passionately dance on those piano keys.

Music? A-ha. Now there's where I definitely excel from him. If he entered Gen-Ed, it means that he's a common and normal high-schooler, right? Humph, At least I have something to be very proud of, now that people have acknowledged my musical skills. My only rival is that annoying person people call The Ice Prince, Tsukimori Len. Ice, yes. But Prince! Who does he think he is? That cold, anti-social, annoying, over-confident, arrogant, almighty-like, tactless jerk. Is he even human? Arrgghh... why are we talking about him now?

Back to Kaji. Personality-wise... well, he seems very friendly. But what's with that overused smile anyway? Good Lord. And here I think I have enough seeing Yunoki-senpai giving away his infamous smile all day, every day. I almost thank Heavens for not being in the Music Department to constantly see him and his antics.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Yunoki-senpai. It's just that he's too much of a flirt for my poor brain and eyes. And all those fans! My, my... I wouldn't be able to stand all that. That I'm very sure of. And also, I've always wondered how come Yunoki-senpai could befriend someone like Hihara-senpai, who is totally his opposite in that sense.

Oh, yes. Hihara-senpai smiles and laughs a lot, too. But it's different. He gives off a very different vibe. He does it because he's a cheery-happy-go-lucky-eternally-optimist kind of person. And I think that's totally harmless.

Back to Kaji again. Like I said, he overuses that smile of his. It's creepy how I, who is almost glad that I am in the General Education because of Yunoki-senpai, suddenly have to see Kaji, who seems like Yunoki-senpai's duplicate, around almost every day! Lord is testing my patience, I think...

All that resumes, I still shouldn't have any reason to feel irritated. He's just a transfer student, anyway. But why have I been grumpy since his arrival now? Is it because Sasaki has been updating me with all the happenings in class 2-2? I never asked him to do it. But he voluntarily comes to my class during breaks only to announce that. Like I care, actually...

Or do I? When Sasaki told me about how that Kaji guy practically shouted Hino's name in front of the class almost as soon as he arrived, my ears jerked. But I still leaned on my seat with my arms folded in front of me. Acting all indifferent. But, as he then mentioned that Kaji hurriedly walked to Hino's seat, grabbed her hand, and kissed it, I couldn't help to not pay attention. I mean, he practically kissed Hino's hand the moment he set his eyes on her! What is all that about? I swear I almost fell from my chair the moment I heard it. And Sasaki, he obviously seemed to enjoy my reaction, because he plastered that meaningful grin despite my deathly glare.

Now it has been a week since that Kaji guy transferred to Seisou. If my ears could complain, I'm sure they would have screamed for help for hearing that name over and over again. I'm not exaggerating, but it really seems like everywhere I go in this school, people are talking about him. The guys are scared that their girlfriends would dump them because of that guy, and the girls squeal in delight when they get the chance to talk to him. No, scratch that. They even go all giddy when he passes by and smile at them. No more, no less.

Lately, I've even spotted some of the Music Department girls around and inside this Gen-Ed building, just to take a peek of Kaji, and if they're lucky, to talk to him. That's odd. Normally, they wouldn't even come close, as if we Gen-Ed students had some kind of contagious disease or something. But giving it a second thought, I think Kaji must be really contagious, since every day, more and more girls are gathering here.

But although he seems like a Casanova, his mind seems only preoccupied about Hino. I've noticed that everywhere Hino went, Kaji tagged along like a shadow. And I overheard him say he particularly came to Seisou in search for her. And that is what really-really annoys me.

Hino has been telling me that she felt uneasy having Kaji around all the time at school. Hino, the simple-minded girl, the one who's always so oblivious that there are so many guys after her. Yes, I'm pointing at myself too. I admit I'm one of them. I just realized not long ago that I might feel some special attraction towards her. I don't know when, why or how it started. But I'm almost sure of it.

When the concourse ended, I was actually planning, to step-by-step move forward to make her acknowledge of my feelings. I was quite confident I was at advantage since I was the only concourse male member from the Gen-Ed, and we have been good friends since then, too. So my chance was actually bigger than the others, right? I'm closer to her even when Hino idolizes Tsukimori's skills, right? Note that. Idolize. I'm quite sure she'll never fall for Tsukimori. That jerk.

And yes, Kaji's arrival made my plans and hopes evaporate just like that. And I have no reason to pick a fight with him because he hasn't done anything wrong to personally annoy me. Heck, we haven't even talked to each other yet!

All in all, even when Kaji seems like a threat to me, I'm not sure he will act all competitive, arrogant and almighty. He doesn't give the impression of that kind of person, unlike some certain iceberg-like man from the Music Department I've mentioned before. Now he is a true rival.

Talking about Tsukimori, I wonder how he is reacting towards all this? Hah. Wait. Can he even react?

Let me state you my utmost mission now. Get rid of Kaji, kick Tsukimori out of my view, and claim Hino as mine.

Prepare yourselves, you guys!


Recently something or rather someone has been bugging my head. I find it really hard to concentrate on my violin, I can't sleep at night, and I lose my appetite. But the most annoying thing is... I don't know why I feel like this. I'm so... confounded.

People know me as Tsukimori Len - The Great Ice Prince, not for nothing. I never asked them to call me like that, but they do it without my permission. I don't care, it's none of my business what they want to call me. I'm cool, so what? Collected, calm, confident, those are all my personalities that I've trained for years. Not because I want their attention, since what I want is the complete opposite of it. I don't want them to poke their noses into my life and disturb my important practices. That's why I need to keep my facade as the emotionless Tsukimori Len.

But lately my coolness has been distracted. And that's all - strangely- is because of that new guy, Kaji Aoi.

.....Kaji Aoi.

Why do I feel like I've heard his name somewhere? Oh yes... That's because his name is 'Aoi'. Honestly, I can't help to think that... why should his name use the same pronunciation as blue? Alright, maybe the way he writes it doesn't mean blue, but still, people pronounce it as Aoi, the same with how people say blue in Japanese. And blue is my hair's color. In short, blue is my colour. I can't let him use my colour as his name. Oh, no... I'm starting to act childish now. I need to think straight. Think straight, Len. Get a hold on yourself!

Ehm. We should go back to our previous topic. My situation now is completely arduous, I'm totally blind and bewildered now. Why is Kaji Aoi extremely capable to ruin my mood all of this time? I should find out or I won't be able to reach my perfection in violin. I have to sort things out, and when I think about it again, these confusing feelings started to haunt me since that day...

After classes, I went to the rooftop as usual to search for fresh air. But then I bumped into Hino, who was crouching there. I stared at her from her back, and her figure was surprisingly amazing, even when she was crouching. I don't know why, perhaps I have problems with my eyes, or perhaps even with my heart.

I asked her what happened to her, and she answered me with a train of answers, which I didn't understand at all - but not because of I'm a fool. My brain has a wide range capacity which people usually say as genius. A prodigy, a genius, those are what people always tell me. But Hino's answers were simply out of question, and not necessary at all. She talked about gossips, rumours, also about 'him'. And I didn't have the slightest idea who was that 'him'.

Well, I simply told her that I didn't know about those gossips at all, since, Tsukimori Len never gossips. And so she looked relieved. After we talked about some things, mostly about the selection camp I have to attend, she left me with that fake smile on her face. Did I say something wrong to her? I didn't, did I? I just said bluntly that she couldn't just think about the concourse since the concourse is over and she should think for her future. But she seemed sad with my answer.

And there I was confused, so after she left from the rooftop, I decided to go after her. But then I heard voices from the other side of the door. A boy's voice, and Hino's voice as well. I was annoyed, not because Hino was talking with another boy, because I didn't care about that at all. What made me annoyed was the fact that they were talking in front of the door! It really made me want to go and carp, "You're blocking my way."

But, I decided to hold myself as I heard that boy said that I'm pretty cool. Well, at least he knew how to respect me, although I totally didn't care even if he praised me as high as heaven. Furthermore, I heard they talking about the selection camp I will attend, and I think I might have to wait a little longer for their talks were related to me.

Unfortunately, my decision to stay silent was wrong. That boy, whom Hino called as 'Kaji-kun', was very, very persistent to get close to her, even though they just met that day. Then I understood something after that. The 'him' Hino mentioned in her answers about gossips and rumours before, must be this Kaji. Moreover, I could tell from their conversation that Hino felt very uneasy. So finally I thought that it was the best for me to open the door and separate them. But, that Tsuchiura Ryoutaro suddenly interfered and it made me want to bang my head to the door.

What was with him? Wanted to act as the saviour? That green haired pianist had no right to subduct what supposedly was to be my act. And his hero-like action made me hard to go out from my position. You know, the position right behind the door. Err... No, I wasn't eavesdropping, because I was only annoyed to the fact that they were blocking my way. That's it. So, never think that Tsukimori Len loves to eavesdrop.

Back to the topic again....

That transfer student now has been chasing Hino for a week. Not only he has kissed Hino's knuckles – which I heard from the gossip queen, Amou Nami – he also declares his love to Hino every time girls confess to him. Seriously, how could he do that? After he stained Hino's hand, he shamelessly goes everywhere to shout his love to Hino? Can you imagine how dishonourable his acts are?

Unbelievable. That Kaji Aoi does tactless and inept acts. And he calls himself as the high scorer in the nationals... Fine, he might be an ingenious person, but I also have something that I can be proud of. Music. No one can compete against me in music. Not even that Tsuchiura Ryoutaro. I acknowledge him as a threat, not a rival. Because, Tsukimori Len doesn't have rivals. He's no more than a little threat for me.

And Kaji Aoi? Well, now I remember why his name sounds very familiar for me. After I have a closer look, that sporty guy with so many piercings around his ears was one of my fellow classmates in my childhood Violin Class. And even though it's rude for me to say, he didn't have any musical ability, especially in violin. That's why he stopped playing it.

Hmmm... Alright. I'm not supposed to say this, and I don't mean to be so cocky, but... The truth is, he stopped to play the violin because of he felt intimidated by my violin skills. Yes, yes... Now you know... No one can compete against my perfection, no one except for that Tsuchiura. Wait, let me correct that. Not even Tsuchiura, because again, he's no more than a tiny little threat for me. That's why I'm supposed to live in peace without anything bothering my way.

Still now, like I've told you before, my serenity has been devastated and I'm completely hampered by that Kaji Aoi. Why is it again? I still don't know.... Is it because he took my favourite colour as his name? However his name is written, they sound the same to me. But, hmm… No, I think it's not because of his name.

Perhaps because he is lacking in music? Well…, I do dislike people with horrible skills of music, except for one particular girl, whose name I won't say, but... No again, I think it's not about that too.

Then why? Why can he make me feel this way every time I hear his name being mentioned together with Hino's name, in every rumours I used to not pay attention to? Why should I feel hurt every time I see him together with Hino in that Gen-Ed building, a territory which I shouldn't let myself to go? Why?

I think my brain finally has registered something.

The answer is I'm falling in love with Hino.

Great, now I have the same feelings as that Tsuchiura and the other concourse participants. Yes, all of them. Putting aside that Tsuchiura and Hihara-senpai, whose feelings are too readable, Yunoki-senpai and Shimizu are falling for Hino too. My eyes can easily notice their feelings. No need to be a genius to know it actually, but aside of it, I'm a genius. That's why I have less problems than anyone else.

But speaking about problems, Hino's completely dense about the 'love' business. Then I guess I have to try harder to get her. She's really different from the other girls, or should I say, from the other humans. She queerly can become wholly unaware to every guys' feelings towards her. It's quite unusual for girls in her age, isn't it? Oh, now I sounded like an old man... Fix your gracelessness, Len! Alright, enough of this, the important thing is, I have to fight and never let myself lose.

Yes, I won't let myself lose, especially to that Tsuchiura. But I have to consider the others too. I will have to be extra careful to Hihara-senpai and Shimizu, since the naivety the two of them have is dangerous for Hino's kindness. And of course Yunoki-senpai, I smell something fishy from him, perhaps I have to put alarm to tell me every time he goes near Hino. But still, the biggest disturber is that Tsuchiura. Probably because of his big body, so he is the biggest disturber, plus he is a Gen-Ed student who Hino considers as a friend. If only Hino knows what his hidden intention to her... And yes, add Kaji Aoi too, the newcomer intruder who disgraced Hino's purity... I mean, Hino's hand's purity...

Right. I've decided it.

From now on my missions are to achieve my perfection in violin - which I should never forget, and claim Hino Kahoko as mine.

I have enough time before leaving to Vienna. All I need now are tactics, strategies, plans. I'll do everything I need to accomplish my mission. And as the declaration of war, I could only say this now:

Kaji Aoi, Yunoki Azuma, Hihara Kazuki, Shimizu Keiichi, and you, Tsuchiura Ryoutaro....

You'd better be prepared.

(to be continued...)

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